Bewitching Bosoms (Audio)

My hott!-followers have asked for recordings they can listen to which will increase their arousal and ultimate enjoyment WHILE THEY ARE SELF-PLEASURING.

This is one of 6 recordings composed of a repeated set of enthralling and wonderific phrases. Each recording also features HOT phrases unique to it's title. No wonderific inductions are involved however, these Ultimate Ecstasy Companion recordings are just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hott!-Erotic releases! You can now sit back relax and listen to my mesmerizing words and my honey-dipped voice while you watch erotic movies or gaze upon your favorite actress, model or erotic star over the internet or in a magazine! I hope to provide more recordings in the future on subjects near and dear to your heart (and your erogenous zones as well!) Don't delay....Let's get down to the business AT HAND!

Bewitching Bosoms

Mammary Maid (Video)

She's ga-ga gorgeous! Your sexy new maid, is taking control, right here, on the spot! Feel her hot, passionate presence consume your every thought.

This exotic beauty appears shy, sweet, and demure... YET, you know that your helpless submission to my velvety voluptuous voice and her irresistible *peaks of passion* simply amuse and entertain  US!   

You desire what she's packing and it's too late to resist... Because this deck, we've clearly been stacking! lol.  

Keeping a breast, yes, that's what we do best!  So darlin, put your will, to the ultimate test...and Krystal will Cleo do the rest!

Mammary Maid

Wonderific Nipples (Video)

Look deeply.......Yessss.... you are doing so very well.  That's right sweetie, just focus upon her sexy, round natural mounds of pleasure peaking through the shimmering fabric of her bathing suit top.

Watching Jewel tease you with her  breasts and fondle them is literally Mammary Mesmerizing!  Drift deeply into my voice, and allow yourself to live out your hott!-erotic fantasies, over and over.
11 Minutes

Wonderific Nipples  11 Minutes! 41 megs

11/24/2003- DD DYNAMIC RELEASE! My VACATION Video, special T-Day release...
Double Breasted (Video)

Keeping abreast of my website is a handful for many of my followers. In fact, this video shows in detail, why you may want to take two, or three handfuls next time… :-) My breasts are sweet, soft, and sensual, but did you know they possess a very special wonderific quality...a quality that may even possess you! See what you’ve been missing, relax, unwind and release for me and with!

11 HOT Minutes,! 41 megs

GoldMemberrr.. (Video)

You are quite the man, with a reputation for AWESOME POWERS… Yet your EVIL nemesis has brought in the most powerful Woman in the world, to help him... And she's your Ex-Lover! Nobody can resist Ms. HypnoNipple or her perfect pair of wonderific POWERS for long, Experience her not so secret weapons for yourself! Sink deeply into her Wonderific POWERS today!

11 Minutes,! 41 megs

Her Wonderific Spider (Video)

This beautiful and mysterious wonderific pendant, is one of my favorite keepsakes... It's mesmerizing power is almost unmatched, and if you dare look deeply into the spider stone, down into it's center, you too will feel the sleepy peace, and sensual seduction of it's nature... So, go ahead, my lover... Look deeply, and relax to my words, as you enjoy an experience so relaxing and irresistible that you willingly release all tension... Enjoy...

11+ Minutes, 41 megs

Krystal Blue (Video)

You asked for it, and here it is... A BRAND new Pendant Induction with a little EXTRA CLEAVAGE, for good measure... Look deeply into my beautiful Sapphire Pendant, but beware... for you could find yourself forever a prisoner of my passion and my wonderific power.... Gaze upon my soft sensual skin, bathed in the flickering facets of the mesmerizing marquis. Feel your manhood rise, as you crave more and more the sound of my sultry soothing voice. Submit and Enjoy my Krystal Blue today...

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

Krystals Christmas 2 (Video)

Every holiday season, I love to create something new for my hott!-fans, friends, and followers. This year, was no different, as I re-created an all new interpretation! This intensely arousing, and powerfully passionate Induction and Erotic Release is a very sensual, and effective Holiday "Pick Me Up...". I know you will enjoy It, over and over, and over again… Have a very special Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

SALE! $10.99 ( usually $15.99 )
8 Minute Hott!-Release! 32 megs

Your Golden Ruler (Video)

My beautiful golden diamond is one of the rarest stones in the world, Many MESMER-izing properties are attached. So, look deeply into it's Wonderific flicker, and listen closely, as your will becomes my will... How quickly you will realize, silly man… My power is unmatched! Enjoy this powerful, erotic, and stress releasing adventure today. Return over and over, to my total Wonderific and Erotic pleasure.

