Femme Feet-ale (Audio)

My hott!-followers have asked for recordings they can listen to which will increase their arousal and ultimate enjoyment WHILE THEY ARE SELF-PLEASURING.

This is one of 6 recordings composed of a repeated set of enthralling and wonderific phrases. Each recording also features HOT phrases unique to it's title. No wonderific inductions are involved however, these Ultimate Ecstasy Companion recordings are just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hott!-Erotic releases! You can now sit back relax and listen to my mesmerizing words and my honey-dipped voice while you watch erotic movies or gaze upon your favorite actress, model or erotic star over the internet or in a magazine! I hope to provide more recordings in the future on subjects near and dear to your heart (and your erogenous zones as well!) Don't delay....Let's get down to the business AT HAND!

Femme Feet-ale

Luxurious Legs (Audio)

My hott!-followers have asked for recordings they can listen to which will increase their arousal and ultimate enjoyment WHILE THEY ARE SELF-PLEASURING.

This is one of 6 recordings composed of a repeated set of enthralling and wonderific phrases. Each recording also features HOT phrases unique to it's title. No wonderific inductions are involved however, these Ultimate Ecstasy Companion recordings are just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hott!-Erotic releases! You can now sit back relax and listen to my mesmerizing words and my honey-dipped voice while you watch erotic movies or gaze upon your favorite actress, model or erotic star over the internet or in a magazine! I hope to provide more recordings in the future on subjects near and dear to your heart (and your erogenous zones as well!) Don't delay....Let's get down to the business AT HAND!

Luxurious Legs

Serviced with a smile (Video)

You harmlessly stopped to pick up your friend, at a very special Island Clinic, and you met this AMAZINGLY POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL woman, who dazzled you! Now, you find her filling your every thought! Of course, silly man... That was ME, you met, and your secret smoking fetish will remain our little secret, as well as your newfound devotion, and commitment... To ME, of course! Feel Free to stop by again, and again, and again...

9+ Minutes, 35 megs

Her Wonderific Nylons (Video)

My friend Jewel has such sexy, seductive silk stockings... Gaze into their design and allow yourself to follow the shimmer, of a power so deep and so grand, that no mortal man can resist the mesmerizing flicker... Many men have given into her but now.....Sweet, smooth as satin Jewel longs for your hot, creamy desire to fill her this very hour...

Join Jewel now, and leave your cares, and worries at the door...Hot, wonderific, and sweet as candy, my brilliant Jewel controls every man she meets, and she has her sights on you, this very day...

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

Her Wonderific Feet... (Video)

Kim was one of my prettiest students with an angelic face and a body to die for! Here, while Kimmy was deeply wonderized, I convinced her she was the WORLDS MOST POPULAR foot model and she wants you to hire her for her biggest project ever! Enjoy one of the sexiest, HOTTEST *students of seduction* I have ever had! By the way.....Kimmy was so into doing "whatever it took" to land this job, if I hadn't stepped in, my video-man might have had some serious explaning to do to his wife...

8 Minutes, 28 megs

Lawn Domination, 2 (Video)

MY HOTTEST CLIP! Early one hot summer morning I discovered our hunky new poolboy, and I watched as he accidentally spied my perfectly pedicured feet and toes... Warm and moist, after an invigorating work-out at the gym, I returned home to quickly and easily WONDERIFICALLY-SEDUCE this young STUD, making him beg me to take him into Hott!-Erotic Paradise!! I then enticed this young hunk of a man far beyond his imagination... Ultimate arousal can and will be yours, today! Just focus your hot desire on my feet and toes...

14+ Minutes, 48 megs

Leg Spell Fantasy (Video)
Watch Free Preview

How much do Pretty *PANTYHOSE* AROUSE YOU!?!
on DVD/DOWNLOAD *now!*
This lovely evening, you've had a good time with KRYSTAL the leggy, lusty wonderizer. I've invited you to come! step into my parlour for a nightcap.
Just relax. And while you're in my powers, I'd like you to give me a helping hand with a voluptuous video I yearn to make. Now tell me, will a man's attention be rapt by these pretty pantyhose risquély wrapping my gorgeous gams?
Oh yes! Watch me intimately modeling my sexiest pantyhose for you. This is a true leg lover's fantasy! That's right! LEG SPELL FANTASY is a tongue-tying, tantalising 21-minute video sizzlingly showing off my shapely stems swathed sensually in sheer, silky, hypnotising hosiery.
No merely virtual reality here, darling. LEG SPELL FANTASY is the LEG lovers' wildest dreams CUM true to life!!

