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Welcome on in and *relaxxxx.*

I hope you always feel comfortable here in Krystal's Korner.

Krystal's Korner is where I'll share with you some thrilling things.
My Postings REVEAL:

Who I am.

What I think.

How I feel.

What my hypnotic honey's and I have been UP to!

I'll be opening up on: what makes sensual hypnosis and erotic hypnosis so fun and how we can xplore, xperience, and xpand our mesmerizing pleasures together!


Happy Holidaze, My pleasures puppet:)

"How is a powerful woman like a mighty river?"

ANSWER:  Both of them are Amazons.

It's not her size that makes a woman an Amazon.  As the size of My influence, controls, domination, and inspiring you grows, you feel even more of My Amazonian awesomeness alluring you!

“When is an overwhelming Woman like a colossal shopping website?"

ANSWER:  When each is an Amazon!  ;)

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 Cyberspace Adventure

So sorry for our absence! We've had a real adventure in cyberspace... our web-server went out of business and we had to upgrade a bunch of programs. What a month!

If you spot any problems with the site... broken links, whatever... please use our CONTACT US page to report them!

 Happy 2016!

It's a HypnoDomme & a Findomme... charlie brown!


Hello! and happy holidays one and all:)

It never ceases to enchant Me how instances of and allusions to BDSM, Femdom hypnotism, and other sensuous enticements are revealed irresistibly in all sorts of unexpected places.  For example:


#1.  In "A Charlie Brown Christmas", in a conversation between Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt we behold she is a voluptuously developing FinDomme.


Lucy:  May I help you?

Charlie Brown:  I am in sad shape.

Lucy:  Wait a minute. Before we begin, I must ask that you pay in advance.

Five cents, please.

(Charlie Brown obeys Lucy's directive.)

Lucy:  Boy, what a sound! How I love hearing that old money clink. That beautiful sound of cold, hard cash. That beautiful, beautiful thing.

Snickel, snickel, snickel. That beautiful sound of plinking nickel.

Lucy: All right, now. What seems to be your trouble?


#2.  In the "Yuletide Greetings from Linus" segment of "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales", Linus becomes

infatuated with a girl in his class who keeps changing her name.  The names she uses include: "Jezebel", "Susan",

"Rebecca", "Lydia", and "Rachel".  In the "Peace on Earth from Lucy"

segment, Linus and his sister Lucy have the

conversation below.

Lucy Van Pelt: One of your Christmas cards came back. It says, "No such address".

Linus Van Pelt: It's that girl from class. Ooh, she drives me crazy!

Lucy Van Pelt: Why do you even bother?

Linus Van Pelt: She fascinates me.


Whether it is instinct or calculation or both, the girl Linus cannot resist wraps him around her little finger by weaving a mesmerizing aura of mysteries around herself.

And speaking of giving gifts, it's time for you to answer this question:

How can you luxuriously lavish Me.....your HypnoDomme whom you adore with what you know is deserved and desirable FOR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON AND THE NEW YEAR?

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Oh yes, and one more piece of good news. I have some wickedly wonderful, spellbinding aural aphrodisiacs, scintillating cinemas, and erotic stories to unveil and unleash ASAP. Keep your eyes open for them--if you can. ;) 

Check out My story site

Comments, questions, and suggestions inspired by something I've written, said, or done are always welcome!

 Rolling down the prices FOREVER!

In My earlier creatively SPELLBINDING cinemas, the back then state-of-the-art visuals resolution is not as high as is often found in more recently made videos.

Ergo, I've decided to LOWER the PRICES for these earlier entrancers.

They were all incredibly popular at the time of their conception and quite unique and innovative for their time.  So if you enjoy vintage finery and compelling classics you will get great pleasure form these oldies but yummy goodies!

RELAX in the reality that all My HYPNOTIC TRANCES are truly MESMERIZING you.

The audio content (and quality) of all My mesmerizing masterpieces is wonderifically exquisite and enthrallingly entrancing...ESPECIALLY THE ONES IN WHICH I AM DELIVERING THE INDUCTION.  :-)

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Hi boys!

It certainly has been a while since I touched you…and touched base.
I have been busy with out of state travels for quite some time now….But!  I’m back!

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Program you to obey and please Meeeeeee:
Whether or not you will consciously and/or subconsciously notice these changes is irrelevant.
My instructions keep flowing  into your subconscious where I am  indelibly implanting My successful seedlings.
My instructions already and always become part of your mindset.
You will flawlessly fulfill My desires whether or not you ever even know you are doing what I say.
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Hott! Insured (Video)

Victoria has informed me that you are packing a long, thick policy, from what she can see! However, she really needs to raise the stakes, and make sure your policy is large enough to handle the pressure of any situation that may come up in the future, no matter what it takes! So, follow her instruction, her guidance through seduction, as she gives you a special package deal, that will raise your large expectations, and promises you a perky policy provider, and creamy sweet stress reduction!
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Hott!-Lips in training (Video)

I took a recent trip to Beverly Hills, and I picked up a special gift for one of my "favorite" students, Chelsea. In this video Chelsea and I team up to teach you all about lipstick, and how mesmerizing it can "really" be. Go ahead and Look Deeply into the moist, glistening glow, and let your cares, and your willpower drift away. Not a "direct" erotic release, but an Irresistible Hypnotic Trigger that will "lead" to your ultimate release, and help you appreciate the fascinating grip of beautiful, luscious lips...
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Hypnolons (Video)

Feast your Eyes on HYPNOLONS
Courtesy of his amazing armor, Tony Stark wields all of Iron Man's super powers. My dearie, each time you wonderific surrender to the shapely legs in those HYPNOLONS you'd love to touch, your AHIM *manliness* can be super powered up into A STEEL ROD of Krypton-adamantium Damascus steel!
When Diana Prince puts on her magic belt, she is transformed into the gorgeous Amazon super-hero Wonder Woman. Baby cakes, enjoy watching red haired Victoria and MY many MESMERIZING MODELS (can you guess by the legs which ones?) and what they do with and for you in my HYPNOLONS video.  Intimate participating can decadently trance-form you into my MYSTIC LEGS-loving lover boy who's got all the right night moves.
When someone has an important, upcoming meeting, they may be advised to "Dress to impress." Hey, stud, each time you focus on my sexy sirens in their sensually leg-caressing HYPNOLONS, you'll revel in how well they successfully dressed to impress passions galore on you!
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LUSTY LANA loves her new job at the PERSUASION Spa, and YOU will too... Lana helps to RE-STYLE the hair, and uplift the attitudes of her  male customers. You too can quickly measure up, for the better... Armed with a new Mesmer FIRST, Lana smoothly combs through your will, and in the process hypnotically shares a thrill, and she guarantees you, my darling... will have your FILL! Lana and "I" will make sure you want to return again and again. So sit back relax and enjoy the feeling that cums from being LANA'S loyal Hypnotic toyboy!!!
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 My Favorite Month!

No matter where they may be, the Fourth of July is a national holiday celebrated by Americans in all sorts of ways. And July 4th is a time to contemplate and celebrate the liberties, rights, and opportunities the United States offers and protects.

There is one more birthday in July I want My fans, followers, thralls, and more to remember. My birthday is July 1st. One tangible way for you to thank Me for the passions and pleasures I arouse in you and Me is sending Me as many gift certificates as your cravings to please Me motivate you to send Me!


Make sure when you do so you put your email address on the gift certificate so I know who to thank!

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And going to My and/or My website and succumbing! surrendering! and submitting to each of My videos or audios which deliciously draws you to My wickedly devilish persuasions can bring much more than a smile to your face and Mine.


Some say women are more like cats and men are more like doggies.  Hmmmmmmm!  I wonder:

!  Reading these words from left to right, "Feminine" and "feline" do share five letters.  While "masculine" and "canine"  share four letters.

!  There's a saying, "Cats rule, dogs drool".  And Inraptured is a passionate and pleasurable place risquély revealing the simply irresistible, crystal clear fact that "HypnoDommes rule and horn dogs drool to serve and obey and please Us".

While your subconscious keeps pondering the fascinating possibilities, here's something to watch:


Animals can do some truly remarkable things.  And this video of a family's pet cat saving a child from a dog attack is one example.

CLICK THIS cat saves boy from dog attack LINK to see what I mean.

Ahhhhhhh! yes, as for Women being catlike and men being like dogs, keep these facts in mind:

#1.  A Domme may call a male subbie Her puppy, doggie, horn dog, etc.

#2.  Julie Newmar brought CatWOMAN to life and into your dreams about wild and wicked witching catwomen captivating panting packs of gentlemen.... one of which you yearn to become even more so and more submissive.

 When a foot fetish is not a foot fetish!

Have you ever been diagnosed by a doctor as having a foot fetish?
I doubt it for two very good reasons.
I’m sure you already know one of those “sound and sane” reasons already.
YOU obviously have never discussed this libidinous and salacious situation with your Doctor in the first place!

So when is a foot fetish not a foot fetish?  When it is classified as something else.
If it’s incorrect to call a foot fetish a foot fetish than what is the correct definition of one who just loves lovely ladies feet?

The first one to come up with the correct answer will receive My video “Her Wonderific Feet” for Free!

Kim was one of my prettiest students with an angelic face and a body to die for! Here, while Kimmy was deeply hypnotized, I convinced her she was the WORLDS MOST POPULAR foot model and she wants you to hire her for her biggest project ever! Enjoy one of the sexiest, HOTTEST *students of seduction* I have ever had! By the way.....Kimmy was so into doing whatever it took to land this job, if I hadn't stepped in, my video-man might have had some serious explaining to do to his wife...


Knockouts Knockers

I noticed you peeking at My robust BEWITCHING Double D boobs
Men do find it challenging to keep their eyes off of Myyyyyyy bountifully breasts. ;)
How much do you yearn to experience MOOOORE  of such pleasures?   Yes.... I KNOW YOU DOOOO.
LOOK UPON my luscious breasts...........Aren't they enchanting? -----Go ahead.---------Don’t be shy......I want you to look......
I LOVE it when a desirable man watches me play with my voluptuous breasts.
Massaging them up and down, back and forth.
Ohhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss.   It! feels! goooood!!....Mmmm it arouses Meeeee....
You -arouse Me.