8.5+ Minutes, 33.5 megs

Her MANicure (Video)

You mentioned you needed a manicure to get ready for tomorrow's big meeting! Well, lover... I have just the place, where you can "release" and enjoy the privilege of being pampered by a sexy Asian sweetheart [this lusty lady has more on her mind, than you ever could of dreamed of!]

My beautiful, HOT Asian princess Lana has a high voltage smile and a hard-body that will enrapture you immediately! As you try to focus on her WORDS OF SEDUCTION you will find yourself "drifting" into my world, and my will...

Sweetheart, all you need do is sit back, relax and you listen to my voice.

Her MANicure

Lana Hott!-teller (Video)

You've been lured "online" by the pretty promises of a feminine female voice belonging to one who claims she can give you ultimate pleasure, in exchange for your earthly possessions, your life savings, and your future earnings. The funny thing is, you're not sure how this "larger than life" figure seems to be "fully" capable of demanding and commanding your BLIND servitude! You've come to me today insisting that we at Mesmer Savings turn over EVERYTHING you've worked so hard for, to this "engorged" female fantasy con-artist! Fortunately, my very beautiful assistant LANA came to your hott!-rescue!

LANA will show you [with my help, of course!] the error of your ways, and safely bring back the unbelievable sexual pleasure, hypo-erotic freedom, and genuine fantasy fulfillment you have been missing... As we simultaneously straighten out your resolve and raise your spirits, far higher than they have ever risen before!! One more time, Beautiful Wonderizers come to the rescue! Release your desires today, join LANA and I, in safe, consensual, loving, and sensual wonderific play!! I guarantee, you;ve NEVER "HAD" a TELLER like this!


Lillith is an Icy Hotty (Video)

Lovely Lillith decides to use her newest Wonderific Helper in this clip, to mesmerize all of you who dare look her way... Wearing her sexy slippers and eye-catching nightgown, Lillith innocently draws your attention to her krystal pendant, and allows me to guide you into pleasure, and release like never before!! Enjoy the release and pleasure that I offer once again, through the power of Lillith's ICY HOT Pendant, and my mesmermizing words...

12+ Minutes, 43 megs

1/08/2004- Induction/Release
Ocean Trance (Video)

I've invited you to join me at my Ocean Estate, for a private session with my new Hott!-Student Sofia. Since it's the weekend, I'm inviting you to join Sofia and I, in a little Wonderific Manipulation. Of course, your convinced that you can't be wonderized, but sweetheart... We all know better now, don't we... The challange intrigues you... Soon you will feel the power of my pleasureable persuasion, so just you let yourself go... Relax and join me over and over, and see what you've been missing...

55 Megs, 15+ HOT Minutes

Doctor is Ready (Video)

Yes Lover, time for your annual physical from your favorite hands on health-care provider Lady Krystal Mesmer!

Actually, after my hot and hott!-beautiful assistant Stacy told me that you more than "measured up" I felt compelled to give you a PRIVATE ROOM, and provide my own "special" CHECK-UP with stunning Stacy's help, of course!

Most people may dread their yearly physical, but...I promise you our time together is GUARANTEED to RAISE your spirits and make you feel better then you can remember!
Originally $24.99 For Now on $11.99
12+ Minutes


Doctor is Ready  45M 12+ Minutes

His New Secretary (Video)

YES! I know you ALL wish YOUR secretaries looked just like sexy STACY here... But, how about if she looked like Stacy, and was ALSO a powerful Hott!-Erotic Tease too? That would be a HARD one to pass up, wouldn’t it, Lover. Well, in this clip, Stacy was pounding out her new bosses DICK-tation, when I stopped by for a visit. As you can probably guess… I took advantage of his manly tendencies… In fact, if you too were to look deeply into her pen [and cleavage], I can guarantee one thing; Hott!-Erotic Stress Release!!! Join us, and let’s see just how much fun we can have, DO YOU DARE?!

Stacy Signature Series, Virtual Hypo-Technology©

Read a testimonial for this video
Perfect Breasts (Video)
So, take the test, If you dare!

