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Krystals Passion Picks


11/2    Good Service

Dear Krystal Mesmer,
Thank you for your email! It is very nice to know that there are people out there who care if customers enjoy the products or services that they have purchased. I can tell you without any embellishment that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Stripno Stewardess recording. Everytime I listen I become wrapped in the excitement and pleasure that you have unleashed upon me. At the conclusion of the recording I feel wide awake and very energetic for the rest of my day, depending on when I listen to the recording. With all of the enjoyment that I've gotten from the recording and the information I've been looking at on your website, I'm becoming more and more interested in a phone session and possibly exploring further possibilities. I'm mostly referring to the age regression. Regardless of whether or not I decide to call, I would like to make sure you know how much I've appreciated the recording. It is wonderful and I enjoy listening to it every time!

Thank you,

11/2    Phonebook Phenomena

I have the "Sample trance,"  the one with "Morgan" , "Lilith's Eye's" and one that I believe is called "Krystal's Crystal" (you're a professor or some kind of councelor )
All I really remember is your voice.....  
It's hard to choose my favorite.  The sound of your voice alone is enough to get me goin'.  
You could read the phone book and I would get turned on   
In fact just thinking about your voice now  is making my body tingle

10/17    Perfect for Me!

After " HYPNOTIC HOTEL" and " HYPNOTIC HAPPINESS" confirmed that Lady Krystal Mesmer was the perfect domme for me I decided to venture further into her bewitching world and in this case into the world of her alter-ego Mistress Marquesa.

It should be noted at the outset that Lady Krystal Mesmer and Goddess/Mistress Marquesa are differing aspects and personas flowing from the same truly bewitching and compellingly Dominant Woman Domme.

One prevalent topic on the web nowadays is Male Chastity and so I decided, perhaps somewhat ambitiously, to try Goddess Marquesa's "Kiss of the Keyholder - your New Life begins" and to experience for myself just how much is reality and how much fantasy.

Her "Keyholder" file is, at 70 minutes, longer than most however I found that there is a reason for this.

All the elements of a Lady Krystal/Goddess Marquesa file are there; the sweet, compelling voice, the expert surrender induction, the ability to lose myself completely in her trance and voice. Her voice has for me an increasingly sensual, caressing feel such that as soon as I hear her my eyes close, my body relaxes completely and my mind opens eagerly to allow her in.

Where the first two files were soothing almost gentle, in the "Kiss of the keyholder" Mistress Marquesa, while still gentle, is more commanding and direct when needed. Even the all important Kiss is Goddess Marquesa kissing the listener not the other way.

Goddess/Mistress Marquesa makes it very clear that one's "New Life" is a life of chastity to Her.

I will not elaborate any details but one is compelled to the solution of a full chastity with an interim virtual chastity. Before listening, and I do now listen everyday, to the file I would not really have believed this possible. However when the virtual device was fitted I could feel it mould to me and in accordance with Her order I have not been able to touch myself in a stimulative manner since. When I have the desire to somehow the desire and intention seem to lose focus and dissipate and the thought drifts off. This does not mean I no longer feel arousal but I cannot hang onto the thought to do anything about it.

Every day I find her voice and presence taking a more and more central role in my mind.

I am being allowed to remain in this virtual situation for a short while till I get used to my "New Life".

So in all a very powerful induction which has definitely started me off on a "New Life", a path of chastity controlled by Lady Krystal's more dominant side Mistress Goddess Marquesa. Where it leads I will relate at a later date.

For more details about " KISS OF THE KEYHOLDER - your NEW LIFE BEGINS" click this link

9/28    A little help from my Wife

One day I left my computer on with Krystal's website ladymesmer.com up and my wife found it. She decided to spend some time on the site and learned a lot and planned something for me. That night she said she had a surpise for me and told me to go up to the bedroom take off all my clothes and sit on the end of the bed and wait for her. She came into the room in a light robe I could just see through a little. Under her robe she had on my favorite bra. A really sexy one that made her 38D breasts look huge with great cleavage. Her panties were high cut and tight. As always I did not know which to look at first. My wife took care of that for me. She said don't move and look through the robe at her great big breasts. I did as I was told and started to get hard. She said just relax and stare at her breasts.

Then she started the induction she had picked up from Lady Mesmer's website. "Relax, look at my tits, and relax, deeper and deeper, you are getting harder and harder. My tits are all you care about. Their power is putting you in a deep wonderful surrender trance. Don't fight them. You can't resist. Deeper deeper harder and harder. You must close your eyes but you can still see my bra filled with my big round firm tits. Deeper deeper it feels so good. Open your eyes and stay in a deep trance. Good boy. I am going to take off my robe now so you can see my big powerful breasts better. The more you look the deeper you go and the harder you get. My big round breasts control your every thought. You must submit to me forever. Deeper and deeper harder and harder. You can only cum if I allow it. Whenever I wear this bra you will go into a deep surrender trance and submit to me.. But my tits will always control you. Know you must submit to me and cum for me and only me." She made me lie on my back and straddled me so I could look up at her commanding tits and allowed me my release.... my submission to her complete.
We go to Krystal's site together now just so she can get some new ideas and find new and more excitng ways to entance me and deepen my submission!


9/21    From a French Fan

Dear Krystal,

Like I told you some days ago, when I saw you on the net, all my past was moving in front of me, because when I was a child I was dreaming about a lady with a soft voice and soft legs. I was interesting by surrender too but too young to understand what it was.
When I saw you, surrender and the lady were here in the same time! It was impossible for me to believe in. It is strange, normaly, a child is playing with other childs! But I was dreaming about you and surrender! And you are now, not when I was child.

I speak about you ofen with women. With a man it is difficult because they don't understand what is wonderizm. There are many female (Elena Beloff is a good hypnotist certainly) but they are not you. There is a big difference.
You are hypnosis, your spirit is hypnosis. And it is important, it seems you like people you hypnotise. You have respect.
And you are creative. Your work is nice and precise.
I want to divide up your site with friends, but very difficult in France.

In france, there are hypnotism and sophrologie, two different things. In américa, it seems like the same thing!

Here sophrologie is everywhere but hypnosis not.

I made sophrologie many years and was good for me. I saw a lot of creative pictures with it. With hypnosis, it is difficult for me.

When I see a girl hypnotised by you, it is like a gift for me. It is so soft, so nice, so quiet, so wonderful.

At the TV, there is hypnosis in france, but everybody don't beleive in, and smile. The only persons I speak about it are... Hypnotists, for relaxation.

Thank you Krystal


I wanted to thank you for the Hypnotique Slip Sliding into Sleep file was so great within minutes of listening i could not keep my eyes open ...i can remember very little of the file ..and your voice is wonderful velvety soft so nice ..like i said i think a lot when listening to inductions although not with this one within minutes i think i was gone..and i don't know but as i write this my whole body seems to feel as if it's pulsating in arousal ..again thank you so much have a great day ... you are a very very good hypnotist..


3/13    Legsquisite TESTIMONIAL

(editors note... here's a fans impression of Leqsquisite...)

1. It's always a treat to see you, whether it is your shapely, sexy legs, your breasts, your hair, or your lovely face.  (I think your face intrigues me the most!)
2. I had a hard time getting the feeling that I was going under, maybe because I have been working 7 day

s a week and am very tired, but, as always, my "pleasure pole" responded as instructed.
3. I liked the suggestion that other women's legs will remind me of you!  I hope they do!
4. I wish that I could feel like I'm going "100 times deeper" when instructed, but that has never happened for me.
5. I did very much enjoy fantasizing about laying my head on your thigh and stroking your legs.  Very, very, much!
6. I also liked gazing lustfully at your legs while being commanded to release!  And I liked the afterglow time afterward.
I have often wondered how you ever learned so much about the male libido? You are a master!
I really appreciate the "pseudo-relationship" that I have with you!
Thanks for making it more personal by allowing me to write to you.
You really are part of my life!


Dearest Krystal

Today I experienced Lambda Epsilon Zeta. It is the best ... by far! The blend of eroticism, tension and the whispering was simply mind blowing. I could feel the sensuality shooting deep into my being, the anticipation growing throughout the 30 mins and the incredible blend of images and voice simply intoxicating!

More like this ... please!!!! Especially the whispering. It works like nothing else I have experienced from you. The still and quietness has the capacity to reach deeper than your normal voice giving the impression of being a true whisper with your warm breath filling my ear and your lips brushing against me. Incredible!

