BILLING - Frequently Asked Questions

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A1. The FASTEST way is to download right when you make the order. The shopping cart displays a copy of your invoice, listing all the products in your order. Underneath the name of each one, there is a small button labeled "Download" (a VERY small button). Click on it, and you can download your file immediately!
The SECOND fastest way is that you should receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. In that e-mail are download links for the files you have purchased. Just click on those links, or copy them to your browser, and you can download them that way. The download links are good for 72 hours. So if you don't get a confirmation e-mail, or if you have trouble with the link, please contact my webworker at , or use the link for "Contact" on my website, and we will see what we can do to fix things up ASAP!
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A2. This can happen for any one of several reasons. Did you check the spelling of your e-mail address when you entered it? (You'd be amazed how many people misspell their own names, or write or or many other typos.)
Put on your "white list. That is, be sure its not getting caught by your email spam filter."
And alas, we are still having trouble with some e-mail addresses on sbcglobal, prodigy, and other related sites. If you've carefully put in your e-mail address, but never seem to hear from, you might want to consider getting an address on Yahoo or someplace similar, "just" for Lady Mesmer!
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A4.As we mentioned before, check your e-mail address, and make sure it's correct.
But there's another problem... spam blockers. If you're on AOL, Yahoo, SBCglobal, or any of many other e-mail services, they have e-mail filters that block certain words and phrases, certain e-mail addresses, mailings that go out to a lot of recipients (like the newsletters)... well, just about anything that somebody THINKS you might not want to see.
we get bounced e-mails all the time. And sometimes, your important e-mail may be in your "spam" folder or your "bulk" folder. You should check those from time to time, to be sure!
One thing you CAN do, is add to your "white list." That is, the list of addresses you'll always accept e-mail from.
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