It's your first day on that new DREAM JOB, the one that I pulled a few strings [and your chain] to get for you. Now, you discover that your HOT new boss is actually SEXY STACY, and she is testing you, like never before. In fact SEXY STACY is "Bound and Determined" to have her way with you, no matter how HARD you try to hold back, you can't hide your GROWING affection, which is very UPLIFTING! I know as you listen to my voice, you will RISE to the occasion, as clever and curvacous STACY keeps me [and you] A BREAST[s] of the situation.


Suggestive Sales (Video)

You are "Mr. Johnson." Your a big shot and someone to be reckoned with! Sitting across from your kitchen table is an incredibly sexy young lady, who won’t seem to take NO for an answer! No matter how hard you try [or get!] she just won’t take no! In fact, she and *I* we’re just about to leave, when she noticed something had gotten in her eye… Would you be so kind as to take a closer look for me? Of course you will, Lover… Thus begins your journey into erotic ecstasy, and powerful fantasy fulfillment through the “eyes” of my Mesmerizing Maiden!


Your Hot Valentine (Video)

So Lover... This is your FIRST Wonderific Valentines Day, here with me at PayPerTrance and I and my Wonderific Honey Stacy, will do our very best to give you the Hottest, Deepest titillating Trance possible! When we're done, stress will be just a memory, and you will experience Wonderific Seduction and Erotic Release from two of the most shapely and stunning luscious ladies, ever to swing a pendant.

Playful persuasion is what I like to call it, and I know you will want to come again, and again, to enjoy the most fulfilling HOT and wonderific ecstasy of your life! YES! You will be *done in* by two of the most sensual, sexual, naughty and naturally beautiful female wonderizers on the planet...

SALE! $10.99 ( usually $24.99 )
Virtual Hott!-Technology©
45 Megs, 12 HOT Minutes

Your Beach Wonderizer (Video)

No doubt about it! Victoria is a beautiful and a very sensuous British babe. This clip was taken on a local beach, where Victoria further develops her skills to ENCHANT using only a Pendant, and her EYES! The bikini she is wearing doesn't hurt either! This is one of the tests I put my better students through, and as you will see Victoria doesn't let me down. She get's you UP! Sweet talking you into total and complete sexual arousal and release! As a reward of course.... for letting her practice on YOU!

11 Minutes, 40 megs

Blue is one of the primary colors. Blue is the depthless depth of the calmest sea. And blue is the sunniest sky on a clear and cloudless day. Blue is the color of my pretty, little, flashing pendant.

See this pendant's beautiful blue light bountifully bathe my even more beautiful, bodaciously buxom breasts.But wait! What will you exquisitely sexperience after my harmless, little pendant's blue light becalms your soothingly sleepy mind? Ahh, there are a couple of spellbinding surprises awaiting you. And they thrillingly come complete with a blue light that won't be the only thing lighting your love and lust log's rejoicing joy juices.

The Blues is one of the world's most passionate musical forms. Your passions will grow and you may even start crooning each time you Krystal clearly see the decadent details of the first-class foxy form entrancingly illuminated by the blue light pendant in this video. I'm sure you will agree with Me about this sensuously sizzling cinema. "BLUE HEAVEN" on earth is out of this world!"

140 Megs, 19 MINUTES

LambdaEpsilonZeta (Video)
Watch Free Preview PeekABoobies at the LambdaEpsilonZeta video

 Now darling, first, you GET! the LambdaEpsilonZeta video and then you get as much pleasures as you want each time you satisfy your curiosity about what the sexy French dish of Asian eye candy Lisa and her sorority sisters do for fun and games during their grad party.
 Sweetie, every time you SEE! & HEAR! LambdaEpsilonZeta, Y o u WILL! Peek-A-BOOBIES at which of her assets Lisa tantalizingly drives a college senior and you out of your minds with!

A Los Angeles-based syndicated radio talk show host asked his audience to offer their opinions on:

"Why are men so transfixed by two women kissing?" A caller who said she was a lesbian told him she believed it was because men often believe when women kiss something "freaky deeky" will happen and maybe they'll get to join in the adult fun.

LambdaEpsilonZeta lets you in on why this top-drawer sorority's FREAKY DEEKY members are so popular!
over 30 minutes
31 Minutes, 236 Megabytes

Enchanted Mall (Video)
Watch Free Preview

ENCHANTED MALL 20+ minute Video Walks away with you

One of the things I've learned is that most men don't like shopping. And especially if you’ve been dragged (by the ring in your nose) into some crowded, pricey mall of confusions.

