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Darling, I am sure you already know that Franz Anton Mesmer is the pioneering father of modern-day mesmerism and that Alexander Graham Bell perfected the first working telephone.

It's been awhile since I've entrancingly joined you - with these two gentlemen's genius - in my inventively and INTIMATELY EROTIC ways!

Now your yearnings for Krystal's TELEPHONE tantalizations may be fulfilled!

Reach out and touch me... Between the hours of 10:00 A:M: - 5:00 P:M: [Pacific Time]

In our first-class one-on-one auditory time together we will magically make 'fantastique' phone fantasies as real as possible.
20 Minutes - $85.00
30 Minutes - $125.00

Call me! Let's playfully and passionately explore Mesmer's and Bell's greatest achievements in ways they (and you!) never dreamed of!

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