Lets Play Together with TOYS!

Dearie, I love toys.
My eye-catching toys are made to aid and assist in your WONDERIZM & seduction and magnetize your attention while mesmerizing your fascinated focus upon them. My tantaizing toys are senses-stimulating so as to bring you SATISFACTION. Playmate, let's See! Hear! Feel! how much fun Toys are and will be even MORE!
(Toys include rings, pendants, etc.)

A SMOKING Induction Release
Island Bound (Video)

You harmlessly stopped to pick up your friend, at a very special Island Clinic, and you met this AMAZINGLY POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL woman, who dazzled you! Now, you find her filling your every thought! Of course, silly man... That was ME, you met, and your secret smoking fetish will remain our little secret, as well as your newfound devotion, and commitment... To ME, of course! Feel Free to stop by again, and again, and again...

48 Megs, 13 HOT Minutes

LIPSTICK Induction Release
45 Megs, 12 1/2 HOT Minutes

You stopped by, hoping I might be interested in renting out my ELEGANT CONDO, the week of the big game. Instead I offer you a counter-proposition: A PRIVATE LIMO, Sideline tickets, and invites to the players party afterwards, with ME on your arm! The Cost? Ah, Silly Man! Don't worry your little head over it [or your big one] Krystal will take care of EVERYTHING! April's lips [and mine] are sealed. You WILL come out a winner [I guarantee it!] : )


Size Does Matter (Video)

Ashleigh just broke up with her boyfriend, and was feeling lonely and horny... I "relaxed" her, and let her borrow my "special" X-Ray sunglasses. Then I told her our cameraman was hung like a horse, and when she put the special glasses on she could see he was NAKED! Here Ashleigh is telling me just how "endowed" Mike is in her eyes... After the session, she just about begged Mike to take her home! I can't tell you what happened later, but... He was all smiles the next morning... And, she KEPT my sunglasses for two more weeks! An incredible fantasy, every mans dream...

8 Minutes, 28 megs

Wonderific Halloween/Hot Candy (Video)

Welcome my friends, to the fantasy that never ends... Speaking of which, this year's Halloween Celebration included our annual impromptu hott!-stage show featuring my newest, and possibly my most talented Student Wonderizer EVER! HOT, TASTY CANDY... This bewitching blonde came to me almost a year ago and with a little coaching, and a lot of commitment, CANDY has quickly developed into a feline force to be reckoned with! Of course, any guy with a pulse can tell that this CANDY is packing some serious sexual heat, but most guys never bother to see the intelligence

behind the innocence, until...Well, Lover... Until it's FAR too late to turn back... Join me and my tasty titilating tease in a HOTT!-HOT and TOTALLY MESMERIZING Stage presentation! A red hot release of gigantic proportions, leaving you with a honey sweet aftertaste that you will not soon forget.


Hott! Eye is Watching You (Video)

This powerful orb (before Jewel's outstanding orbs) is the mystical and erotic emblem representing Wonderific-Hedonistic Power, and one of my favorite and Most Effective Induction Toys.

 Look Deeply into my magical Wonderific Eye, and you too will have no choice but to give into it's spinning spirals.

Once you focus on these spirals, and you give into my sensual suggestions you can and will] know the Ultimate Wonderific Pleasure of the Ages... Erotic Release is only moments away...you cannot resist... Hurry, and join me today.  And whatever you do, darlin don't delay!

One of my favorite Classics!  Enjoy Krystal's "Naughty language" and  get more satisfaction in 12 minutes than you imagined!
12 Minutes

Hott! Eye is Watching You  12 Minutes, 55 megs

Wonderific Tongue Twister (Video)

OK... I've got one for you... Say this quickly 10 times in a row... "I Love Krystal's Teasing and Tantalizing Tongue Induction, and Erotic Release, and I CANNOT RESIST."