NOTE: Leg Spell Fantasy is done artistically like a dream fantasy, a bit blurry.


My Wonderific Shoestore (Video)

My Feet are so perfect and oh how I just love to show them off. Especially in sexy shoes! But right now I need your help, darling. As you will soon see and hear...I just can't decide which custom made shoes to wear to the award ceremony tonight and I would love your advice. Of course, I'll make it worth your while, lover boy! So, look closely at my beautiful feet, give in, and maybe I'll offer you a very special, sweet, hot, and wonderific treat... : )

13 Minute Hott!-Release! 50 megs
Featuring Virtual Hott!-Technology©

My Mesmerizing Amulet (Video)

For you who've been fantasizing about my feminine feet, look deeply into my ankle amulet... As you drift into fantasy and pleasure you will be aroused, beyond measure... Go ahead, give into the feeling, and imagine what it will be like, when before me, you are kneeling.... Ah, my pet... So hard, throbbing and wet... Soon at my command, you can feel my hand, releasing your stiff, and submissively powerful gland...

10+ Minutes, 37 megs

Hott!-Erotic Feet, oh so sweet (Video)

Lovely Lillith is a dear friend, and a powerful wonderific icon of gothic beauty and exotic appeal, with legs that never end, and feet like sweet candy..... In this sensual senario Lillith is relaxing after a long day, waiting for you to visit, and play, her way... When you arrive, you discover with delight that I am your guest for the night.. Having you focus on Lillith's beautiful feet, I use you BOTH for an evening of pleasure, and HOT, EROTIC, hott!-sexual delight... Try to resist us... Yes, try, with all your might...

14 Minutes! 64 megs

Hott! Erotic Dancer (Video)

Michelle has legs that go on for miles. Glance at her gorgeous gams, as Michelle is instructed to perform a sexy dance, while stripping and showing off her long, lovely legs, and pretty, petite feet. Michelle was told that the producer of a very popular show was auditioning her, and that she was to peak his interest, and to tease and tantalize him, in a 3-5 minute dance interview... Michelle wastes no time getting everyone in the room UP and excited about her erotic dancing skills!

Hott! Erotic Dancer  3+ Minutes, 13 megs

Morgan's Special Request (Video)

As you know, I occasionally choose to video a classical and cleverly contrived hot hott!-encounter! In this case, a friend of Morgan's was dying to experience Morgan's newfound wonderific ability. And so, this special limited edition video was created. In this video, a wonderized Morgan then wonderizes her special friend, with her world class feet and toes... Later she makes him [and you?] into her personal Wonderific-Puppy!! Enjoy...as I KNOW you will!

8+ Minutes, 25 megs

Just Two Feet Away (Video)

This is your lucky day! Your secretary quit, and now you have an interview with my sweet Hott!-Seductress "Stacy". Every slinky Siren in the company knows you are a sucker for gorgeous gams. Of course, sex goddess Stacy made sure she had already waxed, polished, and dressed up her Wonderific Heels, just for you.
But, don't let that sway you. Stacy does enough swaying of her sensual and sexy sweet feet, in handmade Italian pumps, to mesmerize every man she meets. She will pump you up, in a way you hadn't expected. So, enjoy! My wonderific love toy!


Wonderific Foot Follower (Video)

My cameraman had been making fun of Suzie, and how easily she went under during our sessions... And so, to teach him a lesson, I instructed the very compliant and yet clever SuzieQ to wonderize him, with her beautiful feet [since he has a big foot fetish].

As you can see, he dropped like a stone, and did things, that still embarass him, to this day... Follow along, but don't look too closely, or else..... :-)

7+ Minutes, 27 megs

Great Eight Minute Release (Video)

One of my "Businessman Special" series, this clip stars a VERY HOT, WONDERIZED young Victoria, and her SEXY Legs, Feet, and Toes. This clip includes a powerful fixation induction that is VERY special. Why you ask? Well darling, this clip is COMPLETE in less than 9 minutes, and GREAT for the businessman on the go... No worries, no cares, no stress, this clip takes you to the Top of the Mountain, and safely home in less than 9 minutes, start to finish... This one is just for you, my harried little hott!-puppet!

