Windows Media Player and Flip4Mac

In order to listen to or view my audios and/or videos you must have WINDOWS MEDIAPLAYER (Or, for Macintosh, Flip4Mac

My audios and videos are available for direct downloading so you can enjoy them immediately! Downloading will take approximately 2 to 10 minutes, if you have cable or DSL connection.

Most audios use mp3 format and WILL OPERATE ON MACINTOSH Computers, smart phones, etc. Videos are mostly .wmv and Macintosh users may need Flip4mac or other software to play them. No refunds will be provided to Macintosh users. MS/Windows users can play them on any of: Windows MediaPlayer , RealPlayer , MusicMatch , Creative MediaSource and others. If you need a player, click to download your FREE Windows Mediaplayer (see the Microsoft Windows page to find the right version of MediaPlayer for your PC).

Or, for MACINTOSH: Flip4Mac





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