Coffee colored young Jewel has the most magical new erotic Tongue Ring, and baby, does she know how to use it! Silly boy, she WONDERIZES unsuspecting gentlemen, like yourself, and gives them ULTIMATE EROTIC PLEASURE, they ONLY DREAMED of before. How?.... I guess you'll have to find out for yourself!
12 Minutes!

Wonderific Tongue Twister  12 Minutes! 44 megs

GoldMemberrr.. (Video)

You are quite the man, with a reputation for AWESOME POWERS… Yet your EVIL nemesis has brought in the most powerful Woman in the world, to help him... And she's your Ex-Lover! Nobody can resist Ms. HypnoNipple or her perfect pair of wonderific POWERS for long, Experience her not so secret weapons for yourself! Sink deeply into her Wonderific POWERS today!

11 Minutes,! 41 megs

Hott! Thanksgiving Story (Video)

Join me and join in an exciting and erotic journey as I tell you a tale of Hot-Hott! Happiness and Thanksgiving.

This real life experience has helped many a couple over the years, and listening to it's sumptuous inductive qualities will fulfill you… and satisfy you.

Enjoy this wonderific feast and dont forget to come back for more! Share dessert with me and my hott!-gal-pals.

17 Minute Hott!-Story!, 80 megs

Krystal Blue (Video)

You asked for it, and here it is... A BRAND new Pendant Induction with a little EXTRA CLEAVAGE, for good measure... Look deeply into my beautiful Sapphire Pendant, but beware... for you could find yourself forever a prisoner of my passion and my wonderific power.... Gaze upon my soft sensual skin, bathed in the flickering facets of the mesmerizing marquis. Feel your manhood rise, as you crave more and more the sound of my sultry soothing voice. Submit and Enjoy my Krystal Blue today...

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

My Wonderific Office (Video)

You have just been invited to my office, and you can't keep your eyes off my beautiful feet, legs, short skirt, and cleavage... But, then, before you have a chance to "grab ahold" of your senses, I show you my Ultimate Weapon... An irresistable scientific spiral, designed many years ago, to tame the willpower of the most difficult man. But, in your case, this is like shooting a cannon at a flea... You are already feeling "intoxicated" by my feminine power... Look Deeply into my Spiral, if you dare...

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

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A Stroke of Genius (Video)

A STROKE of Genius (A Krystal Passion Pick Video)

If you have not seen this video or haven't seen it in a while....  It is now permanently reduced in price and it is a KRYSTAL PASSION PICK!

Lover, the story goes like this... you're a WELL-DEVELOPED connoisseur of SENSUOUS BEAUTY.  That's why after my simply irresistible invitation, in a wink of my emerald eye you're winging by private charter to be with meeeee!!! ...

This TITillating tour of my very PERSONAL art gallery is just for US and you can instantly see one passionately painted painting  in my awesome collection is especially eye-catching.
Your attention rests upon a VOLUPTUOUS masterpiece of incredibly beautiful and large bare breasts.
Darling,  in around fifteen minutes of MESMERIZING this particularly EROTIC painting and my soothingly STIMULATING words of seduction decadently ALLURE us into a sizzling impressionist period of pacifying PLEASURE-PUMPING!

With A STROKE OF GENIUS you have a rare opportunity to focus on my BEAUTIFULLY BARED bewitching BOSOMS.
Allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper into our HOT!-blooded FANTASIES as you watch me fondle my satin and lace encased teasing tits....Ahhhh, making our dreams come truly WILD!
See! hear! and revel! in this most POTENT, PASSIONATE, INTERACTIVELY FUN-loving 'romantique' art appreciation we'll both ORGASMICALLY share together!

1- Because of the passion I express for you and your BEST.
2- Because of the passion I feel when I am turned on...and it's ohhh  so real!

Previously, A STROKE OF GENIUS was $35.99.
From now on, you'll enjoy it for only $15.99!

More! PLEASURES and easier on your wallet.

