Come with the wind (Video)

Southern Belle CHELSEA was the FASTEST STUDENT, the most NATURALLY WONDERIFIC lady I've EVER met! This video was shot the day the Congressman's son came to visit Chelsea's powerful and politically influential parents. [Available COMPLETE for the first time]

After meeting Chelsea, this Handsome, Rich, Talented, and AVAILABLE Southern Stud was COMPELLED to return the next evening [captured in it's entirety...] Enjoy watching a Master [or would that be Mistress?] of Hott!-Erotic Suggestion, take his, and YOUR fancy, out for a SEXY test drive... [and a HOT, SEXY RELEASE!]


Hott! Eye is Watching You (Video)

This powerful orb (before Jewel's outstanding orbs) is the mystical and erotic emblem representing Wonderific-Hedonistic Power, and one of my favorite and Most Effective Induction Toys.

 Look Deeply into my magical Wonderific Eye, and you too will have no choice but to give into it's spinning spirals.

Once you focus on these spirals, and you give into my sensual suggestions you can and will] know the Ultimate Wonderific Pleasure of the Ages... Erotic Release is only moments cannot resist... Hurry, and join me today.  And whatever you do, darlin don't delay!

One of my favorite Classics!  Enjoy Krystal's "Naughty language" and  get more satisfaction in 12 minutes than you imagined!
12 Minutes

Hott! Eye is Watching You  12 Minutes, 55 megs

Krystals May Tricks (Video)

Krystal's May Tricks, is something you must SEE to BELIEVE! Featuring powerful SUBLIMINAL suggestions, and the driving force behind the machines, that create the world we live in... Krystal is all around us, in this exciting, and arousing adventure into your Mind's Eye. Join her today, and nothing will ever be the same... Once you enter the depths of her soul, and her control, and feel the pleasure for yourself! Choose now... Red, Blue, or simply gaze into the Wonderific Green, of her Eyes!

[HI-RES DIGITAL, 11 Minutes, 40 megs]

Lillith's Wonderific Eyes (Video)

Well, you've finally met Lillith, and you just can't get her hot, wonderific eyes out of your mind... That's why, when you picked her up tonight and she innocently asked you to look her in those big, beautiful, orbs of color and light, and you heard my soft, sensual wonderific voice drifting toward you from the corner of the room... your will broke down like a $3 rolex. Just as easily and quickly as you hear my voice, you must do my bidding... You have NO choice!!!

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

Michelles Spell (Video)

Michelle decided to show her honey the real reason she was so popular back in College, and why ALL of her professors gave her straight A's..... Even when she took weeks off, for “personal” projects... Funny, he thought it was only her beauty, and sparkling personality. You and I both know it had a lot more to do with the Sparkle in her eyes, something very special that you too can experience, right now!!

7 Minutes,! 23 megs

Morgan's Dynasty Eyes (Video)

Teachers Ruler 2 (Video)

Just when you thought it was safe to look into this beautiful, sensual student's eyes... She finds ANOTHER way to Wonderize and Control you... Another adventure into Wonderific Submission and Wonderific Bliss as Nicky takes you further down the road into her will. This "Bad Girl" shows you why, you will ALWAYS remember her, and how much pleasure you can experience through her Wonderific Power... Gaze into her wonderific eyes, one more time, if you dare...

7+ Minutes, 25 megs

Teachers Ruler 3 (Video)

Sexy senior Nicky has suddenly become one of your favorite students, but you really don't know why? It just seems right and natural to want to give her EVERYTHING she asks, and not to burden her with homework, like the other students... And, since she has invited you over tonight to "discuss" her future, you don't see anything wrong with the fact that this High School student owns her own million dollar condo, and drives a new Ferrari... Submission is the thing on your mind, and she has promised to tell you ALL about it... A VERY informative clip on a very HOT topic!

10+ Minutes, 39 megs

Suggestive Sales (Video)

You are "Mr. Johnson." Your a big shot and someone to be reckoned with! Sitting across from your kitchen table is an incredibly sexy young lady, who won’t seem to take NO for an answer! No matter how hard you try [or get!] she just won’t take no! In fact, she and *I* we’re just about to leave, when she noticed something had gotten in her eye… Would you be so kind as to take a closer look for me? Of course you will, Lover… Thus begins your journey into erotic ecstasy, and powerful fantasy fulfillment through the “eyes” of my Mesmerizing Maiden!