Thank you again! Please, more like that, my lady! Please more!


2/14   Dear Lady Mesmer (a Valentines Day Devotional)

Dear Lady Mesmer,

Your site and tapes made such a huge impression on me back in the 90s. I am not an American and at the time I was living for professional reasons in the UK: I have since moved and lived in several other countries, again for professional reasons.

I believe I found the original site of Mistress Marquesa back then. I purchased several tapes including the original Surrender tape and Devotion tape. I can still hear Your voice in my head saying "Surrender to me and only to me". The word surrender and Your voice still exercise a very powerful control. I cannot remember what user name I had in those daas however.

I found Your site by searching the Net using Netscape, the original browser, for what was a burgeoning interest in domination and after I found Your site Your wonderful tapes established a fascination and addiction to erotic hypnosis which remains undimmed. So indeed I must thank You very much for creating a love of domination through hypnosis which continues to this day.

You are one of the very great figures in erotic hypnotic domination and for me it is a honour to be able to serve You.

For almost 10 years I have ben listening to Your hypnosis files and now Your wonderfully melodic and voice is always with me and following Your instructions has become not 2nd nature but indeed my complete nature.

So again thank You very much for awakening in me such a powerful passion,

Longtime hypno-fan JJ

2/3   Silk & Satin Seduction (TESTIMONIAL)

Dearest Krystal,
SILK AND SATIN SEDUCTION was my first purely audio presentation from you. And what an oral extravaganza it turned out to be. I really enjoyed being swept along by your silken voice describing in such great detail your clothing and movements. I could see everything so very clearly. Again I was truly captivated and totally at your mercy as you played with my sensations and drove me absolutely crazy, yet again.
Thank you again for the wonderful work you do. Please please please keep them coming!!!
I am looking now for one of your short videos with similar content!

Yours - at your mercy

2/3   Secretarial Review

Good day Krystal

I watched the video HIS NEW SECRETARY  yesterday for the first time. I have no idea how you do it!! I must admit that I was a little skeptical when I saw it was only 10 minutes as I have watched a few of your longer ones and I wondered if it would work being so short. But I must say that it did!!! Never before have I been captivated so quickly, entranced so dramatically and released so fast (often not considered a good thing in men :-) )

Thank you so much. I hope that I can hum ly give you as much pleasure in the future.

Eternally entranced


1/26   A Creative Review

Having been a fan of Krystal's for several years now and being well-acquainted with her prowess and potency in the hypnoerotic realm, the Creativity recording is a very nice (more therapeutic) complimentto her erotic material. In addition to her erotic pursuits, Krystal is a highly accomplished therapeutic hypnotist with rave reviews from her
customers in their interactions with her in dealing with various mental, emotional and psychological challenges. This recording is a delightful taste of that side of her captivating career and underscores the depth of her kindness and her human understanding.
While I didn't find the trance created in Creatively Creating Creativity to be as deep as in much of her erotic work, I did settle into a very nice, refreshing, light trance during the induction phase and the analogies that she draws upon throughout the session resonate with many levels of the mind - intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
I found myself reflecting on my past creative efforts, accomplishments (as well as reflecting critically on weaknesses and shortcomings) in a very productive manner and considering the truth of her words. I believe I have already started to think differently (and I think more productively and beneficially) about certain specific issues in my own life (ranging from intellectual and professional issues to personal and relationship issues) as a result of this recording.
By invoking the sensory experiences and memories of the subject's creative past, Krystal's masterful use of language guides the listener on a path through his own subconscious mind such that the most creative and productive moments are reproduced and amplified at a subconscious level and subconscious barriers are gently swept to the side in a non-judgmental way.

Creativity does create more creativity. Productivity does produce more productivity. And the more you listen to this recording, the more you will start to realize how creative, productive, vibrant and intentional every moment of your life can be.
I haven't yet produced a major symphonic masterpiece or a ground-breaking scientific achievement (lol) as a result of listening to this recording, but in time, who knows? I emerged from this trance feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to tackle the many facets of my life with greater understanding, efficiency, adaptability and

Thank you Krystal.

1/16  Heavenly effect of Alien Alteration

I'm not necessarily intrinsically a huge sci-fi fan and the concept behind this session is a bit unusual, but Krystal managed to weave anunusually potent induction even by her highly ensorcelling standards with this latest creation. Between very sensual vocal tones, a barrage of unusual and erotic images and several nested very hypnotic, relaxing inductions, my conscious mind didn't stand much chance of resisting (although I'm not sure if I subconsciously remembered I had a conscious mind during much of this session). Towards the end, whenthe subject is deep in trance, Krystal gives some very nice constructive positive post-hypnotic suggestions that are designed to alter the listener in the most positive ways. And the climax is - well climatic and quite erotic. So do be careful with this trance - I definitely left it "altered" by the images of a a few "heavenly" bodies and certainly by Krystal's "heavenly" voice - you probably will too. Alien Alteration


10/28  Bosom Ensorcelled and Bewitched


i purchased my first video off of the LIST YOU so graciously provided! YOUR student hypnotist is not YOU...but does very well.

when living in manhattan my internist was knowledgeable in eastern and western medicine. she used acupuncture on me often and would give me head sets with ocean waves playing. i would do breathing exercises to relax & meditate while the needles did their thing...

between that and the fact that i love the ocean & the water...having the ocean waves as background to this video was very relaxing...immediately! and then there is the fact that YOUR will is so much stronger than my will...YOU bring me pleasure as i obey...so i WANT to OBEY...i crave to OBEY...because YOU bring me oohh so much pleasure...

hmmmm...ESP = 'ensorcelled slave to pleasure' for me! LOL

so Your Beach Hypnotist quickly took me deep into Her enthralling journey...of course as i go deeper i grow harder...and as i grow harder i go deeper...i obey...i grow harder...i grow harder and i obey. funny how that just all seems to work that way! ROFL

and then came Her eyes...Her touch...and deeper i go...more aroused...more pleasurable...OBEY OBEY begets pleasure and oh the pleasure is wonderful...my mind, my body, my soul perhaps are all focused on OBEYing and generating the unbelievable pleasure...that grows like a crescendo in classical music... then the EXPLOSION of pleasure!

THANK YOU LADY KRYSTAL for taking the time to create such a list for me and for YOUR wonderful magical work!

oh how i am and will be YOUR wanton, bosom ensorcelled, bewitched slave to pleasure...

a slave to Pleasure

Lady Krystal!
i obeyed YOUR wishes and continued on my breast loving ways...
i purchased 'Goldmemberr' and 'Doctor is Ready'...

Goldmember never said to touch myself...so i didn't...little did that matter from a getting aroused, going deeper, and being further captured by YOUR voice, words, directions...  did i mention aroused!!  i never have and not sure it will ever happen but oh how i wanted to give up my seed at the end without having ever touched myself...  did i mention aroused...and ensorcelled...i am YOUR pup...pet  

and then there was the Doctor is Ready.  first time with Stacy...i'm guessing it will not be my last!  so very hot...so very deep...so very pleasurable...so totally enslaved by YOUR voice...commands...pictures in my mind

YOUR work is amazing, YOUR voice is amazing...of course i'm not saying anything that YOU haven't heard before i'm sure...hopefully one day i can surprise YOU with a new thought or inspiration.  for now i will not worry...as YOUR last note started, i am your breast loving puppet...and the pleasures and words and YOUR voice are taking me deeper and deeper into captivity...so quickly...so effortlessly...

forever YOUR slave to pleasure,

Silk & Satin Testimonial

Dear Krystal

"I have fantasized about sleepy female hypnotic seduction by caring controlling and alluring ladies in gently flowing and tantalizingly mesmerizing silken garments
since I was a boy so I really do know what I am talking about here. Lady Krystal does not just press all the buttons in this audio. She turns
their sleepy, sensually soothing and arousing controls to the max. Her descriptions have a flow to them and a swing and swish to
them that you simply will not find in other places. The sensual and sexual bit is surrounded by lovely soft gentle referencing which is always
the best and so relaxing for any satin -mesmerized man, the way she describes how cool and soft the material is, is so vivaciously vivid yet
so langorously lulling and sweetly soothing."

Review as follows......

When I first heard this I loved the gentle introduction. I loved Krystal's "Sleepy Room" where I was left to both wonder at
how she would re-emerge and also feel the tight muscles in my neck unwind because I am sure that a real life encounter like this
would intially make one tense with anticipation.