A Stroke of Genius

Lana Hott!-teller (Video)

You've been lured "online" by the pretty promises of a feminine female voice belonging to one who claims she can give you ultimate pleasure, in exchange for your earthly possessions, your life savings, and your future earnings. The funny thing is, you're not sure how this "larger than life" figure seems to be "fully" capable of demanding and commanding your BLIND servitude! You've come to me today insisting that we at Mesmer Savings turn over EVERYTHING you've worked so hard for, to this "engorged" female fantasy con-artist! Fortunately, my very beautiful assistant LANA came to your hott!-rescue!

LANA will show you [with my help, of course!] the error of your ways, and safely bring back the unbelievable sexual pleasure, hypo-erotic freedom, and genuine fantasy fulfillment you have been missing... As we simultaneously straighten out your resolve and raise your spirits, far higher than they have ever risen before!! One more time, Beautiful Wonderizers come to the rescue! Release your desires today, join LANA and I, in safe, consensual, loving, and sensual wonderific play!! I guarantee, you;ve NEVER "HAD" a TELLER like this!


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Stripno Stewardess (Video)

Introducing a HOT NEW ERA in EROTIC-WONDERIFIC Deployment…I am proud to unveil [so to speak] my first HOTT!-INTERACTIVE experience, with LANA, my alluring ASIAN assistant… Raised in the Orient, Lana provides the perfect mix of Submissive scenery, with a Powerful Sweet, Sensual Center, that easily overwhelms a man’s senses, and can bring you back over and over, asking [and I’m sure for some of you, begging] for more… So, enjoy your trip on the MESMER Airlines flagship flight, and be sure to follow my Safety Instructions, closely… You will be flying high, and rising to new heights, in no time at all!


Your Mesmer Meal (Video)

Oh my... We've been out late at yet ANOTHER Hott!-Conference and once again, you've announced that you CAN'T be wonderized! Uh huh... Well, my sexy friends know that's just hopeful thinking, isn't it! But, if it makes you happy, well... Announce away! Tonight's quick stop at one of my newest franchise fast food locations is just your opportunity for you to show me your truly incredible willpower. Ha!

Joim me now and meet Lovely Lana as she fine tunes her induction techniques on "you" - my silly sidekick! Of course, that's you in the front seat with me ready to resist... Or ready to slip on down into a sensual trance... Sweetly seduced by Lana and Me, into revealing your secret fantasy! Chances are you will rise to the occasion once again! In fact, I have faith in your ability to peak, at just the right time!


Hangover Hott!-Cure (Video)

My, my Mr. Wildman! You were quite the party animal and stud last night! My girlfriend Lillith and I spent most of last evening trying to calm you down, but you just kept getting UP... Over, and over again... My, oh my...

Well, we know your world must be rocking this morning, so we came up with a special "hypno" hangover remedy... Just sit back, relax, and follow my seductive voice... Then, Rise and shine, and enjoy my special wake up call...

12+ Minutes, 47 megs

A Lighter Induction... (Video)

Sweet yet Extremely Sensual Lilith stars in this Powerful, Wonderific, and Erotic Scenario... Imagine our devilish dynamo Lilith, smoking a cigarette to entice you. Reaching over and turning on her Wonderific Lighter, she completely controls your emotions, and your senses... As Krystal's voice rings clear and mesmerizes you throughout this clip, Lilith's Lighter turns up the heat... Enjoy this clip alone, or with others... but... Make sure you don't look too closely, or else...you might get burned! The Heat is on!

