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EXTREME SURRENDER Videos Unleashed in 2007!
This new line of EXTREME SURRENDER videos is only one of the treats offered....up my silky 2007!

SHORTER! Each one is up to about 15 minutes of pleasurably passionate, sensuality cinemagique.
STRAIGHTFORWARD! Your induction, compelling suggestions, ending, and waking you up. Ba-da-vroom!!
SPELLBINDING! Combine what I've revealed about these new videos with how you're dazzled by what I've been doing with, for, and to you.
EXTREME SURRENDER videos are quite a set of MESMERizing QUICKIES!  

Delicious (Video)

Honey bun, relax restfully and recall everything you enjoy about your favourite food.Oh yessss. The aroma, the flavor, how good it all looks, the texture in your mouth. Recall the pleasure-filled sounds as you munch on the DELICIOUS dish that tickles your taste buds.
AHHHHHHH! Baby cakes, here are some of the mouthwatering, DELICIOUS ingredients that stir up and heat up our passion in my latest video:

Take one Lady Mesmerising your mindís eye-catching wonderific spiral. Itís made to pleasure you with My very own love spellbinding hand.Now stir in your enchantment as you adoringly gaze into *MY* lovely face.Add one sensually tongue-tying fantasy. This treat gives you three ways to tickle your taste buds thanks to the most DELICIOUS AMBROSIA of an emerald-colored love gel.BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!
Now mix in one sexpot of a dream girl by the name of Stacy!She is good [and bad] enough to lick any dessert off of and eat out to boot!Stacy's pretty, revealing face keeps you a-BREAST of how much she relishes peppering your passions with teasing and pleasing you!I am your love chef and sweetmeat I've cooked up the most DELICIOUS video fit for a king of carnal delicacies. Oh, that would be you!
So enjoy it all, lover boy!

21+ Minutes, 165 Megabytes

Hypnolons (Video)
Feast your Eyes on HYPNOLONS
Courtesy of his amazing armor, Tony Stark wields all of Iron Man's superpowers.My dearie, each time you wonderific surrender to the shapely legs in those HYPNOLONS you'd love to touch, your AHIM *manliness* can be super powered up into A STEEL ROD of Krypton-adamantium Damascus steel!

When Diana Prince puts on her magic belt, she is transformed into the gorgeous Amazon super-hero Wonder Woman.Baby cakes, enjoy watching red haired Victoria and MY many MESMERIZING MODELS (can you guess by the legs which ones?) and what they do with and for you in my HYPNOLONS video.Intimate participating can decadently trance-form you into my MYSTIC LEGS-loving lover boy who's got all the right night moves.

When someone has an important, upcoming meeting, they may be advised to "Dress to impress."Hey, stud, each time you focus on my sexy sirens in their sensually leg-caressing HYPNOLONS, you'll revel in how well they successfully dressed to impress passions galore on you!

17 Minutes, 130 Megabytes

Enchanted Mall (Video)
Watch Free Preview

ENCHANTED MALL 20+ minute Video Walks away with you

One of the things I've learned is that most men don't like shopping. And especially if youíve been dragged (by the ring in your nose) into some crowded, pricey mall of confusions.

Well now sweetums, let's see how much you enjoyably watching the ENCHANTED MALL video fantasy changes your point of view..

Keep your captivated eyes on knockout Madisons shapely as she mesmerizingly sways it like I sway and swing my wonderific pendant. Watch the velveeten-like erotic, sensual hott! swirl take you down deeper into sexual bliss and...
In the ENCHANTED MALL you can see why caressing her bosoms is as tantalizingly pleasurable for beautiful young lady Lolita as it is for you to watch her!

Every mall I've ever heard of has a public address system. But, in the ENCHANTED MALL, my voluptous voice wonderifically speaks only to you!

There may be some girls who keep trying to convince their men that "Shop til you drop" isn't a bad thing."HONEY! What fools they are! I SAY, RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR INCREASINGLY SEXIER HEXCURSION INSIDE THE RAPTURES THAT ONLY MY ENCHANTED MALL HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!"

20+ Minutes, 158 Megabytes
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