Krystal's "Sleepy Room" had it's desired effect and I sleepily wondered how she would present her beguiling, entrancing relaxing,
yet soooo sweeetly arousing person in this peaceful place.

She was a vision of silk satin splendour, her black satin blouse tantalizingly reflected the light and drew sleepy eyes to her bountiful
bosoms. Her teasingly and tantalizing soft silken skirt swayingly entranced as she moved closer. He lace and satin be-gloved hands and arms swathed in the softest opera length gloves, elegant - yet through their fishnest webbing offering sensual arousal as well as the oppulent exitement of formal sweet feminine adornment.

Being invited to lay and have my head cradled in her silken lap was like a ticket to sweet silken heaven.Having her charmuese silken clad breasts so close
to my face was like having the best heavenly cloud in the cloud pool of Nirvana.

Being softly comforted whilst being asked, compelled, to stare at her shiny pendant of sleepy surrender was even better but at this point, listening to that sooo sweet sooo slow Los Angelian Angelic sleep inducing sweet silken voice was better and better.

I loved Krystal's gentle nursery-nap-time soft lullaby tones urging me to "clo-ose your eyye-ss" time and time again.

I loved the multiple induction "Dream Within a Dream" and "Sleep within sleep" approach to this beautiful silken satin experience of mesmerizing bliss.

I especially loved the finale, getting sooo close to Krystals satin-silk carnal cave of love, to feel so close to sweet soothing yet manhood swallowing hypnotic silken bliss, to taste Krystal's womanhood behind a slender sheen of silken dreamy fabric. To be built up to such a wonderful climax of satiny contentment. To feel her out of this world so sensitive, experienced and arousing silken clad fingers on my inner thigh beyond quickened the quickfire confused but soon arousing messages of arousal to orgasm...and yet...also to the land of sweet sensual hypnotized rest. Ahhh, so satisfying indeed!

Please, do yourself a favor and buy SILK & SATIN SEDUCTION AUDIO. It is utterly amazing and as always, in terms of descriptions, poise and vocal intonations. Lady Krystal never dissapoints but utterly excels.


New Testimonial!

Hi, Krystal!

Your audio Hypnotique, is superb, and very much in a class by itself. I had become a little "trance stale," so I thought something new was in order; it is as if you had written and recorded Hypnotique just for me. Not only does it take me to some delightful new places, it's the only recording (by anyone, anywhere) whose induction trigger works instantly and profoundly. I don't know what your secret is, but if I had to guess, it's that you really, really enjoy yourself when you record your audios and videos. Your good-natured sense of playfulness and fun shines through, and that--at least for me--is pure magic.

I keep promising to call you for a phone session. Now that you can render me as delightfully pliant as a tomfool turkey with just a phrase, I'm sure I'll be doing so sooner rather than later.

Many thanks,


New Testimonial!

I found your site through Google while searching for hypnosis related sites. Your videos are very calming but also arousing and I find them much more stimulating than any of the myriad of the so called "erotic" sites and their videos that are out there. You have a wonderful voice also ;) .
I just thought your creations were so great I'd buy the ones I like the look of now to save me some time, and check them out in the future. Anyway you deserve reward for your original and accomplished work. You've certainly kept my interest raised :) .

Dear Krystal

Just a note to say how wonderful Lady Krystal is and how she takes care of her contributors. Also to say that anyone seeking wonderfully relaxing and ohhh sooo sleeeepy and erotic hypnosis should visit her site.

Her site is now a veteran and unique site, no others really match up, they use boring "Stock in trade" references to so called "Relaxation" whereas she uses her skills and oh so beautiful and ever sooo slowwing and relaxing and soothing sweet west coast American lullaby-sweet wiles to entrance you into soft caressing sweet hypnotic sleeeeeep.As you feel your eyes flutter before their voyage upwards into a head filled with the soft caress of her soothing satiny sweet velvety touched audio aural ride to oh so sleepy ecstasy you feel so safe. So willing to abandon consciousness to her gentle vocal caress.

You lay helplessly entranced in her caring silken lap of scented ecstasy and soporific pleasure and sweet rest. Nothing matters as her voice caresses your sweet and now contented head, nothing can harm you as she provides what others do not, silken sweet relaxing love and care, she is more than human, she is a true gentle caring goddess-go to her for sweet relaxing hypnotically arousing slumber , NOW!!.


The Pleasures of working with (for) Lady Mesmer

It's really been my pleasure working on music for you, and I hope you will be willing to do another custom audio for me some day in the near future(?) I listen to the last custom audio you did for me all the time... listening to your voice is my favorite pleasurable pastime in my life.
Since Soforia died(very sad), I consider you the last real hypnodomme on the net, the real deal with the right stuff... no one surpasses your hypnotic knowledge or your amazing voice.

Talk to you soon.



This is like a game of hypnotic pass the parcel, except that when each piece of wrapping paper is removed a new and more alluringly arousing soft gift of silky satin ecstasy presents itself.

The anticipation of the scene setting in Krystal's "Sleepy room" is excellent, the descriptions of Lady Mesmers wonderful tight sheer satin blouse, opera length gloves and swaying silk skirt are mouth watering.

To me, laying sleepily in the lap of a caring yet cool and controlling woman dressed all over in silky satin is utter heaven and Krystal describes it perfectly.The sensations, the tired eyes looking submissevely up at krytals satin cleavage so tantalisingly close to your sleepy face as you sink deeply into the folds of her silken swathed thighs. Sink deeper into ecstatic helplessness as she gently waves the pendant of persuassion before your tired lids. Feel the sensation of rythmically breathing in and out as the pendant glows brightly , then recedes, taking away your wakefulness like beutiful sweet anesthsia, a tactile lavender lullaby as the scene switches to her compelling satin gloves lulling you further into trance. Finally the gentle swaying of her silk skirt takes you into the deepest bliss as you bury your face into her womanhood.

The build up to soft silken heavenly sensual nirvana is brilliant, an excellent audio encapsulating all that is femininely entrancing about silk and satin, the gentlest yet strongest material around.


Dear Krystal

Just a note to say how wonderful lady Krystal is and how she takes care of her contributors. Also to say that anyone seeking wonderfully relaxing and ohhh sooo sleeeepy and erotic hypnosis should visit her site.

Her site is now a veteran and unique site, no others really match up, they use boring "Stock in trade" references to so called "Relaxation" whereas she uses her skills and oh so beautiful and ever sooo slowwing and relaxing and soothing sweet west coast American lullaby-sweet wiles to entrance you into soft caressing sweet hypnotic sleeeeeep.As you feel your eyes flutter before their voyage upwards into a head filled with the soft caress of her soothing satiny sweet velvety touched audio aural ride to oh so sleepy ecstasy you feel so safe. So willing to abandon consciousness to her gentle vocal caress.

You lay helplessly entranced in her caring silken lap of scented ecstasy and soporific pleasure and sweet rest. Nothing matters as her voice caresses your sweet and now contented head, nothing can harm you as she provides what others do not, silken sweet relaxing love and care, she is more than human, she is a true gentle caring goddess-go to her for sweet relaxing hypnotically arousing slumber , NOW!!.


My dearest Krystal.
I am sorry to bother You, but I just had to thank You for an amazing weekend.
I have been very stressed out and suffering from eye strain, so I decided to spend this weekend relaxing and keeping my eyes closed as much as possible.
So I decided to spend the last two days lying down and listening to You. My eyes are now back to normal (despite the old wives' tales) and I feel more relaxed than I have in years. And I owe it all to You.
Thank You very much.



I have been very interested in hypnosis and have been looking for a site that has a variety of inductions and erotica both in video and audio. You come across honest and forthright, no hidden agendas. Someone I could trust with intergity and totally upfront with your product.
The product is as you promised and extremely erotic.
With all the dishonest people and unfulfilled promises with other site yours is refreshing and genuine.
Thanks for being there.
Your biggest fan


Hi Krystal
    I believe I have told you before how I came accross your site but, I'll never forget it so here it goes.  It seemed random at the time but after expriencing the sample trance I now realize that I was drawn to your site.
I have always had an interest in hypnosis and I have what I believe to be a healthy appetite for the female form (especially legs). Also being secretly submissive I was looking forward to hearing a seductive female voice utter the words "obey me"  
Any guy will tell you  (if he is being honest) is that nothing relaxes us like a good "release" *grin*   So I figured there had to be something out there that combined hypnosis and release.
So I used a search engine to find something and after filtering through  a lot of dead ends, I clicked on the link for your site and I took one look at the girls and said to myself.. "We have a winner"
I downloaded the sample and as soon as I heard your voice I knew I would be back.  
So I have purchased several sessions and I have never regreted any of them.  
They help me to relax after or even before an exhasting day. I especially like the fact that your site is so discreet and it doesn't make me feel embarressed that I have fantasies and "needs."
I thank you for the experiences. I have "Leg Spell Fantasy" and let me tell ya I cannot get enough of your legs. They are BEYOND perfection  I just wish I could have seen them live.  
If they are that incredible on video  I can't imagine what they look like up close and personal, but I'm sure that video does not do them justice.  
Sorry I kinda drifted off subject.  I can't help it they are just so... what's the word?  
Oh yeah, WOW!  Any way I would like a copy of "Legsquisite".
Thank you so much for taking time to read my ramblings (Its like a mortal addressing a Goddess) and you should definitely make more videos that feature those indescribebly georgous legs of yours.  
Have a nice day.