My hardening HYPNOTIC NIPPLES are be-coming so stiff and sensitive.
They're fascinating you, yesssssss?
That bulge in your crotch shows something's up. ;)
Naughty TOY BOOOOY...
I'm pleased you're succumbing to My INTOXICATING INFLUENCES AND charms.  It’s healthy for you!
In fact, go ahead and massage yourself IN YOUR MOST EROGENOEOUS private places if you want to…Yeah…That’s ™s it.
Unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants, take out your cock and masturbate...OR JUST WAIT....IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO DO SO....  While I enjoy toying with yoooou....My pet.....

 Scintillating Stacy Sale!

Surely every man lusts after a blonde bombshell and hot babe like Stacy at one time or another (and another and another.) :)
Well she’s going cheap boys so take advantage now and bring scintillating, sexy Stacy home with you to play with…whenever you desire!!)
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Just Two Feet Away

Perfect Breasts

Rave Stacy

Slumber Party


It is a well-known fact that, "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind".

So, I've decided to have a PHONE SESSIONS SALE.  And that's why, until I change My mind:

your 30-MINUTE SESSION WITH ME RELAXNOTIZING you, usually $90.00 for now, $70.00.

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So how long will I be so generous with you?
you know $$THIS DEAL$$ WON'T LAST FOREVER.  So revel in MORE! PHONE FUN WITH ME FOR LESS CASH, while you can.

 Halloween Spirits

Happy Halloween, darling:

QUESTION:  What do you call a slinky lady ghost with an insatiable appetite for lots of new mortal lovers?
ANSWER:  A man-haunter. ;)

Lots of things are connected to Halloween and related events.  For instance:
+  Trick or treating.
+  Parties and costumes for children or grownups.
+  Games like bobbing for apples.
+  Activities like telling spooky stories; pumpkin carving; or inviting a sexy, fun-loving, imaginative Hypnoteuse to a company or neighborhood Halloween shindig!

Whatever fun and games one decides to take part in, there are lots of ways to have a good time.

And to keep the good times rolling along:  I feel it's in the spirits of this season for Me to present you with a nice treat that will alluringly arouse your memories of Me over and overwhelming you in enticing ecstasies!
So if you haven’t already done so and don’t do so NOW!  you end up with a trick and NO treat!

 Another Arousing BDSM

Whips, handcuffs, paddles, blindfolds, ropes, electro-stimulation devices, and the list of BDSM devices, equipment, clothing, and paraphernalia goes on and on.  All sorts of fascinating treats are coupled in people's experiences, fantasies, and mindsets with BDSM and those who explore, embrace, and enjoy it.

But this time I want you to focus upon another kind of BDSM which I find appealing as well:
CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO.  An interesting article, to say the least!

And why am I interested in you managing your finances and other resources even more effectively?
Because the better you are at managing your money, time, etc--the more you can devote to the right hypnosis recordings, phone sessions, custom recordings, and other delights that successfully spellbind you.

And how does managing your money connect with BDSM?
BDSM also stands for, "Be Diligent and Succeed with Money."  $$$

I look forward to comments, questions, and suggestions inspired by something I've written, said, or done.

*  And if you've got that certain feeling that makes you realize it's time you showed Me how much you genuinely appreciate Me masterminding your hedonistic hypnotizing, another thing you will do is get AND OBEY any of My financial domination treasures like My 'BE MY VAULTENTINE' VALENTINE'S DAY FINDOM-FASCINATION AUDIO ASAP.

 WARNING! Lethal Lilly Collins

Hello, star-struck suckers ;)

you may not believe Lily Collins (the lovely leading lady in the "Snow White" retelling "Mirror, Mirror") is lethal.  But your computer, smartphone, or other internet-searching digital devices might if your curiosity about her or some other star(s) makes you click on one of the wrong sites devious and often destructive jerk offs have made to feast on people's fascination with superstars, gossip, sexy images, and more.

Click this link to see just how correct I am again.

Now see what can happen to you if you wander off from the deserving, desirable Domme(s) you yearn for and go chaos trolling around for titillating tidbits somewhere that may not be safe at all.

And how else should you thank Me properly for protecting your PC from your celebrities fetish?

your time, talents, and treasures should be willingly and eagerly devoted to the First-Classy HypnoDomme(s) you find SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!


 Gorgeous Geometry


Hello, My dazzled dearie:
I don’t believe I ever posted this entry before and could not find it in the data base .
If this is the second time around for this blog, well…why not!  ;)

Geometry is all around us.  We're surrounded by many kinds and sizes of alluring shapes and appealing shapeliness.

For example, an erotic  animal such as a cheetah running freely definitely has a beautiful form.
And a favorite sports arena or stadium is often very well-built.
Wonderful sculptures and magnificent jewelry are frequently well-endowed with pretty geometry.

You know, I find that curves are among the most eye-catching shapes around.  Think about a magnificent spiral staircase.  And what about a curve ball that breaks exactly where the pitcher wants it to.  Bending the batter to the hurler's will and wiles.

Oh yes, the right curves are very nice to rest our eyes on.  Maybe that's why one of my fine hypno-fans sent me the article below.

* * * * * * * * * *

Looking at curvy women 'gives men the same high as alcohol or drugs'
By Fiona Macrae
For millions of women fretting about their weight the news will be a huge relief, men prefer a curvier figure.
Not only that, the effect on the male brain of a shapely woman is, apparently, comparable with that of beer and brandy.
According to research, figures such as Beyonce's also light up the male brain in the same way as illegal drugs.
Singers Beyonce Knowles and Christina Hendricks are both known for their curves.
A new study has revealed why men find their shapes so attractive

Acknowledging that the findings were not groundbreaking, Dr Steven Platek reckoned: 'Hugh Hefner could have told us that by showing us how many zeroes are in his bank account.
'But there is more to it than buying Playboy, Maxim or FHM.

'The caucasian, westernised female has somehow been duped into thinking men like very skinny, waify, Kate Moss-type girls. Curviness is the trump card. It's worth it's reproductive weight in gold.
Original pin-up: Marilyn Monroe was one of the first on the silver screen to champion the hour-glass figure

'This research explains things like sexual harassment and whistling at the hot girl in the street.
'These findings could help further our understanding of pornography addiction and related disorders and lend to the scientific inquiry about infidelity.'

Researchers in Georgia, in the U.S., scanned the brains of 14 young men as they looked at before and after pictures of nude women who had plastic surgery to give them more shapely hips and bottoms.
The operations didn't reduce their weight, just redistributed it, the journal PLoS ONE reports.

Seeing the post-operative shots excited the brain's 'reward centres' - regions more usually activated by drink and drugs.
High waist to hip ratios - or hourglass figures - proved particularly stimulating.

Dr Platek, of Georgia Gwinnett College, said this could be because wide hips have long been linked with good health - and the ability to carry healthy babies.
However, altering a woman's weight only lit up areas involved in simple visual evaluations of research and shape.

The study is one of several recently to offer hope to Miss Average. In December scientists announced that men don't hanker after women whose legs go forever.
And last month they said having a big bottom is good for health.

Read more: Article

* * * * * * * * * *

Now that you're thinking about CURVES! CURVES! CURVES! here are some links with my recordings that can deliciously draw you into some of the most charming curves around:


I certainly hope your ever-increasingly exquisite explorations of the tantalizing titillations awaiting you within help you find all the first-class spellbinding shapes and compelling curves you yearn for.

Lady Krystal Mesmerizing you MORE! with curvaceousness, cleverness, and even more charms.

 Kelly & Bonnie?


Every so often I wonder, "Whatever happened to”  Bonnie Tyler (singer of "Total  Eclipse of the Heart."  A huge hit released in the 80’s) That's why this article about Kelly LeBrock first caught My Emerald Eyes:

After reading about how Kelly LeBrock chose to turn away from the trappings all too often associated with Hollywood, did the hard work of positively reinventing herself, and now embraces a down-to-earth lifestyle that suits her well, I felt that she should definitely be one of those about who I say:

And now for the questions I hope will stimulate some arousing replies:

???  Is there someone about whom You/you have wondered "WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO -----"?

???  If YOU/you ever found out what became of this individual, in what way if any, did how their life turn out surprise You/you?

???  If Y/you ever found out what became of this individual, in what way, if any, did how their life turn out match what You/you assumed would happen to them?


Last time I used a Ouija board I didn’t like its proposed prediction.  Nope.  I didn’t care for it at all.

Though I still keep that Ouija Board in My Hypno-Sleeeepy room for all to see...along with My huge Crystal ball ;)

I’ll bet many of you at one time or another had “played” with a Ouija Board.

Most teens have thrilled and chilled trying it at least once before getting creeped out and freaked out.

Toymakers created the Ouija Board around 1890.

Instructions call for two or more players to place their fingertips only on a three-legged planchette and allow it to move over the board- Hmmm…seemingly under the powers of an occult spirit!

The rather mesmerizing movable indicator glides from letter to letter to spell out words and answer your questions.

Science provides two explanations for planchette movement.

Either the participants know they are moving it but admit to nothing, or they move it unconsciously.

A case study in “Brainworks” had something like this to say.

“In groups, small motions sometimes cancel each other out or combine dramatically.   Motion can be transmitted without conscious knowledge!

So it is with the Ouija.

As humans believe they act rationally but often exhibit irrational unconscious behavior, their brains find creative ways to deal with unconscious actions.”

Hmmm…what personal experiences are you willing to share of your use of a Ouija Board?   Or better yet….