8 Minutes! 27 megs

She's Your HOTT!-DATE (Video)

Yes, your dream has finally come true! 1500 gentlemen like yourself eagerly emailed Victoria last month, after viewing and *hearing* her Vista Love profile. Now, she [and I] have picked YOU as TOP choice! Maybe it was your style, or that very cool...but oh sooo hot picture you attached to your email. Or..... maybe it was just the fact that you appreciate the art of erotic Wonderism and women with World Class feet, legs, and toes… No matter what…, you rose high above the rest… , and continue to rise…

16+ Minutes,! 60 megs

Geek Goddess (Video)
Sweetie, I know just how you feel. Your state of the art system hasn't been doing its job up to snuff lately. The woman computer technician you're expecting comes highly recommended. oH BOY, YOU know what you'll be getting.
DEFINITELY A GENUINE, pocket protector-wearing *G! E! E! K!*

Shows how much you have no idea what's coming! In ever deepening wonderizm rest assured you'll be COMING *harder* & CUMMING back for more of this delectable GEEK GODDESS video.

THIS DISH of a lean, leggy blonde bombshell DOESN'T RECEIVE OR TRANSMIT MICROWAVES. But Madison's Marilyn Monroe-esque voice; long, blonde tresses; perky breasts; full, INVITING, ruby lips; and enormous, come-hither eyes sporting those long, lashes fluttering just for you can cook your passions beyond the boiling pointing to ecstasies.

Darling, everyone knows a woman working in a man's world has gotta learn to stand on her own two feet. And from your standpoint, my high-tech honey bun, this GEEK GODDESS has *the shapeliest gams* to get your AHEM to stand at full attention LONGER & LARGER than YOU AND MADISON TOGETHER can imagine!

When something is important and/or lasts a long time, some people say "It has legs." Deary, I feel you have the legs to stand up to hot-blooded and hotter-bodied GEEK GODDESS Madison Monroe's out of this world-classy legs and more!

17+ minutes, 133 Megabytes

Hypnolons (Video)
Feast your Eyes on HYPNOLONS
Courtesy of his amazing armor, Tony Stark wields all of Iron Man's superpowers.My dearie, each time you wonderific surrender to the shapely legs in those HYPNOLONS you'd love to touch, your AHIM *manliness* can be super powered up into A STEEL ROD of Krypton-adamantium Damascus steel!

When Diana Prince puts on her magic belt, she is transformed into the gorgeous Amazon super-hero Wonder Woman.Baby cakes, enjoy watching red haired Victoria and MY many MESMERIZING MODELS (can you guess by the legs which ones?) and what they do with and for you in my HYPNOLONS video.Intimate participating can decadently trance-form you into my MYSTIC LEGS-loving lover boy who's got all the right night moves.

When someone has an important, upcoming meeting, they may be advised to "Dress to impress."Hey, stud, each time you focus on my sexy sirens in their sensually leg-caressing HYPNOLONS, you'll revel in how well they successfully dressed to impress passions galore on you!

17 Minutes, 130 Megabytes


Hear Free Preview


"Darling, let's make *the big deal* of a lifetime.

"You know, sweetie, from time to time my parents talk about how much they loved all the TV game shows that used to be on almost every channel. The one they really loved watching the most was Monty Hall's "Let's Make a Deal".

"One day, while surfing through my cable channels, I came across "The Game Show Network". Maybe it was synchronicity or something, but "Let's Make a Deal" was on. Just like I can't resist entrancing someone scrumptious, I just had to watch the show my parents got such a big kick out of.

"To try and get themselves picked, I saw all sorts of people dress up in the most outrageous costumes.In our SILK AND SATIN SEDUCTION video, I coquettishly dress up to impress you in black silk stockings; lacy, black satin gloves; a slinky silk miniskirt; and a low-cut, satin, black blouse.There's only one way for us to be sure of what you really think of my costume.

"In the show, when "The Big Deal" came along, I noticed the first contestant had 3 doors to choose from. Well, here are your 3 temptations: the silk and satin clothes I'm wearing OR what I do with and for and to you thanks to my satin gloves OR admit you're a fan of both!

"I also saw that sometimes, Monty would have one of his attractive models bring out a tray holding a box containing a mystery item.I've got a flashing pendant to attract your attention span.What's the mystery?Guess where I've hidden it?

"One thing really made my Emerald Eyes light up. If somebody made a bad selection, they might get zonked and end up with a baby goat or an old tricycle. I'd really like to know who was the brilliant comic who came up with what the zonks would be?

