How do I find ... (what I want) ?

How do you find more of the videos and/or audios you're looking for among all the tantalizing titillations I offer?

My dear, here's how you FIND WHAT YOU WANT ON MY WEBSITE:

STEP #1-- On my site, CLICK on the VIDEO LINK.
It will take you to the VIDEO page where you will see a list of video titles on the left-hand side of the page.
CLICK on any title OR CLICK on any picture and you will be taken to a page with a SEARCH BOX located in the upper left hand corner, directly under my picture.

STEP #2-- Type the name of the lady you want to get your hands on,
  OR... if you know the title, the recording you're seeking...
  OR... the TURN ON [like eyes, legs, breasts] you want to SEE more of.
STEP #3--Then click the arrow to the right of the SEARCH BOX.

That's it! Three simple, quick and easy steps and you'll search my website's available pages for what you crave.
NOTE - The same applies for AUDIO RECORDINGS.

SUCCESSFUL Happy hunting, my sensualities seeker!