How has a Hypno-domme of your desires convinced you to (or how have you convinced yourself) to come up with an ahim… creative way to deal with your unconscious actions.  Erotic or otherwise?  ;)

 Three Hypno-Babes and you

Three Hypno-Babes and you



My dearie, how do you feel about group sex?
We make quite a sexy group. 
*Rest your eyes on me Krystallizing Hypnotic Simone.
*As I aurally pleasure her, Simone isn't the only one who goes hypnotically sliding into sleeeeeeep.
*See luscious Lady Sommeil in the soothingly swirling clouds.  Eye-catching Sommeil is also O! so ready to play with us.
*Revel in another alluring chapter in our deliciously decadent Bedtime Story in which Simone is eager to be your Hypnotic Sex Partner.
*Allow me to trance-form you with Words of Seduction and posthypnotic suggestions about how your encounters with hot chicks will be better than ever for everyone involved!
 *I devilishly direct Simone to make sure your Gold Member passionately gets pleasurably Lip-notized into A Steel Rod for reeling in desirable women.
In golf, one is always trying to get up a foursome.
Each tantalizations time you let this voluptuous video well-endow your Hypnotic Happiness, you'll entrancingly enjoy how tremendously titillating and satisfying! our sensuous fantasy foursome really is.
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Sweetie, Albert Einstein mathematically proved--as speed increases time slows down.
In my latest video an onscreen clock reveals how much pleasuring you and I will embrace and enjoy in virtually five "wonderifically enhanced" minutes!
Experience your erotic entrancement inside my pretty and pink toned time tunnel spiral as it accelerates the Wonderific Effect and sexsational arousal my TIMELESS video gives away.
The past, the present, and the future are three potent members of the time continuum.
Keep watching out for at least four different enticing images of lovely girls.
All of them are alluring assistants in what could be your 45 minutes of TIMELESS stimulation in your very own copy of my TIMELESS video.
Depending upon what we're doing, time seems to speed up or slow down.
Each time you interactively watch and listen to the TIMELESS video, you'll feel how pleasurably time is definitely on our side.
$26.99 – SALE PRICE - $17.99
The Spiral of Sleepy Seduction

I seductively, suggestively, and subtly unleash simply irresistible sensuality and sexuality to in!!!tro-duce!!! deep hypnotic trances in luscious ladies and desirable dudes.
Sometimes, I exercise my talents to help you MY subject... relax. 
I can help you calm down from your tedious day and deeply relax you in that very special way.  :)
Pleasure arouses and amplifies your abilities, capabilities, and your succumbing, submitting, and hypnotic surrender to KRYSTAL MESMER.
Prolonged masturbation can INDEED  relax your whole body.  And thus this is what I command.
All  memory of My instructions will be indelibly written in and obeyed by your subconscious mind.
You will carry out My instructions and only remember how I helped you relax sooooooo deeply.
You'll believe you've been continuously looking at the spiral (and the sensual images imbedded in it)  and relaxing deeper and deeper.
Your relaxation session will satisfy your every need and desire!  Trust Me, My darling.....

22 Minutes, 480 Megs
$22.99 – SALE PRICE - $17.99

Hello, A/all:

Here is a palate-titillating entry and question for you!

I have simply adored these chips for as long as I can remember.  IMO, Wise Potato Chips are definitely a comfort food of the goddesses.

After I'd mentioned them, one of My pleasures pup-pets sent Me a case of them.  YUMMY!

What a marvelous way to express one's submissive side or to just be a genuine gentleman.

What I relish about Wise potato chips is the taste, of course.  They are the first chips I ever ate as a kid back in New York and they remain as delicious as they did back then.
Simple, plain potato chips that every New Yorker loves.
Do you know what other states they are distributed to?
Do you have Wise where you live?

And here's My question I hope a lot of Femdom-fascinated foodies will answer:
Which snack food(s) totally do it for You/you and why?
How does it make youn feel when you delight in your favorite snack food?

RelaxnoDomme KRYSTAL

 What's In A Nom De Plume?



Hi there:

+  Darth Vader's creator knows it.

+  The parents of Hadassah, Jewish queen of the Medo-Persion empire, believed in it too.
A person's name has meaning, power, and much more.
Someone's name can reveal their character, their appearance, their family's hopes and dreams for them, their spiritual background and may even hint at their political persuasion and more.

With all this in mind, I hope YOU/you will feel motivated to let Y/your hair down about Your/your name on inraptured and answer either or both of the questions below:

???  What motivated You/you to select the screen name YOU/you use on inraptured and what does this name reveal about You/you?

???  If Y/you had to pick a new username for YOURSELF/yourself, which one would Y/you choose and what about this name makes it so appealing to You/you?

mail me your answer here


Hello, My pleasures pet:

A stimulating party gets Me going.

And, of course, partying makes Me all hot-blooded and ready to roll you over My gorgeous knockout knees for a birthday spanking. ;)

Getting involved with arousing people definitely makes a delicious celebration wonderfully go off the hook and out of this world.? And if We all get rapturously lucky, it'll bust out into all sorts of wonderizingly wanton wickedness to boot!

Guess what?? It's birthday time for Me.? And,? I want to totally party with you.

I want you at this bash because I feel you enjoy My sexy gifts, tantalizing talents, and much more.

Oh yes, I know that you know what people bring to a party can certainly liven things up.? And you know how much you want to give this Glamour Goddess the simply irresistible birthday gift you yearn to please Me with.

Now, We all know that some men can get themselves into a whole lot of trouble if they send a woman something that's not her size or it's not in the color she likes or it's just not what she desires.? So, to keep you out of My bad pet doghouse, you can:

+? Send Me some treat(s) from My
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I just remembered, I've got a "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY PARTYING AND I'LL INTRIGUE MY GUESTS BECAUSE I LIKE you" SURPRISE up My satin sleeve.?

It's a little contest connected to My birthday.

Here's what you do.?nbsp; Contemplate and come up with and give Me your best answer(s) to My question below:


Submit your answer(s) to Me at My email address below:


The best answer(s) [AS SOLELY DETERMINED BY ME] that are submitted will receive one FREE recording crafted by Lady Krystal Mesmer or Goddess Marquesa.


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Spellbinding storytellers have always unveiled compelling stories revealing arousing characters and stimulating plots to allure their audiences.

And it's truly titillating to share fascinating Femdom literature with those who adore it too.

We hope you'll relish thE lascivious literotica awaiting in Our reading room AKA the site is ergonomic, erogenous, and beyond beguiling.
Goddess Marquesa and Lady Krystal Mesmer want Our enthralling, entrancing creation to be an online reading room hedonistic hypno-fans will explore, embrace, enjoy, and popularize over and over, again and again!

And after succumbing, surrendering, and submitting to some of the finest Femdom text tantalizers We have in Our inviting hands, has other kinds of hypnotizing treats voluptuously well-endowed to compel and captivate!

Wonderizing RelaxnoDomme Goddess Marquesa AKA Lady Krystal Mesmer






Hello, My fantastique phone--fan-tasizer:

+ Set yourself up with My PHONE SESSIONS PREPAYMENT option and **SCHEDULE OUR PHONE TIME**



+ We can do it enthrallingly when our schedules mesh and you're ready to yield to your SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE DESIRE for Me to telephonically titillate you.

* After you've prepaid for Our enthralling electronic encounter, to arrange Our spellbinding session time you can:

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Each time you and I share some hypno--phone-tastic thrills, I will reward you with a free recording with a purchase price of up to $19.99.

RelaxnoDomme Lady Krystal Mesmer



Hello, My awesomely allured astronomers:

* Recently, an amazing heavenly body (a meteor) was seen streaking through the Russian skies.
+ Click this link for more about this spectacular space traveller.
* As astounding as this was, I know of an even more exciting heavenly body. In 1908, Russia received a much more impressive extraterrestrial.

+ Click this for more about this out-of-this-world whatever-it-was that landed there or crashed at that spot or passed through that location on its way to another dimension.
* O! speaking of heavenly bodies, here are some of My recordings to pleasurably persuade you there's lustfully lascivious, lusciously lovely life out there--and they're risquely ready to thrill you into orbit by rapturously rocketing you into My decadence dominions:
Alien Alteration (Mind Invasion) (video)
Kimmy, My Wonderific Martian (video)
Star Siren (video)
The COLLECTOR (audio)
The Woman in the Moon (video)

* * * * * * * * * *
And here's My celestial question I hope You/you will enjoy answering:

??? What's the most memorable thing You/you have ever seen as Y/you gazed into the sky?
Or darling, answer Me this…. what about this sight spellbound You/you?

Wonderific Lady Krystal Mesmer says, "In My universe, Femdom fascination reigns overwhelming you with cosmic captivations" :)


Hello, A/all,

As intense, focused, and on the go-getting as I often am, I also relish laughter, amusement, etc.  Humor that
strokes Me on multiple levels, witty wordplay--like puns, a comic or a comedy that  takes a particular issue or
some part of day-to-day life and transforms it into something that stimulates Me to laugh and think, or something
that's kinduh nice and fun and silly certainly tickles Me in just the right spot.
[Now what naughty notions are you having about what I aroused you with the fantasies and pleasure of tickling Me in
just the right spot?]

With this in mind, I've decided to try My feminine, firm hand at unleashing some HYPNO-HUMOR.  So here's some of
what I've come up with:

What kind of mesmerizing would a HypnoDomme Who's also an accomplished musician in symphony orchestras and
Celtic folk bands be really good at?
ANSWER:  Harp-nosis

How would a Hypnotic Dominatrix Who is also a topnotch athlete get you to relax even more?
ANSWER:  She would draw you into a game of hoops-nosis.

A Findom Hypnotist Who's an awesome rapper could use what to compel you to show Her the money you'll soon fork
over into the palms of Her hands?
ANSWER:  Hip hop-noDomination.

And now it's Your/your turn.  If Y/you have a hypnosis-related or a Femdom or Findom joke You/you been waiting
to spring on the inraptured community, I hope Y/you will submit it as a reply to this blog post.

Relaxnotic Lady Krystal Mesmer enjoys fun and games with My tickled and thrilled thralls


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 Primo Price Cuts

I've slashed the prices on two of My recordings. I promise you the premise of each of these hypno-creations will thrill you! ;) One is a 12 minute video and the other a 33 minute audio.

Naughty Necktie...YOU to Me!!

A desirable gentleman wearing an intriguing  necktie definitely catches My ensorcelling Emerald Eyes.  (And take it from Me, My decadence-dazzled dearie, I'm one of many lusty ladies who finds a fine necktie SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE.)
Because you've gotten My "Naughty Necktie you to Me" AURAL APHRODISIAC, you'll virtually watch My fascinating fingertips seductively drawing you DEEPER AND DEEPER into the captivating patterns on your necktie I'm wickedly spell-binding you with.

As I mesmerizingly influence your eyes movements and breathing, your mind-lessness mindlessly meanders as I entrancingly "Naughty Necktie..... you to Me".

Thanks to My WORDS OF SEDUCTION I can wrap your sexy silk tie around one of My LUXURIOUS LEGS and hedonistically hex your HORNY manhood!

My fingers feel O! sooooooo good as they glide all over my hypnotized guy's tantalizing tie.