"Now honey, you and I know the only person who'll get zonked around here... is whoever doesn't enjoy my SILK AND SATIN SEDUCTION over and over, again & again & again!"

38+ Minutes, 36 Megabytes

YOUR Next Date with Victoria (Video)
It's no secret to Victoria's gal pals that she's head over heals for you, hot stuff.And this time *of your life* she's got something sizzling to show you how much she wants you!

I hope you like your Great-bodied, British bombshell wearing (you out) in a skin tight, flesh tone dress and jet black, six-inch pumps.And to really spice things up, while looking at her shapely legs...be sure to notice her pedicure, toe ring, and ankle bracelet.

But wait...You two won't be the only ones having fun and games!Focus on how passionate I get as I stimulate you and Victoria to "RELEASE" all your creamy inhibitions.

Usually, anyone who wants to experience what else happens would need $15.99.
But since I'm so turned on....from now until I change my mind, $10.99 gets you this masterstroke in mesmerization!

Are you the sort of guy who'll kiss and tell how powerful and intense! your 14-minute "mesmerizing-a-trois" with Victoria and me is?
We certainly hope so.

14+ Minutes,! 55 megs

Kim the Recruit... (foot toe induction)

Krystals Mesmerizing Toes

Legsquisite (Video)

How much and how frequently do eye-catching, shapely legs light your fiery passions?
My LEGSQUISITE video gives you a close-up view of my out of this world-class legs.

Gaze upon my firm, feminine, well-developed legs wearing smooth, silky, black stockings.  
A luscious wonderific spiral helps spirit you into a leg lovers Shangri-la.
Your eyes, lips, and fingertips virtually feast on my utterly irresistible legs to the uttermost.

When some thing has staying power, someone might say, "It has legs".
Your LEGSQUISITE enjoyment has legs that can stay with you even longer than my legs are.

Each spine-tingling titillation and stimulatingly Healthy, Helpful Wonderism suggestion help LEGSQUISITE remain exquisite .
Darling, relaxation, self-stimulation, exaltation and beyond are why you're ready for!

24 MINUTES - 24.99

24+ Minutes, 187 Megabytes

Secret Fantasies (Wonderific Revelations) (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Here's a REVELATION for ya! More than your WONDERIFIC HAPPINESS {ahim!!} *grows* each time this ONE-EYED SNAKE CHARMER induces your charmed eyes to rest on my eye-catching LUXURIOUS LEGS.
How much DEEPER AND DEEPER are you ever-increasingly tantalized by sensuous Simone wearing that short, slinky dress as my WORDS OF SEDUCTION also spellbind your consciousness?
Are you deliberately dazzled by *Thalia in and out, of her jet-black, sequined bathing suit's fringed top* while I yield to my SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE COMPULSION to successfully inseminate postwonderific, suggestive instructions inside thee? WONDERIFIC REVELATIONS await you in your entrancingly sensuous experience with me and this over 40 minute long SECRET FANTASIES Video!

43 Minutes, 331 Megabytes

She's got LEGS! (Video)


Heyya sensuous sweetie:

While looking through my fascinating hott!-videos, I saw a sexy April Showers video you might not have enjoyed yet.
I won't let anything keep you from resting your appreciative eyes on April when she’s so sensuously sizzling. Aprils got legs...and she knows how to use them!Each time you behold April's beautifully shapely legs and lovely, long blonde hair, big brown eyes and luscious lips, you'll thank me for revealing this video treasure here for your immediate enjoyment.

5+ Minutes, 19 Megabytes

Wonderifically Choose Her Shoes (Video)


While sprucing up my website, it's GOOD FOR YOU! that I uncovered this really sexy shoe video.
It reveals how much I adore marvelously slinky shoes showing off my pretty HOTT!-EROTIC FEET with sparkly red toenails.
You enjoyably behold me modeling those wickedly sensuous shoes you like watching me in and out of.

Of course you relish your lovebird's eye close-up view of my hott!-erotic dancers LUXURIOUS LEGS and FABULOUS FEET!

No one's enjoyed this wonderific shoe video recently.
That's why I'm releasing this 13 MINUTES WITH KRYSTAL gem for only $9.99.

Because you adore sexy shoes worn by an even sexier woman, this video is a shoe in!