Well now sweetums, let's see how much you enjoyably watching the ENCHANTED MALL video fantasy changes your point of view..

Keep your captivated eyes on knockout Madisons shapely as she mesmerizingly sways it like I sway and swing my wonderific pendant. Watch the velveeten-like erotic, sensual hott! swirl take you down deeper into sexual bliss and...
In the ENCHANTED MALL you can see why caressing her bosoms is as tantalizingly pleasurable for beautiful young lady Lolita as it is for you to watch her!

Every mall I've ever heard of has a public address system. But, in the ENCHANTED MALL, my voluptous voice wonderifically speaks only to you!

There may be some girls who keep trying to convince their men that "Shop til you drop" isn't a bad thing."HONEY! What fools they are! I SAY, RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR INCREASINGLY SEXIER HEXCURSION INSIDE THE RAPTURES THAT ONLY MY ENCHANTED MALL HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!"

20+ Minutes, 158 Megabytes

Delicious (Video)

Honey bun, relax restfully and recall everything you enjoy about your favourite food.Oh yessss. The aroma, the flavor, how good it all looks, the texture in your mouth. Recall the pleasure-filled sounds as you munch on the DELICIOUS dish that tickles your taste buds.
AHHHHHHH! Baby cakes, here are some of the mouthwatering, DELICIOUS ingredients that stir up and heat up our passion in my latest video:

Take one Lady Mesmerising your mind’s eye-catching wonderific spiral. It’s made to pleasure you with My very own love spellbinding hand.Now stir in your enchantment as you adoringly gaze into *MY* lovely face.Add one sensually tongue-tying fantasy. This treat gives you three ways to tickle your taste buds thanks to the most DELICIOUS AMBROSIA of an emerald-colored love gel.BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!
Now mix in one sexpot of a dream girl by the name of Stacy!She is good [and bad] enough to lick any dessert off of and eat out to boot!Stacy's pretty, revealing face keeps you a-BREAST of how much she relishes peppering your passions with teasing and pleasing you!I am your love chef and sweetmeat I've cooked up the most DELICIOUS video fit for a king of carnal delicacies. Oh, that would be you!
So enjoy it all, lover boy!

21+ Minutes, 165 Megabytes

Forbidden Dancer (Video)

Legends, folktales, and stories say many things about Lillith.What will you say after her FORBIDDEN DANCING GIRL video is yours and you're Lillith's?

Some legends say Lillith left the Garden of Eden because she desired to be a top for Adam.Diving head over heels into the depthlessness of Lillith's large hazel eyes takes your mind's eye to the top levels of Healthy! Helpful! Wonderific! trancing and hedonism.

Some folktales declare Lillith is a creature, goddess, or spirit of the night.Night or day watching this sexy goddess sensuously dancing in garter belt stockings and thong can get your libido sizzling and arouse your spirits any time!

In certain stories, Lillith is an irresistible succubus.My sweet stud, in which of her tantalizing ways will Lillith s--- from you what turns you both on?

Some cultures speak of Lillith as the mother of all demons.Lillith's potency as a FORBIDDEN DANCER is devilishly exquisite.

Some folks may still feel the Lambada is a "forbidden dance".And only certain people were permitted to enter the Forbidden City.

Honey, stay a-BREAST (bare breast that is) of the pleasures FORBIDDEN DANCING GIRL Lillith ignites. Enjoy the WONDERIFIC HAPPINESS she fuels, fires and lights!

16 and a half minutes, 126 Megabytes

The Quarterback and the Cleavage (Video)

Being the school's star quarterback didn't stop those sexual harassment charges.Now you're in a meeting with that hot-bodied ice queen of a principal.This is trouble.

And you'll be cleavage-loving every one of the 12 minutes in this schoolboy's breast fantasy come Krystal's clearly busty! A lovely pendant, my prettier cleavage, my hands wonderifically pleasuring you just like your hands do it.

For $6.99 there's even more stimulations in this Krystal's Klassic video fantasy (Krystal's Cleavage) now retitled - "The Quarterback and the Cleavage"

12+ Minutes, 31 Megabytes

ESP - Extra Sexual Perception (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Clairvoyance and/or telepathy are part of what's called extrasensory perception AKA ESP.
Sweetie, I've experienced a much more sensual form of ESP and so shall you!