And I well-endowed My posthypnotic soft and sexy suggestions to help you feel ever so incredibly enthralled whenever certain titillating triggers get triggered!

33 Minutes - $19.99

Oriental Orchid

I knew you always wanted to date an Asian girl, that's why you now have a membership to this exclusive Asian Dating Club.

The fact that I'm the owner of this capitol club had nothing to do with it...and everything to do with you!

Enjoy the mistique of Lana's hot hypno-exotic 'Oriental Orchid' and don't worry sweetheart if you find it hard, and hard to look away, just keep sneaking a peek...

Soon, I have a feeling you will find, what you, and Lovely Lana seek... Don't be shy, relax, and enjoy, being Lana's Love Toy...

12 minutes (may seem like 25!) -  $15.99

 My recommendations & desires
Hello, to My fans, followers, and fantasizers,

*  I firmly believe that from time to time all of Us enjoy some soothing stroking which definitely raises Our
spirits and souls, and stirs our hearts, minds, and bodies.

*  How much do you yearn to sensuously stroke Me?  :)
Well, if:

+  you are one of My long-time and/or consistent devotees;

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When you recommend Me on the  Erotic hypnosis-appreciation website, I will be O! so very pleased with you and by you.

How much do you feel your cravings to stroke Me growing stronger like My influences, controlling, domination,
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After you've posted your recommendation on the website, send Me an email at  letting Me know you did --
so I can thank you properly for your heartfelt praises.

Mesmerizing you always,

 Falling Again (Price cut)

It's that time of the year again....  Leaves turn colors and fall......
The sun doesn't shine as much or as brightly and in most cities the weather tends to become more dreary, shall we say.

Well here in So. California I'm grateful that's not the case.  The weather will probably remain quite lovely at least through the end of Oct. and then some!  :)

So I am feeling magnanimous and grateful, My mesmerized passion pet and I am permanently lowering the prices on the 4 videos below!

1- UnHypnotizable -  (Video) used to be $!9.99 FOR NOW ON -  $15.99

2- BLUE HEAVEN - (Video) used to be $21.99 FOR NOW ON - $18.99

3- Cleopatra - Dance of Delight - (Video) used to be $21.99  FOR  NOW ON - $16.99

4-  His New Secretary - (Video) used to be $19.99 for now on-  $14.99

Eternally Entrancing,


I know you feel some of how much a superb Women's fascinating femininity can influence, control, dominate, and inspire you. But do you have any idea of in how many ways groups of women or specific women exert their power over the English language? I sense this truth may be revealed in other languages too.

Here are a few examples of how Ladies spellbind speech:

+ The Amazons were a group of warrior women who lived near the Black Sea. Another legendary tribe of Amazons were believed to dwell in South America. Now someone or something that's powerful may be thought of as amazonian. When was the most recent time you shopped on the extensive online shopping website? :)

+ The Goddess Juno was the most powerful Goddess in the Roman pantheon. She is also called "The most beautiful of the immortals". If a lady is Junoesque, She possesses the stately bearing and regal, imposing beauty of the Goddess Juno. And the name for the month of June may spring from a Latin word meaning sacred to Juno.

+ The Muses were nine Goddesses who were in charge of various arts and other intellectual pursuits. (For example, Terpsichore is the Muse who presides over dancing.) The word museum is a tribute to the Muses.

+ Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria are among the most powerful women the world has ever been graced with. Literature, furniture, and other items which happened during their reigns or are similar to what was popular during their rules are called Elizabethan and Victorian respectively.

+ Someone who's selflessly compassionate and giving may be called a Florence Nightingale--after the world renowned nurse.

I've only shared a few revelations of How WOMEN RULE THE WORLD OF WORDS. I feel you will come up with lots more of them and I look forward to it!

Lady Krystal Mesmer

08.24  Summer SALE

Hello honey!
It's been just too damn hot.....
in Southern California the past few weeks.  So let's make it hotter with these cool sales that are just for you!
Knockouts Knockers (Video)
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Virtual Viagra (Audio)
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Eternally Entrancing,


Hello, My Hypno-Femdom-dazzled deducer:

Our investigation into Mr. Sherlock Holmes's possible submissiveness to a Woman Who truly is and deserves to be a Dominant begins in the Arthur Conan Doyle story, "A Scandal in Bohemia".  Below are some noteworthy facts regarding the world's most celebrated detective:

FACT #1.  Commenting upon this adventure, Dr. Watson writes this:  "And that was how a great scandal threatened to affect the kingdom of Bohemia, and how the best plans of Mr. Sherlock Holmes were beaten by a woman’s wit."

FACT #2.  Sherlock Holmes and the King of Bohemia had the following exchange concerning Irene Adler:

    “What a woman–oh, what a woman!” cried the King of Bohemia.

 “Did I not tell you how quick and resolute she was? Would she not have made an admirable queen? Is it not a pity that she was not on my level?”
      “From what I have seen of the lady she seems indeed to be on a very different level to your Majesty,” said Holmes coldly.

NOTE:  Sherlock's statement can be interpreted as indicating he agrees with the King's assessment of His Majesty's superiority to Irene Adler.  It can alternatively be understood as showing that Holmes perceives ADLER as on a far higher plain than the King can ever reach.  I wonder which it is?  ;)

FACT #3.  This conversation about what reward Mr. Holmes should receive:

      “I am immensely indebted to you. Pray tell me in what way I can reward you. This ring– –” He slipped an emerald snake ring from his finger and held it out upon the palm of his hand.
      “Your Majesty has something which I should value even more highly,” said Holmes.
      “You have but to name it.”

      “This photograph!”
      The King stared at him in amazement.
      “Irene’s photograph!” he cried. “Certainly, if you wish it.”
FACT #4.  Sherlock Holmes never married.  

About Sherlock Holmes esteem of Irene Adler, Dr. Watson sets this down for all to ponder:

      "TO SHERLOCK HOLMES she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex."

FACT #5.  Dr. Watson's quote below reveals that Irene Adler changed Sherlock Holmes's perceptions of women.  

"He used to make merry over the cleverness of women, but I have not heard him do it of late. And when he speaks of Irene Adler, or when he refers to her photograph, it is always under the honourable title of the woman."

FACT #6.  Sherlock Holmes came to recognize that a remarkable Woman can exquisitely exercise ever-increasingly and positively transforming influences, control, domination, and inspiration upon even the most powerful and strongwilled of men.

Based upon the evidence I've irresistibly implanted within your heart and mind and fantasies, it is Krystal clear that Mr. Sherlock Holmes was secretly submissive to the one and only Goddess who he sensed deserved his everlasting devotions.  How unfortunate for him that he never got an opportunity to live out his submissiveness.  

Perhaps this is a motivation for Holmes's all too frequent surrendering himself to the cocaine pipe?

And now, all awesome analyzers, I hope these queries inspire some revelations a chronicler like Dr. Watson would love to record:

Have You/you ever met someone or experienced something which profoundly reshaped your attitudes in ways that surprised you?

If your answer is "Yes" and you feel comfortable sharing some of the details, who did you meet or what did you experience and how were you unexpectedly changed by what transpired?

 Lady Krystal Mesmer knows the hedonistic hypnotizing games are afoot!  :)


Purchase any audio or video and get 1 of equal or lesser value for FREE!
Mix your own cocktail...which means- you can get 1 audio and 1 video or 2 audios/2 videos.
Whatever gets you hot and floats your boat!  :-)
Through August 5th!!
All you have to do is email Me directly at  and let Me know which recording you would like for Free. 
Make sure you include in your email to Me.... the date of your original purchase and the title and price of the recording you PURCHASED.
OR - you can simply forward Me your invoice/receipt and include the title of the recording you would like for FREE.
NOW!  Read My latest Naughty Newsletter below-


Hi there, My lover of artful hypnodomination,

The Mona Lisa and its transcendent "Italian"  genius creator have captivated lovers of the fine arts for centuries.
Here's one quote lauding  Leonardo da Vinci's most well-known masterpiece: 
"the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world." 

One of the Mona Lisa's enigmatic and ensorcelling aspects is the continuing uncertainty regarding the identity of this portrait's subject.
Was  Italian noblewomen, perhaps one of Leonardo's lovers, a courtesan or prostitute, or an unknown commoner da Vinci decided to immortalize for reasons of his own are some of the guesses. 

One theory about the Mona Lisa especially intrigues Me.
Some people speculate that the Mona Lisa is in fact Leonardo da Vinci's painting of a feminine representation of himself.
If this is so, it is another indication that feminization has cast Her alluring spell for much longer than many people believe.
I wonder which Renaissance Woman [heretofore not known to be a stunning and sagacious HypnoDomme] exquisitely exercised Her stimulating sensualities spell and successfully persuaded da Vinci to painstakingly portray his feminine side in such a fascinating fashion?
Any guesses?
Here's a Femdom Hypnosis Factoid the Mona Lisa reveals: 


* Here is a question the Mona Lisa inspired Me to ask: 

For subbies--In which way(s) have you creatively expressed your submissive and/or feminine side? 

Lady Krystal Mesmer


Hi boys!

I've been meaning to slash some prices for a while now.  So ENJOY!
Remember -
I will be out of town until July 2nd 2012.....  Hold all email correspondence unless it is urgent.

And you'll do this to reveal your obedience to Me...which  can tantalizingly drive you wild while you wait and wonder what wanton wickedness I've got up My  sexy sleeves for you!  :)
Curiosity and Denial (Video)
From $19.99 to $12.99
Geek Goddess (Video)
From $19.99 to $16.99
Her Hott!-Decoration (Video)
From $17.99 to $13.99
Her Hyp Reunion (Video)
From $24.99 to $17.99
Her Wonderific Nylons (Video)
From $14.99 to $11.99
His New Secretary (Video)
From $25.99 to $19.99
Hott! Vision (Video)
From $15.99 to $11.99
Hypretzel Pleasure (Video)
From $16.99 to $11.99
Eternally Entrancing,

05.25  Sleep, perchance, to wet dream

Most of us know that the word "hypnotism" comes from the Greek word for sleep, hypnos.

Yet sleep and hypnosis, while "cousins," are two distinct mental states. Sleep is a state of unconsciousness; hypnosis is a state of enhanced consciousness.

For many, hypnosis has a dreamlike quality. And it is dreams that we shall deal with here.

