"Backward, turn backward, O Time in thy flight Make me a child again, just for tonight."

How much do the sentiments behind this poetry TOUCH, stir, and CARESS you heart, body, and soul?

Well, my darling baby, your WISH HAS COME! TRUE. Yes, that's right. Mommy Mesmer is HERE FOR *her baby's* COMFORT & CAPTIVATION.

Hush now and listen to mommy, dearest. Mother Mesmer knows how to make it all BETTER. That's right....I can make it better THAN ANYTHING ELSE you have experienced before!

Sweetie, you can *let go* of all those nasty cares and stresses in the GROWNUP WORLD. Because Mommy Mesmer will pleasurably lead her cutesy pie back into adorable INFANCY or carefree CHILDHOOD.

Guess what, honey? There are two wonder-FULLY effective ways for you to ENJOY our playpen. You can call Mommy Mesmer on the telephone. And if your a really good baby, Mommy may let you come visit the Playpen in person! Now don't each of those choices sound so yummy!!

How much does being gently age regressed into Mommy Mesmer's lovable baby boy make you feel all comfy all over? Knowing there is nothing you can do to stop Mommy from taking back, back, back in time to that special place where you and I can PLAY.

Does telling yourself how much you wanna be regressed and transformed into Mommy Mesmer's pretty, little girl give you that really great feeling inside?

Spend some pleasure time In Mommy Mesmer's playpen! Come to Mommy on the phone or in front of Mommy's mesmerizing emerald eyes. Mommy knows it's good for ya. And Mommy promises "It's lots of FUN! for both of us too."

**NOTE- Mommy Mesmer DOES NOT literally have a playpen set-up however I do have all that is needed to make your fantasy come true!

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