For this ESP to work its wondrous wantonness you, me, and the lusciously voluptuous "Lady in Red" must become *ahim* PARTNERS.  
While we're a thrilled threesome we will sensually share exquisitely sexciting experiences.

I predict that as you devote more of your attention span to the hott!-spiral and everything else you'll see, hear, feel, and relish--your mind's eye will be opened to increasing amounts of more pleasures and pleasuring.
I predict that gazing into the lady in red's bejeweled, bedazzling ring rules out any resistance to your embracing the passions and the postwonderific suggestions that are good for you.
I also predict a red mini-dress and long blonde hair shall enable my hott!-babe to caress your thoughts about her sexiness.
Finally, I predict that my beauty in red will REVEAL two titillating treasures you'll get Wonderific Happiness each time you keep a-breast of them.  

Darling, I can´t resist one more foreplay.  Oops!  I mean forecast.
"My emerald eyes see your future can be much more enjoyable each time you get your hot-blooded self into our *ESP* video."

CLICK for My Wonderific Happiness (AUDIO)

19 Minutes, 146 Megabytes

Taken by Pleasure (Video)
TAKEN BY PLEASURE VIDEO - TAKEN by thrilling Thalia & captivating Krystal

The word "take" has one of the longest definitions my Emerald Eyes have ever read.Read on while your mind's eye will Krystal clearly take pleasure in embracing the TAKEN video's titillating treasures....Like sexy Thalia!

Watch your totally new unseen before hott!-spiral spin you into dreaminess.
Behold her lovely face lets you see how passionately desirable Thalia yearns to move you to caress irresistible intimacies.
Virtually view yourself climb the stairs to sensualities so you and Thalia can climaximize your pleasures.
Focus your eyes on Thalia's blue plate spinning hott!-disc-like in front of her potent pleasure portal. Mesmerizingly special, spectacular, and spellbinding!
Thanks to one postwonderific suggestion, you will answer a question and realize your destiny embraces moi, Lady Krystal Mesmer.
See! Thalia hear! (me and Thalia too) feel us doing it all so we're TAKEN on the carnal ride of our life!
24+ Minutes, 190 Megabytes


Thanks to 8 captivating women, this video arouses, amplifies, and unleashes TITILLATION!
To enlarge TITILLATION, with this sizzling wonderifically hedonistic video I MESMERIZINGLY magnetize you with having all your senses enjoy attractive ladies Bewitching Bosoms.TITILLATION is why you see and virtually ravish each pair of Bodacious Boobs in this voluptuous video.
To get our pleasuring spiraling into ecstasies, I use TITILLATION; suggestive, beneficial postwonderific suggestions; and a Simply Irresistible hott!-spiral...TITILLATION! TITILLATION! TITILLATION!That covers/uncovers the goodies.

31 Minutes, 239 Megabytes

Unleashed Desire (Video)
Your drowsy eyes behold me holding up an ensorcelling hott!-sleeeeeeep-inducing crystal as it magnetizes Simone into embracing and reveling in her UNLEASHED DESIRE for a beautiful lesbian lovemaking TIMELESS TANTALIZATION.
How strong is your UNLEASHED DESIRE to caress my curvaceously shapely legs in sheer, silky smooth hypnolons?
I'm sure you wont be able to take your eyes off of Simone as she strokes mine!
Simone shall then take you still deeper into trance while you watch her dance of seduction in a body-hugging corset and silk stockings!
Oh and darling....My suggestively thrilling postwonderific suggestions are so potent, that you will find that they have lots of LUXURIOUS LEGS to stand on. (Giggle)
32+ Minutes, 249 Megabytes

Sphere of Influence (Deep Wonderific Suggestion) (Video)

This video is really smoking!

Behold luscious Sommeil moving her magical crystal Sphere of Influence and moving you DEEPER AND DEEPER inside sensuous mesmerizing.

  • Keep watching Sommeil's Sphere of Influence relax your body and inhibitions.
  • Sommeil's smoking hot--even before you see her give herself to sensually smoking that cigarette.  Puff, puff yummy!!
  • Sommeil, her cigarette, and your passions--this ménage a trois is on fire!
  • Some lovers enjoy smoking after intimacies.  Watching eye-catching Sommeil smoking fans your fiery desires for intensely intimate self-pleasuring, lover.
  • As your UNLEASHED DESIRE for wonderific satisfactions opens to THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT of the SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, you'll open yourself to me and keep opening up your opportunities for more success in life.
  • And your release with Sommeil is as smoking hot-bodied as you desire and hot-blooded as you can handle.