14 Minutes! 51 megs

Lilly Back in Time part 1 (Video)

Lilly had been wonderifically regressed, and was currently 9... Most of us probably don't remember much back then, but Lilly is one of the most irresisstible girls on the planet, and even at 9, BOYS NOTICED! I told Lilly she was her favorite animal, and she surprised us by becoming a sexy little pussy....cat! When she rubbed up against me [and the Cameraman] we were reminded just how sexy a woman's aura can be and the many forms it can take! In fact, our Camerman had to take a "little break" before we could continue... : )

7 Minutes, 23 megs

Michelle My Belle (Video)

About 3 years ago I had my first hott!-erotic session mesmerizing Michelle, now one of my most famous Wonderific Helpers! My Beautiful and clever cutie Michelle was looking for a way to spice up her relationship with her boyfriend through wonderism. Well, as we all know, she became one of my best subjects, and quickly developed quite a passion for hott!-play! Enjoy this DIGITALLY RE-ENCODED clip which features a FULL LENGTH version of our very first sessions together. [NEVER AVAILABLE IN IT'S ENTIRETY BEFORE] Watch and participate while I Wonderize Michelle, and YOU!...and More...


Morgan the Swinger (Video)

Teachers Ruler (Video)

Nicky has ALWAYS been a "bad girl..." So when Nicky found out she had the sexiest homeroom teacher in school she quickly took advantage of the situation [and her helpless hunk of a teacher.] A very hot and incredibly wonderific clip, and another from my *CLASSIC* series... Watch and listen as Nicky quickly uses her "mommy's" pendant to entrance her studly teacher! After the induction, Nicky even supplied him with a powerful trigger, to use in her upcoming sessions with her NEW, and now VERY LOYAL hott!-fan.

11+ Minutes, 42 megs

1/08/2004- Induction/Release
Ocean Trance (Video)

I've invited you to join me at my Ocean Estate, for a private session with my new Hott!-Student Sofia. Since it's the weekend, I'm inviting you to join Sofia and I, in a little Wonderific Manipulation. Of course, your convinced that you can't be wonderized, but sweetheart... We all know better now, don't we... The challange intrigues you... Soon you will feel the power of my pleasureable persuasion, so just you let yourself go... Relax and join me over and over, and see what you've been missing...

55 Megs, 15+ HOT Minutes

Up In Smoke (Video)

If a beautiful, hot and wonderific women in full length gloves- sucking wickedly and wantonly on a cigarette is alluring to think about... just wait till you see and hear this hott!-erotic story, and feel it's powerful ”uplifting" ending!

Smokin Hot SOFIA turns heads, and raises expectations [I think you know what I mean, darlin…] everywhere she goes. Sofia shared with me a SEX-CITING tale that I am going to tell YOU in only the way that Krystal can do!

But first, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.  After all, this is our little sensual secret sweetie and we don't want to be disturbed.  

Up In Smoke  35 Megs, 9 HOT Minutes

Doctor is Ready (Video)

Yes Lover, time for your annual physical from your favorite hands on health-care provider Lady Krystal Mesmer!

Actually, after my hot and hott!-beautiful assistant Stacy told me that you more than "measured up" I felt compelled to give you a PRIVATE ROOM, and provide my own "special" CHECK-UP with stunning Stacy's help, of course!

Most people may dread their yearly physical, but...I promise you our time together is GUARANTEED to RAISE your spirits and make you feel better then you can remember!
Originally $24.99 For Now on $11.99
12+ Minutes


Doctor is Ready  45M 12+ Minutes

His New Secretary (Video)

YES! I know you ALL wish YOUR secretaries looked just like sexy STACY here... But, how about if she looked like Stacy, and was ALSO a powerful Hott!-Erotic Tease too? That would be a HARD one to pass up, wouldn’t it, Lover. Well, in this clip, Stacy was pounding out her new bosses DICK-tation, when I stopped by for a visit. As you can probably guess… I took advantage of his manly tendencies… In fact, if you too were to look deeply into her pen [and cleavage], I can guarantee one thing; Hott!-Erotic Stress Release!!! Join us, and let’s see just how much fun we can have, DO YOU DARE?!