13 Minutes, 42 Megabytes

Fishnet Fantasies (Video)
Watch Free Preview

FISHNETS FANTASIES compels you to restyour eyes on beautiful Sommeil's legs in midnight black fishnetstockings.
Keeping your eyes focus on those alluring, silkyfishnet stockings sensuously caressing sexy Sommeil's mystic legsarouse your fantasies.

We enjoy your fantasies I'llunveil as we passionately make love in our moonlit meadow.
Yourdreams of our midsummer night's rendezvous stimulates thrills onlytrue love exquisitely expresses.
My soft as clover voice and yourposthypnotic suggestions open you up to the LUST SPELL I cast uponyou.
Come relish the pleasures of my FISHNET FANTASIES video andrelease the sweet and seductive memories that COME to mind when youre-experience your first love and the lust spell she wove around you!

33 Minutes, 233 Megabytes

Mind-blowing Legs, Mind-blowing Libido (Video)
Watch Free Preview

 Darling, rest your eyes on my eye-catching legs embraced in rhinestones-studded, flesh toned hypnolons.
 Stud, revel in our virtual threesome--you, me, and any other knockout you desire.
 As great legs and great sex drive you wild, my suggestive postwonderific suggestions arouse your sex drive, stimulate your ahim! manliness, and more.
 Watch the wonderizing spiral.
 And alluring Asian femme fatale lascivious Lana is gonna get something off her chest--if you know what she'll be revealing!  

33 Minutes, 250 Megabytes

Krystal's Mesmerizing Legs! and Sensuous Dreams (Video)
Behold My sensuously sparkling rhinestones-studded stockings-embraced shapely, firm, simply irresistible legs! Rest your eyes on my luxurious legs in tantalizingly transparent plastic 6 inch heels and little, red cotton socks. Thanks to your leg spell fantasy and my French-inspired postwonderific suggestions, I'll Krystal Mesmerizingly carry you away into self-pleasuring ecstasies and even more passionate pleasures. I wonderifically stroke and arouse your skills in lucid dreaming vivid fantasies of wonderific sex partners, all sorts of dreams come truly wild, and other lusciously lascivious devilishly delicious decadence delights.
35 Minutes, 263 Meg

Dreams and Desires Cum True (Video)
Watch Free Preview Keep watching my sensuously sheer stockinged, gorgeously shapely, silky smooth, luxuriously luscious legs as they  wonderifically hold you spellbound. Virtually feel My mystic legs as you feel our blossoming love grow. Allow the pleasure only I offer..... arouse you!
See my two NEW 21 year old  Wonderific Honeys (delectably delicious  blonde and brunette) and let them dazzle you in their lingerie.
With multiple mesmerizing, success-filled stimulation, and other thrilling treats I improve your creativity in the boudoir and beyond!
Yes, you'll explore, embrace, enhance, and enjoy more of my recorded suggestive postwonderific suggestions and benefit in so many ways from simply listening to my voice.
34 Minutes, 235 Megabytes

Krystal's Sensuality (Video)
Watch Free Preview You'll feel very happy each time you slow down and relax and rest your grateful eyes on the flashing images of such fine females in my video "Krystal's Sensuality."
Watch me mesmerize you entrancingly wearing a black bustier as I turn up our sexy body heat!  Feast your gaze and fasten your unleashed desire on my long and shapely legs; voluptuous breasts; and creamy smooth, tasty thighs.
As my wonderizing words of seduction silkily slide into your subconscious, I hope you're ogling Simone's awesome ass revealed in her red lace panties.  And while I success-fully reprogram you to enjoy more successes, sensuality, and even more, suggestive Simone massages her mouthwatering breasts!
Now you know why "KRYSTAL'S SENSUALITY" is another of my videos you must start thoroughly relishing ASAP.
33 Minutes, 241 Meg

Watch Free Preview
  • Rest your eyes upon my long shapely legs embraced exquisitely in body-hugging enchanted nylons--pantyhose.
  • \t
  • How much more will you fall under my spell before your intimate sneak peek at my flower-pattern-caressed high-class assets?
  • \t
  • Are my feet more enticing in some of my sexiest silver pumps or shown off in silkier black stockings?
  • \t
  • Have you ever seen My luscious breasts soooo full and inviting before....My darling?
  • \t
  • Revel in ensorcelling ecstasies as I truly pleasure you with a virtual reality, hott!-hedonistic hand job.
  • \t
  • My postwonderific, suggestive words of seduction induce the tantalizingly slinkiest sleep spell sirens to beguile you as your nighttime milking wonderific sex partners of your wet dreams come true to life!
After you get this vivacious video also featuring voluptuous, corseted and hour-glass figured Simone any time you want it .... you can see, hear, feel, and enjoy the wantonly wicked ways "LADY KRYSTAL AROUSES YOUR LUST".
\t40+ Minutes, 606 Megabytes
40+ Minutes, 606 Megabytes

Krystal's Tranquilitease (Video)
This voluptuous video is 1 hour in length!!