28+ Minutes, 210 Megabytes

Secret Fantasies (Wonderific Revelations) (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Here's a REVELATION for ya! More than your WONDERIFIC HAPPINESS {ahim!!} *grows* each time this ONE-EYED SNAKE CHARMER induces your charmed eyes to rest on my eye-catching LUXURIOUS LEGS.
How much DEEPER AND DEEPER are you ever-increasingly tantalized by sensuous Simone wearing that short, slinky dress as my WORDS OF SEDUCTION also spellbind your consciousness?
Are you deliberately dazzled by *Thalia in and out, of her jet-black, sequined bathing suit's fringed top* while I yield to my SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE COMPULSION to successfully inseminate postwonderific, suggestive instructions inside thee? WONDERIFIC REVELATIONS await you in your entrancingly sensuous experience with me and this over 40 minute long SECRET FANTASIES Video!

43 Minutes, 331 Megabytes

Dreams Come! Truly Wild (Freedom to Dream) (Video)
Watch Free Preview

I want you to "Do! it, baby cakes."
I want you to do it each time you feel that UNLEASHED DESIRE for more steamier sensualities.That's why I want you to buy the hot-blooded Dreams Come! Truly Wild video and enjoyably revel in it's awakening your arousing dreamy pleasuring over and over, again.

Each moment my wantonly WICKED WEB of WORDS OF SEDUCTION embraces you, I'm helping you relax your inhibitions.
Rest your eyes on dreamy Simone erotically doing ever-increasingly intimate, mesmerizing and arousing things to draw you into our world of sexual seduction!
After Simone and I CARNAL CALL your attention to self-pleasuring and tantalizingly caress you DEEPER AND DEEPER into HYPNOTIQUE SLIP SLIDING INTO SLEEP, we will wonderifically help make your Dreams Come! Truly Wild as frequently and as passionately as you desire.
Opening yourself and your desires to this video is your next pleasure in making your Dreams Come! Truly Wild.

31 Minutes, 238 Megabytes

Relax My Darling (Video)

"Relax, my darling" let your entrancement-seeking eyes look deeper and deeper into sensuous Simone's ever-increasingly enticing eyes.
"Relax, my darling!" rapturously rest your gaze on Simone's voluptuous hott!-hooters revealed in her sexy PVC catsuit.  
"Relax, my darling" my postwonderific suggestions  help you arouse your eternal love quantity and quality!
 Embrace the pleasures awaiting you!  With my sweet guidance we can make your life as passionate and pleasurable as possible!
"Relax, my darling" there are more mesmerizing visions and aural aphrodisiacs for you to enjoy in this video vision....but let them be a surprise!
All you have to do is watch my recording and.... "Relax, my darling."

33+ Minutes, 253 Megabytes

Hooters! Hotties! and More! (Video)
Watch Free Preview

  • This VOLUPTUOUS video I WELL-BUILT for keeping you a-BREAST and fantasizing about me.
  • Rest your EYES focus upon my bodacious BOOBS as they arouse your unleashed desire.
  • As my bewitching BOSOMS beguile you, I take exquisitely pleasurable care of deeper and deeper mesmerizing you even more.

As your wonderizing increases:
Are you self-pleasuring at my suggestive suggestions?
Am I virtually handling your intimate parts are soothingly stimulated thanks to my sensual spells?
Who are those two beauties in  your dreams reveling in lascivious lesbian lovemaking?

I reprogram your mind gets brainwashed by potent pleasures mounting in opening to meeeeeee.
This WELL-ENDOWED really wonderific fantasy encounter is all about titillations because I keep taking you into ever-expanding ecstasies.
I levitate one of your arms and enjoyably raise another body part, honey buns.