Stacy Signature Series, Virtual Hypo-Technology©

Wonderific Sailing (Video)

Yes, lover... You found our sea-side hide-away! [or did we find you?] Either way, I can tell that after last night's party you felt compelled to track us down, to settle yet another bet.
NO, sweetie, I'm not psychic... It's just that i knew you would be silly enough to bet me that I COULDN'T WONDERIZE YOU! [Yea right...] You see... I knew I had you when you couldn't hide your obvious OBSESSION over STACY'S sexy strands! Why I'm sure she had you dreaming [and creaming] all night long!!! That's right baby, once I saw your growing interest, I knew it would just be a matter of time before we had you where we wanted you! Honey... I'll take you up on your bet and I'll RAISE YOU! Ha! Now just relax, and focus on STACY'S sexy strands, while you show me your growing, engorged resistance! Fight the feeling if you will... But... Can you? Will you? Again, we shall see... In the meantime... Join SEXY STACY and ME in the HOTTEST NON-R RATED clip we've EVER offered! Enjoy this SAILING fantasy over, and over, and over again...


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Join Me Onstage (higher quality) (Video)

This week I'm going to share a ONCE IN A LIFETIME adventure with you! How would you like to join me, and my Sexy Sweetie STACY in your OWN PRIVATE HOTT!-SHOW, there from the comfort of your own computer! Once a year I put on a special show, and YOUR INVITED to RELEASE YOUR INHIBITIONS, and much, much more...

JOIN ME ONSTAGE today! and experience what it's like to BE A PART of my SEXY R RATED HOTT! SHOW! And this time STACY'S BARE BREASTS will help me ENTRANCE YOU DEEPER than ever before...


Rave Stacy (Video)

Every Saturday night at Rave Club Trance, sexy Stacy sits at the bar....alone...Long blonde hair, heavily made up exotic eyes, dressed in a short black club dress showing off her cleavage and her sexy bare legs in spiked high heels.... She is really hot!
You have been dreaming about her for weeks loverboy and finally had enough courage to smile at her! So... of course, she checked you out. She even bought you a drink. Wow! Next, I stopped by, and asked if you'd like to meet this naturally busty beauty... Of course, you agreed, and the rest is history... Wonderific history!
Little did you realize that my harmless (ahem) spiked "cocktail" was just the beginning of the most erotic, wonderific fantasy adventure of your life!

Rave Stacy

Stacys Induction (Video)

In this 14 minute Induction and fantasy - you're a prominent and popular doctor. You agreed with my suggestions to observe me mesmerizing Stacy.
You're pleased knockout Stacy Burke is one bodacious, long-legged bleached blonde beautiful babe.

Thanks to my wonderizing talents tantalizing touch of cunning captivations, sexy Stacy's temptingly trance-formed into an incredibly amourous, passionate Hott!-Horny Tease!
Your "STACY'S INDUCTION" video, devilishly documents me hedonistically WONDERIZING sex kitten Stacy! Burke and wonderizing you too, Doc!

Come join hot and horny Stacy and watch my magical ball of passion smoothly turning round and round.
Rest your eyes on my pleasure ball's mesmerizing movements.....
Focus your attention on my velvety voice...as if you really have any choice!
Soon you're happily following my simply irresistible instructions.

Previously, it took $24.99 to get your hands on Stacy Burke.
From now on, ONLY $11.99...."STACY'S INDUCTION" that is.

Stacys Induction

Subliminal Surfer Girl (Video)

This past summer, my stunner Stacy, visited a Private Beach, near my colony crib in Malibu.
I just happened by, with my “companion”, and Stacy and I decided to do an “impromptu” session, while my studly steed, was completely unaware of her hot, wonderific talents, and of course, mine… Enjoy a Wonderific Beach Blast, with Stacy, and Me...