Every boy I know loves wet dreams. And the real dream of many boys is to "turn on" wet dreams at will.

Now technology may allow that. Two inventors have developed an electronic device that signals a sleeper when he is having a dream. It allows the sleeper to enter a so-called "lucid" dream state and actually take control of his dream.

The whole story is here--Dream-come-true-Two-mad-scientists-create-sleep-mask-lets-people-CONTROL-dreams

I'd appreciate any comments you might have--particularly if wet dreams are a dream of yours, dearie. :)

05.15  SHAVING Your Balls for Me!


Summer is a'cummin' and it's time to cool those nuts

So why not shave your balls and pubes? If nothing else, you can tell your date you're a porn star! lol

Shaving "down there" offers a man several important advantages . . . Trust Me. ;)

  • Without all that hair, your pecker looks bigger. Way bigger. Yummy!
  • You'll save a fortune in body spray.
  • You'll add a whole new dimension of comfort to "going commando."
  • You'll probably score more blow jobs. Women are no fonder of picking pubes out of their teeth
  •   than men are. :)
  • From what ball shavers tell me, the result just plain feels good. And I REALLY enjoy the
  •   feel and look!

    Here's a handy guide to get started. It appears to come from those innovative folks at Philips/Norelco, who make various "intimate" body trimmers and shavers:

    In the meantime My sweetmeat-ball.... I'd like to know who shaves . . . who doesn't . . . and why?
    After all baby, shaving your balls is a lot easier (and less painful) than getting a Brazilian. :)

    04.20  The Demise of the Blow Job

    Hi darlings!

    Oh such a yummy article I found. Indeed! One of My fav pastimes apparently is one of yours and yours and yours too! LOL Men may no longer be absolutely necessary to create or procreate but I wouldn't want to replace or discard your talent(s) for cunnilingus!

    The Observation: The Demise of the Blowjob And the rise of cunnilingus

    By Geoff Dyer

    From Esquire online.

    Below is a just a titillating taste of what this arousing article has to say. I just love when the truth be told. :) To read this piece in it's entirety I've included the link, of course.

    "The blowjob has fallen on hard times. Or, to put it in the form of a crude question, who can really get it up for fellatio these days? Back in the 1960s and '70s, fellatio was all the rage." ...."I recently undertook a small survey of some more mature male friends, and the results, while not unanimous, were overwhelming. To speak plainly, given the choice, eight of the ten men surveyed preferred eating pussy to having their dicks sucked. Or, to put it in entirely numerical terms, 80 percent of males would opt for a 70 rather than a 68. And what about the other two men? Yes, you guessed it: They're gay! To be strictly accurate, the heterosexual respondents were partial to this kind of thing — but only in the mathematically blissful reciprocity of 70 minus 1. The gob-job continues to thrive in hetero pornography, of course, for the simple — literally obvious — reason that it lends itself to being filmed in a way that cunnilingus cannot."

    Read more:

    03.05  Getting Off by "Thinking Off"

    I practice yoga. Sometimes. And after what I am about to share with you, perhaps not enough. Yoga, after all, is one of life's little pleasures. It helps Me to enjoy My body . . . and keeps Me lithe, supple and sensual.

    It is also now, I see, a movement with a secret: Yoga began as a sex cult. (Yum. I should have known!)

    So reports the New York Times, anyway, in an article covering accusations of “sexual impropriety” on the part of the founder and leader of a popular school of modern yoga.

    Such charges are of no interest to me. There's nothing improper about “sexual impropriety” among consenting adults, after all. Life would be awfully dull if people were all neat and proper.

    No, what interests Me are yoga's origins . . . and the delicious notion of getting off by “thinking off.”

    Here's the tasty “juice” of the article:

    . . . . Yoga teachers and how-to books seldom mention that the discipline began as a sex cult — an omission that leaves many practitioners open to libidinal surprise.

    Hatha yoga — the parent of the styles now practiced around the globe — began as a branch of Tantra. In medieval India, Tantra devotees sought to fuse the male and female aspects of the cosmos into a blissful state of consciousness.

    The rites of Tantric cults, while often steeped in symbolism, could also include group and individual sex. One text advised devotees to revere the female sex organ and enjoy vigorous intercourse. Candidates for worship included actresses and prostitutes, as well as the sisters of practitioners.

    Hatha originated as a way to speed the Tantric agenda. It used poses, deep breathing and stimulating acts — including intercourse — to hasten rapturous bliss. In time, Tantra and Hatha developed bad reputations. The main charge was that practitioners indulged in sexual debauchery under the pretext of spirituality.

    Early in the 20th century, the founders of modern yoga worked hard to remove the Tantric stain. They devised a sanitized discipline that played down the old eroticism for a new emphasis on health and fitness.

    B. K. S. Iyengar, the author of “Light on Yoga,” published in 1965, exemplified the change. His book made no mention of Hatha’s Tantric roots and praised the discipline as a panacea that could cure nearly 100 ailments and diseases. And so modern practitioners have embraced a whitewashed simulacrum of Hatha.

    But over the decades, many have discovered from personal experience that the practice can fan the sexual flames. Pelvic regions can feel more sensitive and orgasms more intense.

    Science has begun to clarify the inner mechanisms. In Russia and India, scientists have measured sharp rises in testosterone — a main hormone of sexual arousal in both men and women. Czech scientists working with electroencephalographs have shown how poses can result in bursts of brainwaves indistinguishable from those of lovers. More recently, scientists at the University of British Columbia have documented how fast breathing — done in many yoga classes — can increase blood flow through the genitals. The effect was found to be strong enough to promote sexual arousal not only in healthy individuals but among those with diminished libidos.

    In India, recent clinical studies have shown that men and women who take up yoga report wide improvements in their sex lives, including enhanced feelings of pleasure and satisfaction as well as emotional closeness with partners.

    At Rutgers University, scientists are investigating how yoga and related practices can foster autoerotic bliss. It turns out that some individuals can think themselves into states of sexual ecstasy — a phenomenon known clinically as spontaneous orgasm and popularly as “thinking off.”

    The Rutgers scientists use brain scanners to measure the levels of excitement in women and compare their responses with readings from manual stimulation of the genitals. The results demonstrate that both practices light up the brain in characteristic ways and produce significant rises in blood pressure, heart rate and tolerance for pain — what turns out to be a signature of orgasm . . . .

    Notice the similarities to hypnosis. Both yoga and hypnosis involve the mind taking control of bodily functions that are outside the realm ordinary consciousness; both share relaxation as a key fundamental. And both involve worship of the Feminine. It makes Me wonder what those brain scanners would find among My hypno submissives and slaves when I command them to “think off.”

    Have we any yoga practitioners here? Have any of you had any experience “thinking off?” Has your tolerance of (and appetite for) pain increased? And how do your yoga-induced erotic experiences compare with your hypnotic erotic experiences?

    02.28  FREE file when you CALL in an order!

    The Nile river, the pyramids, and hieroglyphics = Egypt.

    The Ganges, the Taj Mahal, and Bollywood = India.

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    I once heard it said that when Congress is in session, you will find far more panties being worn than can be accounted for by female members alone.

    The same has been said of the “world's most powerful boys club:” The United States Senate.

    Now just why do you think that is?

    Could it be that panties feel better? Look better? Smell better? Taste better?

    Goddess is going to generalize here: Men are captivated by panties, bras and nylons because they are defining female garments. They are touched with a feminine magic that no heterosexual man can resist.

    To one degree or another, every man has a fetish for lingerie. Most hold their fetishes at bay; others, Inraptured members, for example, embrace their fetishes and enjoy them. Panties become pussies; bras become breasts; nylons become legs.

    There is something very sweet about a man who slips on a pair of panties for the very first time. There's the massive initial erection, of course, which I enjoy, as it gives Me incredible power over the slave thus “afflicted.” Then there is the rapturous look men get as they reach down to feel how their panties feel on their butts and on their cocks. Some are even moved to tears of ecstasy.

    Even out of trance, most men seem to find that wearing panties for the first time is a deliciously delirious and disorienting experience that leaves them hungering to do it again, but ashamed to admit it (which is the real shame).

    A bra is often a challenge, unless a man has an adorable set of “Buddha Boobs.” Then, with a little shopping and some proper fitting—plus a lesson on how to put on and properly wear a bra—the effect is nothing short of astonishing. Wearing a sexy bra, a man literally cannot tear himself away from a mirror. (And if his chest is shaved, he may never take the bra off at all. LOL)

    Nylons, too, can quickly enslave even the most uninterested man . . . just so long as he has a manicure and a pedicure first. I cannot help but laugh when I see a man try to put on pantyhose for the first time; most do it with all the grace of a drunk pulling on long underwear.

    But when they are on properly (and a man has shaved his legs) the result is incredible: He is often speechless at how they feel when he runs his hands over them . . . when he walks . . . and when he feels the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

    As one of My slaves said after I had finished dressing him, “I want to feel this way for the rest of my life.”

    If you have not tried on at least a pair of panties, I want you to do so. This is, after all, Inraptured, where such delightful behavior is both safe and encouraged.

    And if you don't think panties are for you, think again.

    Think about when you are with a significant other. Think about when she removes her bra, her panties. Think about how you look at them sometimes, instead of her. Ask yourself why you often pick them up and feel them . . . and rub them softly against your face and inhale them. You do it because you are a man, and you cannot NOT do it.

    Now think about what it would feel like to wear those panties . . . What it would feel like to wear your own panties . . . And what it would feel like to wear MY panties.

    Don't feel self conscious. Just go shopping. A full-line department store is ideal. Give the saleslady your hip measurements, and ask to see what she has. But be prepared, for what you are likely to see will take your breath away. You might even feel faint. You may shudder nervously; you may dry swallow. But you will live.

    All you need to is pick one pair. Just point. The saleslady will smile and do the rest. (And if she waves them under your nose and invites you to feel them, you'll know she knows. But that's half the fun, isn't it? LOL)

    Just don't get any speeding tickets on the drive home.

    11.23  Free sample of Overpowered by the Occult Orifice

    Free sample for all to try. The full video is more explicit than anything else on this site, so be warned if you prefer the subtler suggestive style in most of my products. Sample - Overpowered by the Occult Orifice

    11.23  Lady Krystal's GIFT

    Queen Victoria's Bloomers: $15,000.