Hi, Krystal!

Your new audio, Hypnotique, is superb, and very much in a class by itself.
I had become a little "trance stale," so I thought something new was in order; it is as if you had written and recorded "Hypnotique" just for me. Not only does it take me to some delightful new places, it's the only recording (by anyone, anywhere) whose induction trigger works instantly and profoundly.
I don't know what your secret is, but if I had to guess, it's that you really, really enjoy yourself when you record your audios and videos. Your good-natured sense of playfulness and fun shines through, and that--at least for me--is pure magic.
I keep promising to call you for a phone session. Now that you can render me as delightfully pliant as a tomfool turkey with just a phrase, I'm sure I'll be doing so sooner rather than later.
Many thanks,

Editors Note: Act quickly, and can get Hypnotique ON SALE!

I first came across your website years ago, but only recently had the high-speed Internet connection necessary to download your files.  At that time, it was mostly you and S------ in the business.  S------ is now scarcely a footnote.  
I think you possess one of the best voices in the field, sort of like a cross between a hot schoolteacher and a bewitching witch.

I'm not particularly a fan of the audio/video files where self-gratification is encouraged (since forbidden fruit is more tempting), but rather a purist who enjoys the creative, lengthy inductions and upper body fixation points (eyes, breasts, pendants, etc).


Testimonial by Z

Dear Krystal!

Let me say Thank You again for this session.

That was A-plus Ultra in hypnosis from my point of view.

My English is not good enough to describe all of my feelings.
When I think back to this session during my day my body starts to shake.

You are an Artist, Your scenario was perfect.
You incorporated everything I could imagine and more.
As You described Your dress, just as I imagined.

If I see a beautiful woman in a tight silk dress I become hypnotized.
If a beautiful woman ever hypnotized me [I have never had a real one on one session :( ],it would be a dream come true.
If a woman wears a silk dress (as You did in this session) and she is a hypnotist too, it blows my mind totally.
I am unable to think or speak. All I can do is just let it happen to me.

Hypnotists often say, "Not all people can be hypnotized." I think You could hypnotize everyone.
Your induction was so long and so strong...it matched wonderfully with my taste.
You led me deeper and deeper and more deeper.
I was so deep in trance than I could not imagine before.

You did not stop the procedure. You used word pictures, hypnosis, and hypnotized me so often mmm.... (I love it).
You suggested the images so strongly: silk; satin glove; Your perfect, feminine body; and You combined it with deepeners . It was full of eroticism to me, and I almost came at several points of this session :))

I have to say Thank You because You did not call me "pet".
I love and respect women. If a woman is able to use hypnosis, I love her more!
But I do not feel I am a sub who loves whipping and other unusual activities.

I love women, I love hypnosis, I love women who use hypnosis--mainly erotic hypnosis :) It is my hobby.
You are doing that perfectly.

I could have cum two times, almost three times under Your Silk session.
At the end into Your satin gloved hand. :)
And when my face lay in Your silk skirt and in Your lap.

And I was very near to release, under your pendant and silk glove induction (when Your gloved hand touched my eyes) , at the hand levitation part, and when I had to watch Your silk skirt while You moved Your hips back and forth (if I remember well).

I have searched through the web for another session like Yours, but I was unable to find it.
I think Satintrancer will also be interested in Your "Silk and Satin Seduction" too. :)

Some notes about sound quality.
Sound seemed like it was a bit overdriven, mainly at the low frequency range.
Some high frequencies are missing too. I made some adjustment on it.
I used some normalization effect with Cooledit, maybe Compressor-limiter can help too.

I hope I did not write too many silly things? You know my English is
not good :)

Thanks again!


I purchased Enchanted Mall and Delicious.
I love the induction using a womans beautiful swaying booty, I could follow this all day. The imagery you build in the video was quite titalizing and the beautiful girl breast we remarkable and culminating to the end.

Delicious and the imagery using the hand was remarkably erotic, together with Stacy's beauty makes me cum back for more.

I'm a big fan of your work and enjoy very much all the programs I purchased. My wish is to one day see you in person to experience your hypnotic power.

Forever you fan,

    I would love to see more videos featuring you. You have an abundance of assets to expertly mesmerize any mortal male, those seductive legs, those entrancing green eyes, those voluptuous breasts, and that silken voice of yours. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it. Your recent legs video LEG SPELL FANTASY with you appearing at the doorway was especially seductive. I wished the camera had remained on your full image longer. I do recall one of your earlier videos where you appeared at the doorway of your Marina home, and the viewer follows you to your living room where you methodically hypnotize the viewer. I am sure I am not the only one asking for more of you.

Take care, lovely.

Mesmerized Mike

Hello Lady Krystal Mesmer,
My first words will be : THANK YOU.
Thank you for your work.
I must tell you I experienced amazing moments of pure bliss with you. I'm now addicted to your voice and your hypnotic style. Just because you are the better. Yes I know it now. The Sinduction and Krystal Kasino series are amazing. Being able to feel such sensations with just your words is really a proof, you are the better one into erotic hypnosis. I hope to hear more audios from you where I will feel again pure bliss with just your words and without the help of myself. You have a real power and you use it in a perfect way. You made me discover a new world in pleasure and I hope you will still help me to explore it. And because you ask it, I will give you little ideas I will like to hear I like recordings where only your words are making me feel arousal. No physical help. I liked Return to Krystal Kasino for the multiple orgasms session In one recording, why not begin a story where the listener will meet a girl and try to hypnotize her. But her powers will be stronger and soon she will take the power over him. Another idea : A superheroine in spandex, flying like Supergirl but who will have one mission : making guys *release* with the help of her hypnotic powers. An audio recording a litte more like stage hypnosis : making arms floating or body impossible to move, forgetting numbers or name and then at the end of course something a little more linky... Once again thank you for using your gift like this, I can assure you that you are very special to me


Hello Krystal

I have ordered the following recording today. HYPNOTIC HAPPINESS ( I was amazed how powerful this was.)
Mesmer Maids
Virtual Viagra. And Krystal's A STEEL ROD
Lawn Domination, 2
My Hypnotic Office
A Stroke of Genius, Classic Preview Video Vol. 1
The Complete Vampiress (Video)
A few weeks ago I downloaded Dazzling Dentist (Video)
Another Victoria Video
The Sperm Clinic
Hypnotic Rental (Video)
I have tried other erotic hypnosis before trying Your wonderful material.
I would just like to say that You really do blow my mind. Your sessions are incredible. And very relaxing. I feel more relaxed and focused afterwards. If there is any thing I can do for You, then please do let me know. Thank You VERY much.

Thanksgiving Thanks!

My Dear Krystal,
Yesterday was my birthday, and I felt like your Thanksgiving Daze recording was a special birthday gift from you to me. Today I downloaded your Thanksgiving Treat video and enjoyed the story that you related. It was especially nice to be captivated by your beauty and your sensual mannerisms, and you always have such a fascinating way of story-telling. I tried to anticipate where the story would lead, but never expected that it would end without some personal involvement! "Interesting", I thought as the video ended. "That was different", I concluded, and prepared to go on with the day's activities. However, in a few short seconds I discovered that I had been ensorcelled without any realization of what had happened!