34 Minutes, 262 Megabytes

Krystal's Sensuality (Video)
Watch Free Preview You'll feel very happy each time you slow down and relax and rest your grateful eyes on the flashing images of such fine females in my video "Krystal's Sensuality."
Watch me mesmerize you entrancingly wearing a black bustier as I turn up our sexy body heat!  Feast your gaze and fasten your unleashed desire on my long and shapely legs; voluptuous breasts; and creamy smooth, tasty thighs.
As my wonderizing words of seduction silkily slide into your subconscious, I hope you're ogling Simone's awesome ass revealed in her red lace panties.  And while I success-fully reprogram you to enjoy more successes, sensuality, and even more, suggestive Simone massages her mouthwatering breasts!
Now you know why "KRYSTAL'S SENSUALITY" is another of my videos you must start thoroughly relishing ASAP.
33 Minutes, 241 Meg

Watch Free Preview
  • Rest your eyes upon my long shapely legs embraced exquisitely in body-hugging enchanted nylons--pantyhose.
  • \t
  • How much more will you fall under my spell before your intimate sneak peek at my flower-pattern-caressed high-class assets?
  • \t
  • Are my feet more enticing in some of my sexiest silver pumps or shown off in silkier black stockings?
  • \t
  • Have you ever seen My luscious breasts soooo full and inviting before....My darling?
  • \t
  • Revel in ensorcelling ecstasies as I truly pleasure you with a virtual reality, hott!-hedonistic hand job.
  • \t
  • My postwonderific, suggestive words of seduction induce the tantalizingly slinkiest sleep spell sirens to beguile you as your nighttime milking wonderific sex partners of your wet dreams come true to life!
After you get this vivacious video also featuring voluptuous, corseted and hour-glass figured Simone any time you want it .... you can see, hear, feel, and enjoy the wantonly wicked ways "LADY KRYSTAL AROUSES YOUR LUST".
\t40+ Minutes, 606 Megabytes
40+ Minutes, 606 Megabytes

Krystal's Tranquilitease (Video)
This voluptuous video is 1 hour in length!!

* I want you to rest your eyes on my many mesmerizingly eye-catching, sexy sirens. 
I call these femme fatales "KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers."

* I want you to exquisitely enjoy your wonderific happiness restfully reposing relaxingly within My soothing sorceries tranquilizing tantalizations spells.
Behold 'KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers' as We weave wanton webs of silky seductions ensorcelling you!

* I want you exquisitely experiencing arm levitation; masturbation control; postwonderific pleasure pacification along with BEWITCHINGLY beguiling yet benevolent *BRAIN-washing TRAINING* suggestions revealling  why it's good for you to revel in your very own KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers video.

* I want you to yield to your unleashed desire for My UNFORGETTABLE delicious decadence delicacies overwhelming and overpowering you again and again and again!

64 Minutes
Masturbation control; postwonderific pleasure pacification AND BEWITCHINGLY beguiling yet benevolent BRAIN-washing TRAINING suggestions ... revel in KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers video. 64 Minutes

Knockouts Knockers (Video)
Yes, that's it my darling.
Watch my beauties massaging their breasts.
Sooooooo Nice, and a fantastically arousing image yeeeeeeesssssss?
Our sizzling, sexy turn-on.
Watch their hands gliding over and caressing their stiff hard nipples.
I'm massaging My BIG breasts even as I make this recording.
Now Masturbate for Me....Watch my lovelies ... Annnnd Stroke yourself.
You MUST not, WILL not, and CANNOT cum until I command you.
Watch my prettiies.  Krystal's bewitching babes.
Ogling my knockouts and their knockers gets you sooooooo sleeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyy.
SALE! $15.99 ( usually $21.99 )

Watch Free Preview It takes less effort to smile than to frown.  And that's the way I like it because you'll need all your muscles for what I have in mind is so much fun and games.  :)
Let’s exquisitely explore what's alluringly awaiting you when you open up to some voluptuous DOMESTIC SERVICE WITH A SMILE again and again: 

In this COMPLETELY CONSENSUAL, rapturous relaxnosis recipe:

Take Lady Krystal, in all My sex appeal mesmerizing you even more;

+  Add the cozy and promising flickering of a beautiful candle casting My spells right before your eyes;

+  Invitingly stir in An unsuspecting man who eagerly came to Me to represent a maid service I was checking out.  During My inviting interview with him, Our get-together was trance-formed into entrancing mutually enjoyable, mind's eye-opening hypno-fun;

+  An emerald hypno-spiral swirls you into My powers;

+  A topless tantalizer helps Me tease you into the right position;

+  Exquisitely experience what being captivated by My luscious lips and feminine face and ensorcelling Emerald eyes does to others and to you.

Rest your eyes upon, interactive listen to, and feel your imagination soar each time you enjoy the hedonistic ways DOMESTIC SERVICE WITH A SMILE makes you want to do it and more!
34 Minutes, 497 Megs
34 Minutes, 497 Megs
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