    Krystal's  Panties—FREE.

    Recently, a pair of Queen Victoria's bloomers sold at auction for nearly $15,000.

    They have a 35” waist. They are made of silk—several yards worth—and extend to the knee.

    Queen Victoria last wore them in 1860.

    In honor of the Queen's bloomers, Lady Krystal is giving some lucky slave-boy a pair of Her panties—with several important differences.

    Mine are most certainly a bit smaller. They are form fitting . . . hug My luscious hips . . . and definitely do NOT extend to My knees.  alt

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    10.24  Home is Where I AM

    Hello, My loyal and lascivious pleasure puppet -

    * Yes, I've got a new home. And it's even better for Me fulfilling My passions and purposes than where I was living before.

    * I have finally settled in nicely and happy to be back!

    Keep succumbing! submitting! and surrendering! to Me thanks to My simply irresistible recording(s) you have and each one you'll get while I'm whipping up MORE NEW mind melting creations.

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    9.29   I'm BACK!

    I'm BACK after a big burst of changes. Come check me out again!

    WondorDomme Lady Krystal Mesmer

    9.9  Back Soon

    My dearies, I am right in the middle of moving... things are a bit busy as you can imagine! I'll be back soon though so hang in there!

    Lady Krystal Mesmer

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    The Complete Vampiress
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    Vortex - Supernatural Seduction Hypno-Erotic Style

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    9/23  Short Vacation

    Hey sweet pets
    I'll be away from Sept 25 (Sat) till Oct 6 (Tues).
    If you miss me, pick up a recording!

    Lady Krystal Mesmer

    Help us with BILLING (from overseas)

    My dearie, are you in Europe? Would you like a free recording? Have you unsuccessfully tried purchasing something using my new payments processor? Will you help me fix this?

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    No matter where you live, the economy is on virtually everybody's mind.
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    How can I protect or improve my financial position?
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    I am not currently taking Mastercard.
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    I hope each of you is ever-increasingly having a wonderful life and relishing all the sensual hypnosis experiences you want to explore, embrace, enjoy, and enhance even more and evermore.

    Recently, My Payments Processor informed Me that MasterCard would no longer do business with any sensuous hypnotist.  MasterCard's stated reason is that the company believes this genre of hypnotism somehow promotes or encourages violence--sexual and otherwise.

    I can't wrap My mind around how this company came to it's erroneous conclusion about what erotic hypnosis is, does, and fosters.  Also this is not the first processor who has passed this information on to me.

    I have some questions I hope you'll respond to IF you can:

    #1.  Aside from what I've revealed, do you know anything about any credit card company or payments processor deciding to no longer do business with sensual hypnotists?

    #2.  Do you have any recommendations about well-established payments processors or credit card companies who are willing to work with sensuous hypnosis creators, providers, sellers, etc?

    #3.  Do you have any suggestions about how one can best handle this situation?

    #4.  Have you heard any rumblings about this topic in the recent past?

    Email Me personally with your insights.

    8/25  2009 SUMMERTIME FOR FUN!

    Hello, my spellbound pleasures-seekers

    "All work and no play" is something I won't put up with.  That's one of the reasons I've been chilling out, relaxing, and really enjoying myself this summer.  I've been having the time of my life with friends, family and fans!  And we've been kicking up our heels and having some high-class, down-to-earth fun and games!

    All these good times are why I haven't done a lot of website work recently.  But rest assured, while I've been enjoying myself, I've also been coming up with some new goodies I hope will help put some pep in your steps and a whole lot more.

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    Mesmer's Daughter
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    QUESTION #1. In which episode of the popular sitcom "Two and a half Men" is one of the main characters hypnotized?
    QUESTION #2. Which character is mesmerized?
    QUESTION #3. Who entrances this character?
    QUESTION #4. Why does this character let himself be hypnotized?
    QUESTION #5. What posthypnotic suggestion is this character apparently given?

    Remember, honey buns, TO QUALIFY YOU MUST ANSWER ALL FIVE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY. Email me your answers

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    5/16  Aunt Celeste & Krystal's PostHypnotic Postscript

    In the story "Aunt Celeste" Alex was allured by Aunt Celeste's simply irresistible green eyes. Speaking of Emerald Eyes, you'll enjoy more than an eyeful from each eye-catching video on the page you'll see after you CLICK HERE.
    Aunt Celeste and Elizabeth were mesmerizing relatives.
    Here are some videos revealing fascinating family members:

    Hypno Sister
    Mesmer's Daughter

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    We have FINISHED our Maintenance. If you spot any errors, please email
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    Delicious (sampler)
    FORBIDDEN DANCER (sampler)
    SLUMBER PARTY (sampler)
    TAKEN BY PLEASURE (sampler)

    PLUS, we have now added:
    The Hypnotic Effect(sampler)

    Nighttime Milking (sampler)

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    Darling, I've always loved spring. And I do celebrate Easter even if you do not. What a beautiful time of year when many kinds of lovely and vital plants start flowering, growing, bearing fruits, and more. Many pretty butterflies, and multitudes of insects and other animals are courting, mating, having offspring, and raising families. This gives me nice and naughty ideas!

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    Size Does Matter (Video)

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    12/26   To My Adorable GREAT British Hypnofans

    I want each of you to remember you’re simply irresistible. You wonderfully enrich my life in many stimulating ways! Each of my UK darlings is so supportive.
    You're not pushy, you're ever polite, and your intelligently witty senses of humor stimulate me . You reveal how much you enjoy lots of my videos and audios through your generous actions.

    I'm gonna let you in on one of my fantasies. I crave to enjoy your part of the world. Exploring the British Isles will make one of My most vivid dreams come true. The London theatre scene and the fabulous museums, those historic castles and meeting all you wonderful gentlemen will definitely arouse me. I hear about those famous pub crawls. Oh yeah! What fun for me!
    I also look forward to resting my emerald eyes on some of your quaint off the beaten path cottages. And it'll be fabulous to kick up some of my slinkiest stilettos in your out of this world night life.

    Lets stay in touch so we'll touch each other even more passionately evermore!

    Entrancingly Ensorcelling Everlastingly,
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    P.S. One of your British bombshells is also one of my hypnotizing honeys. Victoria's a Beguiling Brit many a man makes his Queen of Hearts. SEE LOVELY VICTORIA!


    A fond embrace and Happy Holidays, my darling:

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    Entrancingly Ensorcelling Everlastingly,


    12/18   Unmatched Quality

    Dear Krystal

    Just a note to say how wonderful Lady Krystal is and how she takes care of her contributors. Also to say that anyone seeking wonderfully relaxing and ohhh sooo sleeeepy and erotic hypnosis should visit her site.

    Her site is now a veteran and unique site, no others really match up, they use boring "Stock in trade" references to so called "Relaxation" whereas she uses her skills and oh so beautiful and ever sooo slowwing and relaxing and soothing sweet west coast American lullaby-sweet wiles to entrance you into soft caressing sweet hypnotic sleeeeeep.As you feel your eyes flutter before their voyage upwards into a head filled with the soft caress of her soothing satiny sweet velvety touched audio aural ride to oh so sleepy ecstasy you feel so safe. So willing to abandon consciousness to her gentle vocal caress.

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    12/12   Mesmerizing Music, it's KRYSTALLIZING!

    Definitely modern with a timeless tantalization flair.
    Earthy yet ethereal, jazzy with a rock and roll touch of first-class.
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    I really and truly cherish this mysterious and sexy masterpiece one of my fans composed for me and for my pleasure.
    I'd like to share it with you.
    Click the link and enjoy music that's eclectic and paradoxical... just like me!

    I hope you will find it's KRYSTALLIZING.

    NOTE- "KRYSTALLIZING" is a musical compostion written for Krystal Mesmer. Copyright 2007. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    Composed by - Andrew Goldhawk
    Copyright 2007.

    12/12   HAPPY holiDAZE!

    This Christmas (yes that's right Christmas) I'm taking some time to relax, let my lovely blonde hair down, and kick up some of my slinkiest high heeled stilettos with those I cherish.
    I hope you also have the opportunity to focus on the year's end in all kinds of marvelous and satisfying ways.
    Enjoy! Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, and other religious-spiritual celebrations and observances.
    Enjoy! Savouring special foods, libations, and other treats rarely enjoyed during the rest of the year.
    Enjoy! Spending more time with family members, close friends, and other loved ones.
    Enjoy! Entertainments especially designed for this festive season.
    Many people give presents and receive gifts this time of year.
    Guess what, darling, here are some of my gifts for you.

    From Dec. 12th thru Jan. 1, 2008 you can relish each of these recordings for its sale price.

    !:) STOCKING STUFFER USUALLY $39.99 NOW $19.99

    !:) Christmas Candy USUALLY $29.99 NOW $15.99
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    !:) Krystals Christmas USUALLY $12.99 NOW $5.99
    !:) Krystals Christmas 2 USUALLY $15.99 NOW $9.99
    !:) Victorias Christmas Gift USUALLY $29.99 NOW $17.99

    May we all increasingly recognize and enjoy more of life's wonders and treasures during this season and beyond.


    12/5   Beautiful women relishing uninhibited lesbianism

    I hope you'll ENJOY!!!
    Beautiful women relishing uninhibited lesbianism.
    Passionate lovemaking with all partners.
    A sexy young hypnotized red-head sensuously stimulating my stocking-clad legs.
    Potent posthypnotic suggestions!

    I well-built even more than these spine-tinglers inside this voluptuous video just so that you can revel in UNLEASHED DESIRE!

    12/2   Simone is SIZZLING!!!

    How much have you fallen for my newest tantalizing trainee Simone?
    She's well-built to blow you mindless.
    On Simone's Gallery Page, behold five-f<

    <>>>et-nine-inches of creamy skinned, busty, shapely, long-legged temptress.
    While you're being swallowed in her depthless blue eyes, the smart, very hypnotizable, quite mesmerizing, freewheeling lady who can capture your mind's eye certainly stimulates you.

    Simone's slender waist and wonderfully voluptuous breasts help her animal magnetize each desirable man or woman she desires.
    When it comes to teasing, pleasing, and being a fun-loving Dominant familiar with hypnotism's powers and pleasures Simone swings both ways and knocks the socks off her entranced partner (or partners).
    Take it from me, Simone's an awesomely cool chick who relishes revealing her hypnotic talents in ways the gal or guy she captivates will never forget.
    No wonder Simone and I get along so sensuously.