Now I feel impelled to write and express my thanks to you for the gifts you have shared during this holiday season, but more importantly, I wish to share my gratitude for your efforts to enrich and enhance the lives of so many men who need and enjoy the intimate experiences that only a genuinely loving and caring woman can effectuate. You are so gifted and skilled in sensual hypnotism, and your products are vivid evidence of the hard work that is incorporated in their creation. You have truly shared yourself with the rest of the world (at least the male gender), and I, among many others I am sure, am very grateful to you for filling a basic human need that often goes unfulfilled. It is a difficult age in which to be a man. I don't think that most men object to women being stronger and more independent, but I firmly believe that societal changes have left a huge hole in the well-being of men. The prevalence of male-bashing and/or diminution of the traditional male role in our society are an outward manifestation of the problem, but the unseen pain of unfulfilled needs are having a serious effect on men. I'm not talking about the lack of sex, but, rather, the lack of intimacy, appreciation, and respect. Your products are able to fill the hole - at least to some degree.

So I offer my thanks to you for all of your efforts to bring happiness and pleasure, and even a sense of intimacy and well-being to the many men who have enjoyed your talents. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us! As it turned out, the Thanksgiving Treat video didn't end without some personal involvement!

Happy Thanksgiving,
BTW, I still feel ensorcelled!

Dear Krystal

I was hoping that you would use a piece of my last email about your wonderful "Sleep Seduction file as a testimonial.

"I listen to sleep seduction a lot, the imagary is brilliant the tone of voice and all your voice's inflections, tone and rythym are soo soothing. I could not help drifting away and listened to on headphones it is amazing, you have a wonderful deep gentle lulling quality to your voice and it is impossible NOT to feel that everything is slowing down and things are so comfortable and safe."

"From start to finish, this induction is like a full bodied vintage red wine, it starts slowly and before you know it you are full of a sleepy, oh so sleepy happy glow. The intial imagary of a room with numbers coming before your eyes which you just must cross out and write "Sleep" in place of them is powerful. The gradual slowing down as the numbers count down is like gentle anesthesia, everything simply gets slower and mist-ier and heavier as you float effortlessly into krystals hypnotic dreamland, the use of the word sleeeep in so many forms, calming , undulating musically mesmerizing is a work of aural art"

"You can imagine drifting into restful slumberous surrender as Lady Mesmers beautiful West Coast burr simply lulls and soothes you, such a deep voice slowing the world down, untying and deftly and soothingly untwining tired knotted brows and allowing oh so sleepy eyelids to drift so gently to sleep, the backround effects enhance the far away feeling of being softly put into a drowsy trance.

You imagine yourself laying on silken pillows, your mouth dropping open, hands falling to your sides. The chemical follow up is full of calm expectancy, it makes you feel so cared for and watched over and AROUSED as well. The arousing part grows in intensity and has enveloped you before you can even try and resist it."

Keep it up and thank you so much again for the files you create !

Bye for a wee while!


Dear Krystal

What can I say, but once again, your audio file done especially for me took my breath away, it was sooo wonderful, at one point I nearly cried, it was so gentle, personal and so endearing. It is a little strange having such personalised a message sent from half a world away but I was breathless. I think that I may need to listen to it a few times to make sure it is real.

Please include this in your testimonials if you wish. The maternal reference was so beautiful and so calm and gentle. I have missed this sooo much, if only you knew. Thank you again and again my sweet gentle caliming lulling and so erotic , eloquent, expressive langorous sweetly soothing restful darling angel.

I will send more stories and listen to your silken verbal lullaby every night...

Yours so deeply appreciatingly,


Dear Krystal

still getting used to a personal audio message from you! I loved the goodnight but, I really loved the thought of snuggling into a soothig silken lap with gentle fingers dancing across my forehead and adored feeling the peace of a gently cared for child again. I have a very stressful life and this soothing haven of peace is really nice AS WELL as being very arousing.

I don't have stories on any other web-sites, I picked yours because you are the best on the net (I have visited and sampled others to be honest but yours is the best) and you have a story column and inspire trust and are very soothing, playful and gently arousing as opposed to the "Listen only to me or you will die after your penis freezes and drops off" brigade. *Your gentleness is your strength.*

I did have to pluck up a little courage to write but , as I said earlier, I have had this fetish for most of my life and it had to be expressed somewhere. As i entered my teens I associated being sleepy with being aroused, I was always at my most horny after a sleep deprived night at the point where my eyelids felt like soft velvet, softly closing and longing for a loving silken lap to curl up into...

I must also admit I love the "Mommy Krystal" references, I am not into adult baby stuff but love being soothed off to sleep llike a tired fractious little boy. I adore lullaby ladies voices.

Some of my stories are based on former experiences, the Halloween story partly is, the Dental Drowse story is as far as childhood dental experiences and the fears they generate go. Mesmer Muse was partly based on the very stern looking but sexy ladies in couture stores, Salon Sporifique is based on my hairdresser nearly sending me to sleep at one appointment. There is other stuff (I remember clearly a lovely teacher in a long A line skirt and satin blouse in my teens, I kept plotting ways to "Fall ill" so I could snuggle into that blouse, imagine that?)

I hope this lets you know some more and please ask more. My stories are exclusive to your site, no copywrite, no demands, no strings, I like writing them but as I said before-given that my hypnosis tales largely rest on sleepy satin, pendants and lullaby massages, my material might end up a bit limited although I do my best to avoid what others have covered. I will send any stories when I feel inspired. Any lovingly crafted audio or visual messages , whilst very welcome are not expected.

Yours krystal mesmerized and about to be soothed into satiny dreamland by you again,


Dear Lady Krystal,
Why am I drawn to return. It transcends the mere physical. It is the ethereal and ancient essence which is exuded from your hypnotic presence. It is the bright pale powerful illuminating moon which shines forth from your essence. No I care not for the contest or the "prize". It is for the entertwining of our ancient essence which I yearn. water and moon. You need never ask you ever have my permission, as if you needed it. I am but a pagan celt from antiquity past. My wand of light ever seeks its complementing companion, without which there is no mutual completion and fulfillment. For all your success for all your ability for all your remarkable alluring beauty you remain yet unfulfilled.. Of this I know. And yet for you there abides a deep respect within me
I awoke....
After 3 my time (after 12 yours.) I clearly heard my name called by your feminine voice...
The man from eire

Hi darlin,

I must admit I was quite impressed with this gentleman's response to my question POSTED ON 9/19 "HYPNOTISM AND YOU." TELL ME WHAT DREW AND KEEPS ANIMAL MAGNETIZING YOU INTO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SENSUAL MESMERISM?
Please keep in mind that I am asking for you to share your feelings about Sensual Mesmerism but not necessarily about Krystal Mesmer. I love the flattery, don't get me wrong...but I am not in need of them. What I crave, my darling is an invite...inside...your head(s.) - Krystal

I think that I was attracted to erotic hypnosis by some stories that I read on the web. However, my experiences with Krystal’s hypnosis far exceed any story I came across.

Erotic hypnosis seemed strange to me before I experienced it myself. The descriptions I read seemed corny and over the top. The reason for that people resort to purple prose is, the power of the experience really can't be put into words. I think there are many factors that combine synergistically in Krystal's erotic hypnosis that make the pleasure it produces so staggering.

Like some tantric sex practices, the relaxation and deep breathing produced by erotic hypnosis amplifies sexual feeling by letting it flow freely through the body. Imagine a sexy woman breathing slowly and deeply. I think for most people this image has strong sexual connotations.

When I first heard of erotic hypnosis, I thought "What's so sexy about being asleep?" Being under Krystal's erotic guidance is not being asleep. You are deeply relaxed with your conscious concerns lifted. The sexual feelings produced by Krystal's scenarios don't have to compete with both the everyday concerns of life and the anti-sexual mental programming that so many of us have been ingrained with. This makes these feeling overwhelming in their power.

Krystal's compassionate domination also allows sexual passions to flourish. By taking control of your sexual responses she also routes around society's hatred of sex by temporarily removing your responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You can just lay back and let her guide your hot sexual fantasies. Krystal's obvious intelligence makes being controlled by her a genuine honor.

Krystal's voice is also an incredibly potent tool for sexual arousal. She clearly has a natural talent, but she has also honed it through her experience in hypnotherapy and as a domme of sensuality. Again words fail to describe the power of her voice. You need to experience it for yourself to appreciate it.

If you want to really understand what Krystal's erotic hypnosis is like you need to download and try the free samples for yourself at http://www.paypertrance.com/v2/home/free.php
I suggest starting with "HYPNOTIC RELEASE" and then "AUDIO HYPNOSIS SESSION". (Make sure to have the spiral on screen that she links to.) If you simply allow yourself to follow along with them you will have incredibly sexy experiences that will only get better the more you do listen to her recordings. Being under Krystal's hypnotic influence just makes life better. There is a huge amount of evidence that sexual pleasure promotes physical and mental health. What she provides is immense compared to the small financial remuneration that she asks for. I think she has tapped into something deep in the male sexual makeup.