Hott! Hotel (Video)

You've convinced yourself your first encounter with Victoria the Hot Wonderizer was a bust [although they were nice, and perky, you have to admit!]  

You know you could never be wonderized.  You have too strong a will.  But can't ignore this burning desire to see her again! One glance into my vixen Victoria's mesmerizing eyes, and you are quickly hers to tease, and tantalize! Enjoy the rising passion sensual satisfaction and hott!-fascination.  The expected conclusion to hott!-procreation!  Far beyond your X-pectation....Lover.  

8 minutes long

Mesmer's Daughter (Video)

The disappearance of Antonia Mesmer is as mysterious today, as it was over 100 years ago! Imagine, a beautiful, 22yr old woman and natural master wonderizer, lovingly taught by the father of modern wonderism himself! Amazingly, there remains only one known portrait of this beauty, handed down to Krystal by her mother, years ago... In this video, Krystal tells the tale of young Antonia, and Antonia's spirit actually inhabits Krystal in this Session!! The results? Erotic! Sensual, Enjoy, over and over... BRAND NEW, and Krystal's most DRAMATIC, EROTIC and WONDERIFIC video!

13+ Minutes, 48 megs

Hott! Bedroom Eyes

Imagine... Your sexy, beautiful girlfriend, waiting all night for you to stop by, then challenging you to a staring contest, just like when you were a little kid... However, "this" girlfriend is a clever little cutie and a Wonderizer to boot! You have no way of knowing what she REALLY has in mind but your up for the challenge!... Minutes later, it's too late, as you find yourself losing the contest and feeling submissive, pliable, and REALLY turned on! A beautiful girl, and a VERY powerful release. Enjoy, and submit your request to visit her today, buy buying this clip...

12 Minutes! 47 megs

The Eyes have it... Lover! (Video)

How does gazing into the eyes of several sensuously stunning sirens stimulate you?My dear, does having four first-class foxes (Lolita, Ingrid, Morgana, and me--Lady Krystal Mesmer) virtually magnetize three of your senses [sight, hearing, and touch] and arouse even MORE than your curiosity?How often and how much does being an eyewitness while long-legged Lolita gives her breasts a nipples-stiffening massage stiffen at least one of your body parts?
Oh yes, and one more thing.
I've got some postwonderific suggestions that can help you AHIM achieve! your dreams.

Are you ready to get your hands on a lot more than a mind's eyeful of sensually sizzling stimulations?CLICK AND SAY "AYE" TO THE EYES HAVE IT...LOVER!

24+ Minutes, 177 Megabytes

Watch Free Preview It takes less effort to smile than to frown.  And that's the way I like it because you'll need all your muscles for what I have in mind is so much fun and games.  :)
Let’s exquisitely explore what's alluringly awaiting you when you open up to some voluptuous DOMESTIC SERVICE WITH A SMILE again and again: 

In this COMPLETELY CONSENSUAL, rapturous relaxnosis recipe:

Take Lady Krystal, in all My sex appeal mesmerizing you even more;

+  Add the cozy and promising flickering of a beautiful candle casting My spells right before your eyes;

+  Invitingly stir in An unsuspecting man who eagerly came to Me to represent a maid service I was checking out.  During My inviting interview with him, Our get-together was trance-formed into entrancing mutually enjoyable, mind's eye-opening hypno-fun;

+  An emerald hypno-spiral swirls you into My powers;

+  A topless tantalizer helps Me tease you into the right position;

+  Exquisitely experience what being captivated by My luscious lips and feminine face and ensorcelling Emerald eyes does to others and to you.

Rest your eyes upon, interactive listen to, and feel your imagination soar each time you enjoy the hedonistic ways DOMESTIC SERVICE WITH A SMILE makes you want to do it and more!
34 Minutes, 497 Megs
34 Minutes, 497 Megs
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