    The first video where you get an eyeful of Simone is called, UNLEASHED DESIRE.
    It's called that because as you watch some of Simone's desires unleashed, you'll feel some potent UNLEASHED DESIRE along with Simone and me.

    Are you gonna wait any longer before introducing Simone into your dreams come true?

    11/25   P.S. Dearie: Do you like Venusia?

    Does a REAL well-built WOMAN with a well-bred English accent make you say "Cheerio!" and want MORE? After clicking on either of her links, VICTORIA may become the QUEEN OF your HEART'S desire!

    Venusia is a sex therapist. CLICK HERE AND VIRTUALLY EMBRACE AN EVEN SEXIER THERAPIST... and Therapist Victoria's gallery

    Venusia could be named for Venus the Roman goddess of beauty and love. There's a BEAUTIFUL, BLONDE BOMBSHELL of a GEEK GODDESS you'll ahim GROW to love

    Or is the name Venusia from the very hot planet Venus? Speaking of HOT! and OUT OF THIS WORLD videos:
    Kimmy, My Hypnotic Martian
    Star Siren
    The Woman in the Moon

    Venusia loves collecting men with the right stuff. For other fantasy women who share her desires and possess similarly irresistible charms:
    The Collector
    Space Station Orgy

    Venusia created her identical twin sister Serena.
    But she didn't make up this real-life hot-bodied hypno-cutey Sirena
    Read the story of Venusia

    11/19   CELEBRATE THIS ANY DAY (Thanksgiving SALE)

    Each of us is powerful enough to make each day we choose a Thanksgiving Day. Every one of us is much more than capable of taking out all the time we decide to and thinking about as many good things in our lives as we can remember.

    To get the ball rolling, I've got some treats ready for you to feast your senses and your self on. FROM NOW THROUGH NOV. 30TH you can enjoy:
    * Thanksgiving Daze audio USUALLY $24.99 ON SALE $10.99
    * Hypno Thanksgiving Story video USUALLY $9.99 ON SALE $5.99

    With all the challenging stuff that sometimes happens, it can feel really difficult to be thankful at all. Nevertheless, being genuinely thankful and sincerely expressing thankfulness can help us psychologically, socially, spiritually, physically, and in who knows how many other wonderful ways! Trust me on this, baby. Trust me.

    I hope each person reading this will remember and experience more things to be thankful for each and every day.

    Everlastingly Ensorcelling Entrancingly,

    Lady Krystal Mesmer

    11/07   Happiness rests with HARMONY!!!

    HARMONY, makes music arouse our spirits, souls, and bodies.
    HARMONY, transforms any relationship into a multitude of bliss-filled pleasures!
    Relaxing yourself into HARMONY (my horny darling) with the passionate pleasures you'll feel in your very own copy of my HARMONY video reveal HARMONY is SOOO good for us all.

    10/17   Sing Your song of SIMONE!!!

    Thanks to her treasure chests of alluring charms and abilities, Simone as my newest and most favorite hypno-tease shall cast her spell on you ASAP.

    Her five-foot-nine-inch long body is dressed to impress you with flawless, soft, smooth, and creamy skin.
    Simone is busty, shapely, and buxom and built like a real woman. Her long, straight, reddish hair brings out the best in her lovely face. Simone's pretty, blue eyes and luscious, heart-shaped mouth are mouthwatering reasons for you to declare Simone is the high priestess of your soul's sensual desires.

    To answer your questions:
    Yes, Simone loves to tantalize the hot-blooded man of her dreams who can *AHIM* keep up with her--if you catch my drift-ing away... into Simone's charms already, are you? Goooooood!
    Yes, I love having Simone become one of my sizzling subjects and hypno-trainees. Yes, you will very soon watch and adore Simone in many of my upcoming Krystal Mesmerizing you videos!


    It was nearly a decade ago when I first put some of my videos and audios on the web. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Back then, I called my website names like Enraptured and Club Entranced. In those days Kimmy Sanders, April Showers, Morgan Rowe, Suzy Questa, Nikitta, Lilly, Kaye, and Ashleigh were some of the sensuous young women you may have watched me hypnotize. Some of them were well-developed enough to captivatingly mesmerize you.

    I recall working with and on Victoria, Chelsea, Jewel, Lilith, and each of the others. The videos we've unveiled cover many kinds of sizzling scenarios, hypno-fantasies fulfilled with genuine passions, and lascivious dreams come true to larger than life-size.

    Creativity turns me on. That's one reason I've experimented with, and will keep on perfecting all kinds of hypnotic techniques, sensual delights, and communications vehicles dedicated to exploring, expanding, and experiencing the mesmerism realm in sane, safe, consensual, mutually pleasurable ways to ravish us all. Holodeck VR technology when will you be mine? Imagine the pleasurable possibilities?! All of us hypno-fans could intensely and intimately play such really out of this world grownup games.

    This is a simple and honest truth. I am an innovator [and one of the first Hypnoteuses or Hypnodommes to broadcast my AUDIO AND VIDEO spells via the WorldWide Web] who enjoys sharing the wealth! I really appreciate that now there are many more beautiful, talented (and often) younger women who sincerely give and receive uplifting and stimulating pleasures from imaginatively and effectively releasing Hypno-sensuousness through their online hypno-recordings.

    I'm thrilled there are a lot more websites (owned and run by woman) forums, chat groups, and other online avenues for sensuously journeying in the hypnotic dimensions.
    I hope everyone who is or shall be a member of the sensually hypnotizing community continues evolving and enriching our little world of hypno-fetish delights!

    Entrancingly Ensorcelling Everlastingly,

    Lady Krystal Mesmer


    A vampire, like Bram Stoker's Dracula, is an undead human who feeds on the blood of the living.
    Darling, did you know a seductive woman who ruins someone who's attracted to her can be called a vampire?

    An evil and manipulative woman [like some unethical hypnotists lurking and sometimes prowling around out there] is also known as a vamp.
    But, honey buns, did you realize a vamp is part of a shoe?

    The slinky stilettos I'm remembering have some lovely vamps on them. On Halloween I love to have fun! I'll slip into some wicked pumps and a knockout costume and then my long and shapely legs kick up my high heels at a party I've been invited to or I'm hosting.

    Yes, because Halloween really turns me on fire, I've got a monster-sized goodie bag of sensuous treats waiting for you, my pumpkin pie a la mode. From now until Nov. 1st. each of these somehow supernatural-themed recordings is on sale:


    Dream of Genie USUALLY $35.99 NOW $19.99
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    Bewitched Beach *MODEL Krystal Mesmer, Sherry, Stacy* USUALLY $21.99 NOW $15.99
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    There's only one thing about this sale that can terrify you. How disappointed you may be if you don't enjoy your share of the mouthwatering treats I've well put together for our pleasures!

    9/18   VIDEO SALE! Posh Spice is Victoria!

    "Let me tell you who you want, who you really! really! want. I will tell you who you want, who you really! really! want."

    Of course these words remind you of the Spice Girls song, "Wannabe." And why am I doing that? Darling, it's time you Krystal clearly see Hypno-Victoria is much better for you than Posh, Scary, Baby, Sporty, and Ginger Spice Girls.

    Posh Spice now lives in Southern California. Thanks to her voluptuous videos sensuously entrancing you evermore so, Hypno-Victoria lives with(in) you wherever you are and everywhere you go! Posh Spice married a soccer star. Posh Hypno-Victoria espouses stimulating you royally. Posh is famous because she's a Spice Girl. Hypno-Victoria's spellbinding pictures and videoed captivations are famous for making your decadent dreams come true! Sweetums, how often will you spend time with Posh Spice? Hypno-Victoria and you will spend the time of your life together whenever you crave to be one on one with your favorite lean-bodied British bombshell!

    Victoria Beckham is Posh Spice. Are you ready to see! hear! and feel hot-blooded Hypno-Victoria spice up your fantasies more than you've hoped she will? SALE IS ON ! Through Sept. 30th! Take advantage of Victoria NOW!

    The Referral (Video)

    SALE PRICE 21.99

    Oh my, you are quite a handful [or maybe two...] so why should I keep you to myself? A VERY HARD choice indeed! Well, I decided as a special NEW YEARS gift to my ever enlightened student and my perky hypnotic-pleasure seeker Victoria, I would "refer" you to her, for "special counseling". As you can see in this OFFICE VISIT Vicky was prepared for a big challenge, and boy we're you UP for it! WOW!!! In fact, I'm convinced your UP for almost anything, which is a BIG plus! Enjoy my special LIFT.. ooops, I meant gift, Silly Man!

    Hypnotic Rental (Video)

    SALE PRICE - 15.99

    Once again, your 7 series beamer is in the shop! It's going to cost a small fortune to fix, this will be hard to top! It's too bad your usual auto isn't as well put together as Victoria, she's hard to top! But, she says the Jag you usually rent isn't free, the only car she has left is a custom Bentley! So, look deeper and "harder" into her options, as Victoria royally raises your "stake", I'm sure you will agree and, sensually partake. Now, just relax, and keep watching her pendant, and take the ride. Victoria is waiting, deep inside...

    Hypno Insured (Video)

    SALE PRICE - 19.99

    Victoria has informed me that you are packing a long, thick policy, from what she can see! However, she really needs to raise the stakes, and make sure your policy is large enough to handle the pressure of any situation that may come up in the future, no matter what it takes! So, follow her instruction, her guidence through seduction, as she gives you a special package deal, that will raise your large expectations, and promises you a perky policy provider, and creamy sweet stress reduction!

    [Flicker Induction, FULL release] Dazzling Dentist (Video)

    SALE PRICE - 12.99!

    You have been meaning to spruce up your smile, but you hate the dentist! A buddy says you should try this new HOT NEW dentist who seems to have a NEW TECHNIQUE that is much more painless [and much more pleasurable] than anything you've tried in the past! In fact, this Dainty but devilish dentist is sure to get more than a RISE out of you, she's going to rock your world, in more ways than one... : ) Join the recently returning Victoria, with new skills, and THRILLS today!!!

    "Victoria shows you all of her Hypnotic Talents, 1 on 1..." [65 megs, 13+ minutes]

    Her Hyp-HypnoStylings (Video)

    SALE PRICE - 5.99!