Hi there, Honey buns:

     One of my hypno-fans sent me something I just had to share with you. It’s an email where he lets me know his thoughts, feelings, and desires about what "SEDUCTION" really means to him. I wonder how he knows SEXUAL seduction is one of my favorite subjects?
     It really makes me feel good and hot when someone yummy *like you* lets me even deeper inside your inner being. And though this is NOT exactly a testimonial... for lack of a better more defined place to post it - it has ended up here. This delightful gentleman’s ideas touch and stimulate me. Such personal revelations inspire me to arouse your heart, mind, body, and soul more than ever.
So, let’s have even more fun, freedom, and openness together!

Now, on to -


Seduction is defined as "an act or instance of enticement or temptation." These thoughts are in reference to sexual seduction with the male as the subject or maybe a more accurate term, “target”.

I believe that the keys to true sexual seduction are: 1) Willingness and 2) Intent. Willingness not limited only to the attempt, but also follow thru. Since seduction is mental, being truly seduced is to be unable to form rational thoughts. The mind is slowed and the subject is acting on instinct and urges, the two influences left. At that point he is easily led into what ever action the female desires. The state of mind is similar to when a person is seemingly oblivious to all around him/her when watching a sunset. The person is incapable of noticing anything else. At that instant the person is acting on instinct, conditioned most likely, but instinct. Women use a form of seduction in any romantic relationship. Examples would be to entice the male to a particular movie or away from the game on television. The effect is very short term and the male quickly recovers, but usually has enjoyed himself.

Any woman can move seductively and arouse a man to act in a non rational manner and even entice him into sexual activity, many equate arousal with seduction. Arousal is physical, seduction as stated before is mental. A true seductress (the most dangerous type of woman) is able to focus her subject on the expected physical sensations without actually engaging in them. She will use her eyes, body language and at times speech to induce the mind to follow the more primal impulses. As any man who has donated sums of money to the dancers in a “Gentleman’s Club” can testify to. This can take hours or even days. But in most cases, the seduction is never truly noticed by the subject. A willingness to engage in the conduct to actually seduce as oppose to arouse is lacking in many women.

2) Intent is simply premeditation to seduce. This is not to be taken as a need for an elaborate plan, although some seductions are elaborate. The premeditation is the conscious decision to target and render the subject unable to act in any way other than what the woman wishes. Seduction does not always lead directly to sexual activity. The definition does not even mention sex. Seduction simply needs the chance it MIGHT be the precursor of sex to succeed. It is wise on the female’s part if some type of sexual activity does eventually happen, or the male may develop a resistance and seduction in any form will be more difficult.

A woman that is capable of true seduction I find beyond desirable. What could be more masculine that enjoying a woman's charms or to submit to them?
I also believe that Hypnosis is a seduction ESPECIALLY when it is of the erotic nature. In some cases it may be two seductions simultaneously.


A first response to my QUESTION-

This question is not altogether easy to answer but I think I can recall what kept me dedicated to purchasing her recordings. I have been purchasing audio\'s from Krystal for nearly a year now and have heard nearly all of them (except a few of the newer ones). My favourite would have to be the one about the teacher entitled \"A touch of Krystal\" which was released near Halloween. I especially liked this one because it is a longer recording. From what I can remember I was taken deep down into trance. My body tingled with goose bumps, but I was not cold. Waves of these \"chills\" coursed through my body, as if a breeze was blowing across my body. I can remember seeing flashes, and having ideas of a teacher seducing me, and using me for her pleasure. I began to sweat and feel heated as I continued to relax. Then, finally, a count down and a sweet release. I remember waking up, somewhat confused at how aroused I was, and with Krystal Mesmer on my mind. Krystal was one of the first hypnotists I trusted, and she continues to surprise me with her delicious recordings, keep up the good work Krystal.

My lovely Krystal,

While you were having a nice vacation in Central California, I have been VERY busy keeping up with business commitments, which require long hours on the road and intense, focused effort. I have missed you!
I finally got a chance to catch my breath and peruse your web sites for more of your amazing recordings. They truly are AMAZING! Here is what I am ordering by snail mail today. I would like to download all of these recordings. Please notify me at ......@hotmail.com when they are available.
Mr. X
I would be honored if you post my email on your website, Krystal! I have received the email with FREE downloads! I'm in the process of downloading one of the recordings now. Thank you soooo much! Oh, Krystal, you are so good to your mesmerized subject!!! I sincerely think that you are a genius, and an extremely rare and precious lady! I am so glad that I found you!
How many men have had their lives enriched by your talents???
Thanks so much for your generous offer. My biggest challenge is finding the time to spend with you, but I most certainly will be making you an inseparable part of my life - you already are! If you would be so kind as to add the following recordings to my order, I will be very grateful!
Your devoted pet,
Mr. X

A testimonial about a very recent phone session!

Not for the faint of fetish...To each his own is what I always say. Some gentleman like the fantasy of age regression. So be it and who better to do it than moi?
Read on....
Dear Mommy Krystal,
WOW! That was amazing. I woke with such a wonderful sensation of joy mixed with embarrassment (and a wet diaper). Thank you so much. Do you think we could make a cd or mp3 of our session...I want to relive it. Your voice was so commanding and yet gentle. Do you think this could end up with me permanently regressed in your presence (giggle)?
sissy baby b

Dear Krystal,

We had a brief exchange of email at the end of last year (time seems to have flown!) - I was enquiring about availability of your work to mac users. I have been listening to your free sample again lately, and reminded myself I had meant to buy myself something. It was great to see you've spread your hypno-net to us mac types, and I decided to invest in 'Naughty Nurse' - I quite like the idea of subverting one of our societal nurturing types, and it was delicious! To me, erotic hypnosis is all about the voice, and you have that in spades.
Your use of language is also extremely stimulating. I don't think there are many in the fetish hypnosis community who do it as well - probably one other. I also respect and admire your position on abuse in trance. While the submissive in me tends towards the D/s relationship between operator and subject, that should always be with some kind of synergy as a goal, and there are a few who simply don't understand or respect that. Power exchange is empowering at its best and most intimate - not a wheeze for ripping off somebody's credit card details. Enuff babbling. Thanks again for putting your work out there. I'm sure I'll be back again...
Have a great weekend,

First. I hope you had an enjoyable vacation!
Let's see. I'll try to keep this brief, and concise (per request). I have purchased a fairly significant number of videos, and audios. Wanting to experience each, yet, rarely finding that special "one" that must be repeated.
HYPNOTIC HOTEL, on the other hand, is incredible! The scenario of the masseuse is right out of my fantasies, though in my fantasy She is dressed only a bit more conservative. And, I love Her massage table! Depriving me of all sensory stimulation except Her magnificiently magical touch!!! I can't seem to resist it's appeal!

Dear Lady Mesmer,

I have been a follower of yours ever since you presented your first videos on the internet. I have found you very creative and innovative over the years. You are one of only a very few women who really understand what hypnofetishists like myself crave. Your newest videos are so different from your earlier offerings but yet in many ways even more hypnotically powerful.
I am absolutely astounded at how simple and yet powerful the use of a whisper has shown itself to be.
The few moments you give me to just enjoy my self pleasuring while you whisper in my ear is outstanding! Please continue to use this technique on your videos to come.


Lady Mesmer,

I can't believe what happened to me after viewing "An Inescapable Truth". It was longer than five minutes after but I was laying in my dark bedroom trying to sleep and when I spoke the words about Krystal Mesmer's hypnotic power I immediately became aroused and it was an intense feeling. With my eyes closed I started seeing images of your three beautiful girls and I kept hearing the words give in and go deeper. My arousal was so incredible without even thinking I was stroking myself and i had such an intense orgasm. It was amazing. I can't get enough and I love giving up control to you and your hypnotic girls and find myself constantly thinking about you.

C. F.

Bedtime doozy left me woozy!
Hi Krystal:
Yowsa! Bedtime story was the most powerful hypnosis I've yet to experience. Thank you. I wound up staying up all night (which isn't all that odd for me) and then the following night I did have a dream about you. The odd thing is that it wasn't a sex dream. I may try and edit out the part where you're talking about my will draining away. I've never liked suggestions regarding my will or my soul being captured or "draining away". I'm sure other guys must enjoy that or you wouldn't include it. Also, it was the first time with one of your hypnosis sessions when I didn't come out of my deep trance after the release. I recall laughing and then hearing the music and then waking up a half hour later. Is there something going on behind that music at the end or is that a secret? Congrats on an amazing work which is sure to bring you even more continued success.