Stacy Signature Series, featuring Virtual Hott!-Technology©

Suggestive Sales (Video)

You are "Mr. Johnson." Your a big shot and someone to be reckoned with! Sitting across from your kitchen table is an incredibly sexy young lady, who won’t seem to take NO for an answer! No matter how hard you try [or get!] she just won’t take no! In fact, she and *I* we’re just about to leave, when she noticed something had gotten in her eye… Would you be so kind as to take a closer look for me? Of course you will, Lover… Thus begins your journey into erotic ecstasy, and powerful fantasy fulfillment through the “eyes” of my Mesmerizing Maiden!


Being Victoria's Boyfriend (Video)

Victoria has a little test, that she gives to all of her potential playpals that probably isn’t like anything you’ve seen before! My Victoria is a VERY special girl, with special talents and abilities, that require a “man among men…” A man who can live with a very passionate and powerful woman, much stronger than he is, and someone who controls men’s minds, as easily as she flips a light switch… Enter Victoria’s world today, and allow Victoria to take you where you’ve never been before!

8+ Minutes, 29 megs

Her Hott!-Decoration (Video)

The Holiday season is upon us, and Victoria and I are ready to help you get UP with some special WONDERIFIC Decoration! We invite you to join us, so come on into Victoria's Manor, and get ready to enjoy shopping in a way you have never experienced before! Drift deeply into my wonderific harem of holiday cheer, and enjoy the creamy pleasure and power of our Hot Wonderific Adventure, today…

14 Minute Hott!-Release 52 megs

Victorias Hott! Mouse (Video)

My lovely Victoria is such a sexual girl, and a very good subject, as I proved this morning! Whenever I desire her wonderific touch, I simply email her a soft, sweet spiral, and my verbal instructions, and she’s happy to follow along, with all of her horny little heart! Join with Victoria, if you dare, and enjoy my hot wonderific release…

11 Minute Hott!-Release! 42 megs

Your Beach Wonderizer (Video)

No doubt about it! Victoria is a beautiful and a very sensuous British babe. This clip was taken on a local beach, where Victoria further develops her skills to ENCHANT using only a Pendant, and her EYES! The bikini she is wearing doesn't hurt either! This is one of the tests I put my better students through, and as you will see Victoria doesn't let me down. She get's you UP! Sweet talking you into total and complete sexual arousal and release! As a reward of course.... for letting her practice on YOU!

11 Minutes, 40 megs

Krystal's Ball of Passion (Video)
Watch the red and black ligted ball in the center of the Krystal clear globe. you shall see it omit mesmerizing light streams of soothing stimulation!
Enjoy sensuous pleasures... as your mind's eyes gaze within....AND IMAGINE...

My voluptuously firm body you shall surely come! to appreciate.
Darling, keep on listening to my mesmerizing words and masturrrbate.
You wont even remember when it was or how I planted those 2 post wonderific suggestions of seductiveness!

$4.99 is all it is for this tantalizingly thrilling 12 minute treasure.
Your enlarging, entrancement by Krystal's Klassic Video "Krystal's Ball of Passion" (used to be KRYSTAL'S FLICKERING FANTASY) continues stimulating you and me together!

12+ minutes, 32 Megabytes

Krystals Pleasure Ball (Video)

Watch KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL slowly spinning round and round.Look, following my suggestiveness is where arousals are always found.Give KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL OF PLEASURE 14 minutes.Withihn your imagination and mine...there are no limits!

Disco balls may be gone but not forgotten. But the disco ball's carnal counter-partner in your stimulations unleashes unstoppable AHEM lubrications.

And then there's my words bringing to life one of your favorite fantasies my dear, you wont want to miss.
Experience wonderism-enhanced, very descriptive imagery of your dream girl with her beguiling body, sensual scent, and captivating kiss!

Four dollars and 99 cents is all the cash you'll need.
For this Krystal's Klassic video your fiery passions to feed.
Your eyes do not have to behold pictures of pretty girls at all.
Your inter-ACTIVE IMAGINATION arouses pleasures coupling with KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL.

