Cross Dressing



I don't know how long it's been around, but I think playing dress up games is still lots of fun. And it turns me on even more each time I find someone exciting who'll do it with me!

Little boys have pretended to be some superhero or super athlete for who knows how long. As you relax, do your PLEASURABLE memories of doing that become even more Krystal clear in your playful mind?
And I know that most little girls have pretended to be all grown-up while they try on their mom's or older sister's clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry and other delights. I myself, have such fond memories of those times!

Darling, let's you and I play a little game. READY?....imagine you're just floating along effortlessly in a Krystal clear blue sky. See all those fluffy, white clouds peacefully moving through the air without a care in the world. VERY GOOOOOOOD! Your already feeling so much more relaxed... Now, if you're up to a little fun-loving experimentation, there's one more adult game I look forward to playing with you. Sweetheart, YOU WANNA PLAY cross-DRESS UP?

No really, I really do mean just what I said. I yearn to know *if you'd like to play cross-dress up with me?

There's nothing weird or wrong with anyone who gets PLEASURE FROM CROSSDRESSING. In fact, I know that for the right, well-balanced person, CROSSDRESSING with me is lots of *healthy! helpful! hedonistic FUN! After all, pretty panties, silky stockings, spiked high heels, sexy dresses, luscious lingerie, and perfect makeup--all these and other feminine delights aren't just for lovely ladies like me.

I also know that - "One size doesn't fit all," & "Different strokes for different folks." When it comes to dress up, some fine men choose to go all the way. Other good guys only crave to caress sexy, silky panties while I help them surrender into sensuous bliss and we share our erotic (and mutually arousing) fantasies!

And I'll never even imagine trying to get you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. In KRYSTAL'S INTER-CHANGING CHAMBER, it's always about all kinds of pleasures for you and me both together.

There are two whimsical ways we can passionately play together:

1. You can call me. Over the phone I can help you to release your softer side to come out and play around for a while.

2. OR, you can come over to my place. I'll give your dress up time with me my very own personal touch of classiness, compassion, and creativity.

Your confidante about all things crossdressing,