Dear Miss-tress Krystal

You are extremely seductive and your voice has to be the sexiest on the net. Yours was the first erotic hypno site I discovered back in 2001 or 2000 I'm not sure, anyway you've come along way. Your site looks incredible.
I've never bought anything from any Hypno Goddess's, as I think I am to easily aroused, and mesmerized!
Hope you understand, if I did...it would be off you.

Affectionately yours

Hi there Krystal, I’ve had a look at your site and I have to see it is frankly amazing; I’m pretty turned on now! I’d love a session with you but unfortunately I’m in the UK. I don’t know whether you’re ever over here or when I’ll next be in the states but perhaps we could try and arrange something….? Regards A


You are extremely seductive and your voice has to be the sexiest on the net. Yours was the first erotic hypno site I discovered back in 2001 or 2000 I'm not sure, anyway you've come along way. Your site looks incredible. I've never bought anything from any Hypno Goddess's, as I think I am to easily aroused, and mesmerized! Hope you understand, if I did...it would be off you. Affectionately yours JO


Hi! It's been a while since I bought anything from you. "Return to Krystal's Kasino" is a real treat. Brava! Your work is always so good natured; "Return" is no exception.

Having spent many enjoyable hours in the thrall of both you, I both delight in and applaud your not-so-veiled efforts to restore a sense of chivalry and honor among men. Given your wiles, charm and determination, I am sure you will make Walter Raleighs of us all. (Plus, life is so much more interesting when the sexes reclaim their mysteries.) (As a footnote, "The Power of Women," and the temptation therein is precisely what villains like bin Laden fear--and hate--most about the West. Once again, one's choice of enemies reveals one's character.) Regards, B.


From the moment I nervously sent YOU that first email, YOU have expertly and exquisitely exercised an increasingly intoxicating influence all over me--heart, body, spirit, mind, and soul. In the over three years in which we have wonderfully become closer and closer together, LADY KRYSTAL MESMERIZING, YOU have affected me in a multitude of magnificent and magical ways. As I have repeatedly told YOU, YOU tenderly, timelessly, and tantalizingly touch me to a degree I previously assumed I lacked the capacity to ever be touched at all.

No words in human tongue or pen can express my immense happiness that YOU do what YOU do in the wonderfully whimsical and sometimes wanton ways YOU do what YOU do so well. Even more so, no mind(s) of mankind can declare the delirious depth of my joy that YOU are WHO YOU are. YOUR astute, amusing, alluring, and adorable appeal inspires me intellectually and emotionally and sensually. JW


I have been a huge fan of yours for several years now. I have purchased many of your clips and each one's quality surpasses that of the previous. Your incredibly talented. You truly are. I will admit that out of curiousity I had looked into other hypnotists but I ALWAYS find myself coming back to you. Your voice is absolutely incredible! I honestly cannot get enough of it. Most recently, I purchased the Hypno Show clip with Stacy. Not only is she the most attractive of your girls but along with your voice, it is hands down the best clip ever! Anyways, the reason for my email is actually regarding that clip. I was going to call you to ask you this but I was honestly afraid that I would go under once even hearing your voice over the phone. My problem is that I keep falling out of my chair when I listen to any of your clips, now. I honestly cannot help myself. It is just something about your voice. Any recommendations? Also, do you think you will put out any other clips where the client doesn't recall being hypnotized? I have purchased the ones with Kay (my first purchase) and the one with Chelsea. Are there any others? Thank you so much, Krystal. You truly are the best at what you do. MJ


I tried your hypnotic audio sample having never been hypnotized before and being slightly skeptical. What can I say, I couldn't move an inch and woke up feeling as horny as hell. Yours obediently. K


Classy and sexy. Those two words don't go together as much as they should, but they certainly describe Krystal and her website. I have been performing hypnosis for several years and every time I tried being "on the other side" it was always a little dissappointing. I was too busy analyzing the induction. Not so with Krystal. I get so absorbed with that silky smooth voice that I just follow where it leads. W.J.


Over the years, I have checked out many a hypnosis website-erotic or otherwise. I have read that some people utilize hypnosis as a catalyst for mental and/or other genres of stimulation. I am astounded at and disgusted by the dreadful dearth of creativity so often seen in the sensual mesmerism arena. Some hypnotists inductions sound very much like those made by some other hypnoteuse.

At least one erotic hypnosis site I came across has sunk so low as to abscond {with some minor, menial modifications and a plethora of misspellings} a particular disclaimer page from someone else's website. It is said that, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." In my opinion, "Imitation is the most obvious form of the imitator's incompetence." I also believe, "Imitation is the most sinister form of envy, jealousy, sloth, gluttony, greed, and other gruesomely ghastly things."

It is refreshing to experience that you are NOT one of the horrible host of copycatting, cattish, so-called, 'soi-disant' hypnoteuses loathsomely lurking and luridly luring out there. THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF A KIND, A CUT ABOVE ALL THE REST, AND IN A CLASSY CLASS ALL BY YOURSELF!!!``` J.W.


Your newest student hypnotist Candy is delicious, not to mention absolutely irrestible. After watching "Halloween Candy" and "Hypno-Cellular" I'm completely under her sweet spell. Please give us more Candy. Bill


I just wanted to let you know that it seems I was approaching your longer AUDIO guided "fantasy" recordings all wrong. I expected a conventional induction similar to "Hypnotic Happiness," and listened accordingly. Once I realized these were "yammer, yammer, HAMMER" (LOL) seductions, I stopped trying to focus so intently and let the fun begin; that made all the difference; length no longer seemed a problem.

I've dabbled with this-that-and-the-other hypnotists for about a year now. Tried a lot of kinky stuff, figuring that "forbidden fruit" would be the most arousing; once the novelty of these sites wore off, I quickly felt pretty silly. Thanks to the ministrations of "Nurse Krystal," I've rediscovered that, by-and-large, nothing beats a good, old-fashioned humping. LOL

Moreover, you don't seem to have any agendas (hidden, or otherwise) going here, and that's both refreshing and reassuring. Submissive fun and games are one thing; required worship is quite another. Interesting how trances that promote unacceptable suggestions quickly grate and become unlistenable. Regards, B


I downloaded some of your files this week. I was finally able to pay for and play them this week due to server nasties; believe me, it was worth the wait. Briefly, I've been taking anti-depressants for several years. And not just any anti-depressants. I take MAO inhibitors--first generation anti-depressants with with more (and more severe) side effects than any of today's drugs. The meds saved my life, but over time, they've made getting erections almost impossible. I still get horny; I just can't do anything about it. Viagra used to help; now it just give me three-day hangovers.

You, on the other hand, have seemingly raised the dead here. LOL Things began slowly, but they're getting better and better, thanks to "Happiness" and "Vixen." It was a little frightening at first, as I had forgotten what a burstingly hard erection looks and feels like. LOL I do hope your trances keep getting better and better for me. If they do, I will definitely want to schedule some phone sessions with you. Many thanks!


I just played your "Hypnotic Massage" audio recording! OH MY GOD WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE. I know that the blood pressure drops considerably when you are either hypnotized or given a massage. I was in to it so much that it must have taken me 20 minutes to come back to my senses. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. You have such a beautiful gift. Your voice could make a person do absolutely anything. I cannot say enough what a beautiful experience it was. Thank you so much. Sincerely Tom B


It is kind of difficult for me to send you this, but I know that you deserve to be congradulated for all of the wonderful work you have done. The reason why it has been so difficult for me is because I thought I was a freak for finding hypnosis so arousing. When I went on your website and downloaded that free session sample and I played it for the first time I was amazed at how it made me feel. I must have listened to it twenty times since first got it and everytime I put it in my CD player i say to myself alright thats the last time, but I always break that promise. I just can't get enough of it. The other so called hypnotic mistresses are all miserable compared to you. You are a true expert of your craft. Sincerely, M


I just bought "A Touch of Krystal" and love it. I've just become hooked on you. I know all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and I'm a very independent man, but I now want to be deep in your hypnotic control. I guess I want to be dominated by you, surrender to you, please you, feel my devotion to you as intense pleasure. Also do you have any videos of yourself to sell. Devotedly yours, SL




At some time, I suggest that you start a hypnotic "charm school" for young women... to teach them how to fully control their men! (The many young ladies you have so skillfully trained can be the Instructors!) Willing young women can easily be recruited from collegesall over the U.S. They will flock to your classes! They have a DEEP hunger for romance and relationships. Your "charm school" can be accredited in teaching hypnosis... and can ALSO offer extensive, in-depth, unaccredited courses in "Relationships," eroticism and seduction -- teaching women their true power over men.