    Let long red-haired Victoria wear away your will in high heels; black stockings; and a short, black, lacy dress.Sweetie, is that a captivating spiral around Victoria's lovely countenance? Or are you slipping into trance while still gazing into her compelling eyes? Honey, please tell me if my special effects-enhanced wave machine is still as irresistibly soothing as ever? Oh and by the way, did you notice that other spiral spinning all on its own?

    I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.... Watching this video over and again really reveals how INTENSE my TEASING got as you follow my PASSIONATE instructions.I keep on feeling almost as playful as I was when I slipped in that special spellbinding suggestion just for you.Daring, you may not even remember how effective that instruction still is!

    11+ Minutes, 43 Megabytes

    Hypno Hotel (Video)

    SALE PRICE - 15.99

    You've convinced yourself your first encounter with Victoria was a bust [although they were nice, and perky, you have to admit!] But, you can't ignore this burning desire to see her again! Funny, when you arrive, she is just leaving for her hotel, a suite at the Drake. As planned (but by whom?) Your coming along was NO MISTAKE! One glance into those HYPNOTIC eyes, and you are quickly hers to tease, and tantalize! Enjoy hidden passion, and fascination, the expected conclusion to hypno-procreation, far beyond anyone's X-pectation!


    "Eight six seven five three O Nine" is the oft repeated telephone number in the Tommy Tutone song NBA star center Shaquille O'Neil once mentioned in an interview.
    To sports radio talk show host George Sedano.
    Alfred Hitchcock directed the Warner Brothers suspense-filled movie "Dial M for Murder". "Phone a friend" is one of a contestant's lifelines on the game show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"



    In the U.S. summer's last national holiday, Labor Day has come and gone.

    And in many places across the globe it's back to school time for students, teachers, parents, school administrators, etc.

    Yes, my darling, even if you aren't directly involved in education, I've got a *BACK TO SCHOOLING YOU* spectacular ready and waiting to rock your world.

    (AUDIO) A Touch of Krystal USUALLY $29.99 NOW $19.99

    (VIDEO KIMMY) Kimmy the 'Sub' Teacher USUALLY $14.99 NOW $9.99

    (VIDEO NICKY) Teacher's Ruler USUALLY $9.99 NOW $6.99

    (VIDEO NICKY) Teacher's Ruler 2 USUALLY $9.99 NOW $6.99

    (VIDEO NICKY) Teacher's Ruler 3 USUALLY $12.99 NOW $9.99

    (VIDEO ME) The Quarterback and the Cleavage USUALLY $6.99 NOW $4.99

    (VIDEO ME) Very Private Tutoring USUALLY $6.99 NOW $4.99

    Each of these recordings carries you into learning that *AHEM* special kind of knowledge in exquisitely intimate and sensuous ways.

    And until Sept. 30th 2007 getting your hands on as many of these recordings as you desire takes less labor than usual.

    See you in class.

    Or after school, I sure hope we can study anatomy together.


    Hello, my darling:
    In one of my recent updates, I breathily whispered in your ear I'd be enjoying a little thrill-packed vacation globetrotting style.
    I'm home again--rested, reenergized, and MORE! than ready to rock your world right out of your Krystallized mind.
    I relished being in New York City for a few 'fantastique' days of fantasies come truly wild and wonderful.
    I got the kid glove treatment and all sorts of first-class pampering in The Carlyle Hotel.  
    One thing I adored in some of my previous Gotham City excursions was lounging in the Cafe Carlyle while being entranced by Bobby Short's incomparably spellbinding singing.  Although we can't listen to Bobby Short work his vocal magic live any more, The Carlyle Cafe is as wonderful as ever.  
    While sipping a delicious Cosmopolitan and waiting for my date to make his entrance, you know I didn't pass up the pleasures of animal magnetizing another handsome young man who told me he couldn't keep from losing himself deeper and deeper in my vivid green eyes
    That Ph.D. candidate is absolutely scrumptious.  I wish I could have brought him back to So Cal. with me.  
    Squeezing him in my luggage would've been a bit tricky.  
    By the way, the simply irresistible head bartender who masterfully prepared my Cosmopolitan with his own hands was as exquisite as my adult beverage was.  My lips still tingle when I remember my drink and its passionate maker.  That upscale barman definitely knows how to lipnotize.  
    My suave date and I danced, dined, and explored each other...... As we got to know each other more intimately, he made an off the cuff remark that he didn't believe someone could be hypnotized as quickly as he watched a bearded redheaded man go into trance at a stage hypnosis show.
    Well, that's all it took for me to do my mystical thing.
    At one point, I casually complimented my date on his beautiful necktie.  Then I directed him to focus on the lovely pattern on his silk necktie.  I asked him if he'd ever really paid even closer attention to each of several particularly fine details I'd noticed on his neckwear.  Once his eyes and his mind rested where I suggested, in less than about a couple of minutes his eyelids closed tight and his subconscious was totally opened to my influence.  
    Now he believes.  
    Our captivating good times were just warming up.  Before my flight left, I gave him a posthypnotic suggestion that after his plane landed he'd call me and say a special word to me or he'd leave it in a message on my answering machine.  
    When I was going through my messages....I wasn't surprised to hear his distinct voice saying that secret, sexier word to me.
    We'll both get a kick out of it when one of the triggers I gave him arouses his next posthypnotic suggestion!  Oh what fun!
    Until next time, be marvelous and MINE!  
    Curvy, clever Krystal Mesmerising you MORE!

    8/14 (updated)   Take A Closer LOOK AT the Stimulating Images in my VIDEOS

    Hello, my vision-ensorcelled darling:

    Please focus your attention on each of my words here to come.... They'll give you a pertinent peek into how my hypno-erotic videos are put together to Krystal clearly Mesmerize you.

    I really enjoy getting e-mail from my fans praising my video offerings that touch you deeply. Sometimes, someone will ask me a question like this one. "Lady Krystal, why do you reuse some of your erotic clips?" Your curiosity will now be satisfied. Dearie, what you see in each of my hypnosis videos is partnered with my Healthy! Helpful Hypnotic EROTIC words to induce and amplify your sexual arousal and stimulate your fantasizing.

    The images you focus on are there to assist each of my creatively erotic, verbal inductions. These pictures are not like some other sensually provocative videos where what's said takes a back seat and plays second fiddle to what is seen. It is quite important that it be understood that the erotic clips that I use in my hypnosis videos are intended to induce sexual arousal and self fantasizing in the viewer AS AN ADJUNCT to my erotic verbal inductions of seduction. They are not intended to be a “Porno Show” in and of themselves. I am an erotic hypnotist and my pleasure comes from erotically hypnotizing those who enjoy our shared fetish.

    Please keep in mind that it is very time consuming (and in all honesty, costly) for me to properly and deeply hypnotize and video tape attractive young hypno-babes. Therefore, I've decided to massage the fullest possible effectiveness from the clips I have created for our pleasures. They are [and shall be] presented in various hypno-fantasy scenarios. You may on occasion discover that the same clip has been combined with more than one set of “Special Effects” each time to provide variety.

    I have it on good authority that their *AHIM* effect never wanes.

    Here's a way you can help us all enjoy more grownup fun and games. Concisely and precisely let me know which one(s) of my visuals really works their magic on you! That way, I'll have a better idea of how to appeal to you even more!



    Darling,I desire a captivating companion I'll captivate!

    To become and remain my favorite adoring Hypno submissive gentleman:

    • You reside within Los Angeles or Orange Counties within NO MORE than 50 miles from my home;
    • You appreciate large, well-bred, magnificent dogs like mine;
    • Whether you work fulltime or you're independently wealthy, you earn at least $60,000 annually;
    • You must be of a generous nature and truly enjoy giving.
    • You're willing, and able to escort me to a variety of events, and entertainments for both our pleasure.
    • You are well-balanced and enjoy your own personal and varied range of interests and hobbies outside the pleasures of fetish play, fantasy fulfillment and sensual hypnosis.
    • These hobbies and interests do not have to be shared by me or with me but should be shared with your friends and or family.
    • Darling, keep in mind....I'm not looking for chaos or drama. I'm much healthier and happier than that! :)
    • You must be discrete and know when it is and is not appropriate to share your sexual proclivities with others.
    • You MUST have a sense of humor.
    • You must have decent fashion sense.
    • You aren't obsessive, possessive, jealous, neurotic, psychotic, or sociopathic.
    • No one is perfect. However, you don't have any HEAVY DUTY emotional baggage, personality problems, or relationship issues.
    • Amongst other things you enjoy and appreciate nature and hopefully the fine arts and music.
    • Your ethnic/racial background and your religious or political beliefs aren't an issue for me as long as you have an open heart; an open, inquiring consciousness; and you aren't judgmental, critical, or negative. At least not when your in my company. :)
    • You are at least 34 years old and you aren't older than 70.

    My immaculate, beautiful, upscale home is in Seal Beach and near the Marina and the ocean.

    Honey buns, you'll be blessed to revel in mind-blowing, fantasy fulfilling sessions with me when I decide the time is right for US to indulge.

    Oh la,la!  

    NOTE- If you EVER stay with me for a while or it's the right thing for me and you to live together - My immaculate, beautiful, upscale home is in Seal Beach and near the Marina and the ocean.  


    I am an emerald-eyed, busty, blonde with shapely, hypnotic legs. I am classy yet earthy, intelligent and intuitive, creative and hardworking, cosmopolitan and yet quite natural, family oriented and as spiritual as I am kinky. :)

    I can be quite serious when necessary and yet very playful and fun-loving, personable and EXTREMELY PRIVATE AND DISCRETE.

    I´m well-balanced and relish embracing many standard and even conservative activities outside the realm of hypnoerotica and other risqué thrills.

    And these are only the appetizers of who I am as I dedicate Myself to becoming even better!

    So sweetie, based on my declared desires and requirements, are you the kind of robust, Renaissance man who can turn me on in many satisfying and stimulating dimensions?


    Then don't be shy. Be courageous! And what the heck! Take a chance - contact me! :)

    To my chosen one of a kind, chivalrous, modernized, truly, willingly and zestfully gentlemanly man among men, I promise you this: I will reach out and touch you deeply in so many ways...along with wonderfully wanton ways that will make your most exciting and erotic dreams come true!

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