14+ Minutes, 25 Megabytes

Krystalizing (aka The Experiment) (Video)
Dearie, whether or not you've been wonderized before, keep watching this relaxing spiral soothingly filling your mind's eye with soft, pretty colors.I promise we'll share twelve minutes of tranquility. Just my voice, your interactive attention, and our lovely hott!-swirl.This recorded respite is all about our enjoying the ever-growing effectiveness of your deepening wonderism with me.While extending your arousals, I'll seductively suggest that your feelings of intense pleasure magnifies when you ....?Sweetie, you will have to listen to KRYSTALLIZING to find out exactly what I have in store for you! But here is a little hint....There's no release from your pleasure-focused arousing by me, my name, and my voice.
12+ Minutes, 46 Megabytes

Ring Around Wonderism (aka The Ring) (Video)

One ring oh so lovely rests your eyes upon my feminine fascinating handAnd of course, sweet dearie, my ring's dazzling diamond is ensorcelling for evermore.One ring of pleasure coupled with Lady Mesmer, both meant to KRYSTALLIZE you, hott!-fan.Behold beautiful Krystal Mesmerizing pleasures a plenty arousing and waiting to score.

Darling, this priceless, subtle induction is six minutes long.And because I really want you to get your hands on it as quick as a wink, I've priced this KRYSTAL'S KLASSIC video at $2.99.

Act now.
Then relax and keep your eyes and ears on me as I captivate you cleverly using only my ring and my velveteen voice of truthfulness.As your consciousness settles on my voice and my ring, you can experience how increasingly impossible it is for you to look away.There is no wake up call in this video, because your subconscious will slide you back into the waking world when it's the right time for you


Almost 6 Minutes, 2 Megabytes

Kimmy's Xmas Story

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my mesmerizing maiden Kimmy, as she reads you a very special wonderific Christmas card. Enjoy this beautiful babe, as she uses her gorgeous gams to not only mesmerize you, but *erect* an adventure you can enjoy over and over! One of my prettiest students, and a powerful and erotic hypnotease, Kimmy’s story will remind you why she is still one of my most popular Wonderizers!

7 Minute Hott!-Release 35 megs

You are Getting Krystallized

Persuasion is a powerful tool. With the right persuasions, I can draw someone to obey My will... which is stronger than your will, big boy. :)

Watch, hear, and feel how convincing I am. All I need is your attention and an eye-catching crystal soothingly sparkling before your eyes. The voluptuous .Krystal. in this video is certainly spellbinding you. Blonde, beautiful and well-endowed I will passionately titillate you oh so pleasurably... and I show no mercy! ;)

Lets begin with Krystal in her cool corvette and see what happens next. Enjoy the fun and games, My pet.

ESP - Extra Sexual Perception (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Clairvoyance and/or telepathy are part of what's called extrasensory perception AKA ESP.
Sweetie, I've experienced a much more sensual form of ESP and so shall you!

For this ESP to work its wondrous wantonness you, me, and the lusciously voluptuous "Lady in Red" must become *ahim* PARTNERS.  
While we're a thrilled threesome we will sensually share exquisitely sexciting experiences.

I predict that as you devote more of your attention span to the hott!-spiral and everything else you'll see, hear, feel, and relish--your mind's eye will be opened to increasing amounts of more pleasures and pleasuring.
I predict that gazing into the lady in red's bejeweled, bedazzling ring rules out any resistance to your embracing the passions and the postwonderific suggestions that are good for you.
I also predict a red mini-dress and long blonde hair shall enable my hott!-babe to caress your thoughts about her sexiness.
Finally, I predict that my beauty in red will REVEAL two titillating treasures you'll get Wonderific Happiness each time you keep a-breast of them.  

Darling, I can´t resist one more foreplay.  Oops!  I mean forecast.
"My emerald eyes see your future can be much more enjoyable each time you get your hot-blooded self into our *ESP* video."

CLICK for My Wonderific Happiness (AUDIO)

19 Minutes, 146 Megabytes
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