* I want you to rest your eyes on my many mesmerizingly eye-catching, sexy sirens. 
I call these femme fatales "KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers."

* I want you to exquisitely enjoy your wonderific happiness restfully reposing relaxingly within My soothing sorceries tranquilizing tantalizations spells.
Behold 'KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers' as We weave wanton webs of silky seductions ensorcelling you!

* I want you exquisitely experiencing arm levitation; masturbation control; postwonderific pleasure pacification along with BEWITCHINGLY beguiling yet benevolent *BRAIN-washing TRAINING* suggestions revealling  why it's good for you to revel in your very own KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers video.

* I want you to yield to your unleashed desire for My UNFORGETTABLE delicious decadence delicacies overwhelming and overpowering you again and again and again!

64 Minutes
Masturbation control; postwonderific pleasure pacification AND BEWITCHINGLY beguiling yet benevolent BRAIN-washing TRAINING suggestions ... revel in KRYSTAL'S TranquiliTease Tantalizers video. 64 Minutes

Watch Free Preview I am Lady Krystal Mesmer.

I strongly suggest that you watch and listen to this video at a time in which you can allow yourself deeply relax....for  you will soon be so deeply relaxed that you may wish to fall off into deep natural sleep.

I want you to masturbate as you watch and listen.


You are not permitted to ejaculate, to CUM  until I and only I permit you too.

Do you like looking at girl feet?  Female feet, feminine feet?

You know that you do.

You fantasize about girls feet all the time.

Girls feet and legs are fantastically erotic.

I have an interesting twist to your fantasies my darling.

Do you see what I have in my hand?.....

You WILL buy this video darling....in order to see, hear and feel the full effect of My alluring nyloned legs and toes!
23 Minutes, 48 Meg
Do you like looking at girl feet?  Female feet, feminine feet? You WILL buy this video darling....in order to see, hear and feel the full effect of My alluring nyloned legs and toes!  23 Minutes, 48 Meg

Krystals Leg's - Krystal's Suggestions (Video)
I'm certain you feel and realize that Lady Krystal Mesmer with wonderizing, magical sexual hypnosis totally entrances desirable men and women like you.

Then I lead my enthralled partners to better and bigger satisfactions and improve your lives.

Under My relaxnotizing sleep-inducing spells I'm taking your mind on our sensualities safari to My pleasure palace where you'll be and feel even better than ever before.

My sexy curvaceous legs are perfect for bewitchingly enchanting you.

You will look at images of my shapely legs flashing before your hypnotized eyes!

Even without my IRRESISTIBLE suggestions, watching My LUSCIOUS LEGS  mesmerizingly makes you sleeeeeeepier.

Oh yes, you'll certainly become beguiled, My sleepyhead.


My intoxicating images and my soothing, sultry, voluptuous, velveteen voice awesomely allure you into dreamy sleep AND BEYOND...

24 Minutes, 560 Megs
My sexy curvaceous legs are perfect for bewitchingly enchanting you. 
SALE! $18.99 ( usually $21.99 )


With My sensuously shapely, strikinglystunning legs I am totally hypno-titillating you.
\t\tSuccumb! submit!and surrender! to Krystalshypnotic legs and Myyyyyyy lullaby voice lulls you lazily intosoporific-summoning sleeeeeeep with Me, dearie.
\t\tI shallcertainly program you  to believe and behave  as I want youto.
\t\tProgram you to obey and please Meeeeeee:
\t\tWhether ornot you will consciously and/or subconsciously notice these changesis irrelevant.
\t\tMy instructions keep flowing  intoyour subconscious where I am  indelibly implanting My successfulseedlings.
\t\tMy instructions already and always become part of yourmindset.
\t\tYou will flawlessly fulfill My desires whether or not youever even know you are doing what I say.

35 Minutes, 128 Megs

stunning hypno-titillating legs 35 Minutes, 128 Megs
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