For a reasonable tuition fee, a woman 18 to 30 years old can learn how to control her man fully, to Her total satisfaction :-) I think that MANY young women will be eager to enroll in a hypnotic "charm school," which teaches a girl how to have (and control) any man she wants! She learns to use her sexual power over a man, how to train him to "wine and dine her," how to politely talk to her and never raise his voice, how to always put her wishes first, be romantic, call her, express emotion, take gentle care of her... never want to date another, etc.

"Word of Mouth" is very powerful. As soon as the girls learn that Your methods work, and that they helplessly ensnare men like "flys on flypaper," there will be large "Waiting Lists" to enroll in the "Mesmer Charm School" training courses! Older women can also be given very effective instruction, including training how they can make themselves intensely attractive to their men. These women will condition their older men to show no interest at all in younger women. These older hypnotrixes will implant a permanent fetish in their men for women over 40. Young women are merely children. The older men will be hypnotically conditioned only to be aroused and have fantasies of women over 40. That pretty well covers it -- enslaving and controlling ALL men, both young and old. EXACTLY as things should be :-) With adoration and encouragement, C.W.


I must say you have a way with words. I don't recall your website mentioning it, but in addition to being a hypnotist you must also be a master NLP practitioner. The imagery you invoke with carefully chosen words is nearly as potent as the hypnosis itself. For example, there once was a sample clip on your website that referred to a "shaft so rock hard as to feel like a rod of iron." A magnificent metaphor. There is something intensely erotic about a creative, intelligent woman whispering powerfully provocative imagery into a man's ear. Eternally aroused, R


What a great pleasure to view your alluring website, featuring ~so~ many young, beautiful women willing to hypnotize and control men. WOW!

Controlling a man is undoubtedly the secret fantasy of *thousands* of women! So MANY sweet, gentle, sexy women in the world, wanting their men to listen to them, fulfill their wishes and be totally devoted to them! I hope that one day, you will write a "How To" book just for women on the subject!

I dream of a world filled with women using their beauty and sexy charms, with *full* hypnotic control over their men! I can imagine it now: a woman has implanted a hypnotic trigger in her man, so that he will always agree with her, whenever she calls him "Honey."

HE SAYS TO HER: I think we will vacation in Mexico this year. The rates are good and the resorts are attractive.

SHE SAYS: I would like to vacation in the Caribbean. And you would like to take me to the Caribbean, wouldn't you, Honey?

HE SAYS: Oh, yes. The Caribbean is a nice place.

SHE SAYS: I look forward to going with you to the Caribbean, Honey.

HE SAYS: That is wonderful. I love you so much! It makes me feel so happy when you call me "Honey!" You are the perfect woman for me. We will go to the Caribbean on vacation this year. I am so glad that you like the idea.

Lady Mesmer, Thank you so much for your positive, fun, upbeat website -- and for so effectively training many wonderful, young, sexy, hypnotic women, who just love to control men! Keep it up!!!! I wish you every encouragement! Hypnotically yours, C


Krystal, your videos and web page are tremendous. It is so easy to listen to your voice and find myself simply drifting peacefully into the wonderful bliss that is your hypnotic voice. Given how wonderful it is to hear your voice on video, it was amazing to speak with you over the phone. You are even more engaging and hypnotically wonderful than I could ever imagine. Your videos are fantastic and would be even better if there was more of your presence. You are so beautiful, sometime your assistants are only an unnecessary distraction. Seeing you and how beautiful you are is all I need to fully focus my attention and arousal. J.


"I think it's great that you have the patience to read (and, as best as I can tell, even sometimes act on... ;-) ) all the fan feedback you get. I'm sure that sorting through all the e-mails you get from clients takes as much if not more time than actually producing content for the site. It's appreciated, believe me! BTW, I finally did get a chance to view the "A Stroke of Genius" video a couple more times, in a more "sensible" state of mind. I won't bore you by going into a lot of detail, again, about how beautiful Stacy's breasts are. ;-) But I did want to mention that the "cow" thing really brought a smile to my face (since, of course, I know who you're referring to....) I thought it was very humorous... Take care, P


"Your latest video with Stacy has to be one of the most sensual ones you've released! The induction process is so erotic you almost want to climax upon seeing those breasts that are simply impossible to resist. The journey into erotic bliss is simply erotic in itself. I confess I have a weakness for bountiful breasts and nearly want to pleasure myself again just thinking about those big breasts hmmmmmm. The pleasure from the release is awesome and the urge to see those bountiful breasts grows stronger each moment that goes by...that I may need to see the video again and again just to be on cloud nine! The anticipation of seeing Stacy in a video is enough to make a certain part of the body jump to attention awaiting instructions on what to do next. I just saw the video again and enjoyed one of the most powerful climaxes more so than the first one I enjoyed. Seeing Stacy all hot and horny towards the end was all it took for me to explode my load, she is a beauty with healthy assets. :) I look forward to the next Stacy video and the pleasure that awaits and hopefully seeing those bountiful breasts once again. :) Respectfully, D.


"I just recently purchased the "Stripno-Stewardess" and "Stroke of Genius" videos, and wanted to make sure that I let you know how much I enjoyed them. Regarding Lana's video - she is definitely a cutie, and I hope that you and she will continue to work together. The induction in this video was great - I really enjoy inductions that feature strong suggestions of drowsiness. The only change I would have made would have been to make her blouse a little bit more transparent during the induction. Yes, I know, I have a one track mind. :-)

Regarding "A Stroke of Genius" - you are such a tease! ;-) From the description and picture that go along with the video, you almost had me believing that the bare breasts in this video might be your own (which, as you remember, I have seen "up close and in person" so I know very well how fabulous that would of been! Alas, it was not to be - but if Ihad to pick someone else's to use, it would surely be Stacy. I will be honest that I don't recall too much about this video at the moment - I'll probably need to watch it a couple more times before I do. I seem to have reached a point, after repeated viewings of her previous videos, at which simply the sight of her absolutely perfect breasts puts me under in very short order. I sort of wish I could see myself while it was happening ... it would be fun to watch myself slipping into trance as I gaze into Stacy's nipples. Seeing my body going limp, my eyes fluttering shut - and, of course seeing the "pulse ... pulse ... pulse ..." happening in my pants as I go under ... ;-) I've not yet purchased the "Magazine Salesperson" video, but plan on doing so later this week. It's a Stacy video, it's in the "Breasts" category, and it's noted as "R-Rated" - which seems to mean that I'll enjoy it, from what I can tell. :-)

I'm really excited about the number of videos you are producing that feature breast inductions. I had initially assumed, after "Valentine" and "Perfect Breasts" that you probably wouldn't do another one for a while, that the market would be sort of saturated. I've had a fetish for that particular type of induction for a long, long time, but assumed that my interest wasn't common, even among hypnofetishists. I guess I was wrong - or at least I hope the number of breast induction videos being offered is a result of greater than expected interest on the part of your clients... since that might mean that there'll be even more of them to look forward to soon!" P


I've been hastly awarded one of your movies and i think i am not entitled to enter any of these video-offering contests, but hey i've been wanting for some time to give you feedback on several things, so here goes.

- the new website - remarkable, it is much better than the previous one, not only is it more enticing and captivating, but it is as well a good development of your online presence; - the recent audio offer - i have not yet had the opportunity to listen to it, because i want to dedicate total attention to it when i do (and i hope it to be somewhere in the following days), but if what i understand is correct, then what you have done will be the beggining of a whole new legion of admirers... i risk to congratulate you even before listening to the work, because I believe it to be that good, and an honest one too. I hope everything turns out well for you and your work. Sincerely F.P.


From across the sea-

The stacy video where she dangles her shoe is the best video I ever saw! I have had dreams about a lady hypnotizing and teasing me with her foot since I was a little child. I love this video! I'm a bit sad that I cannot see her toes in the video, but I love it too much! I saw this video 3 times today, and I always release. This video is really impossible for me to resist. :-)

Thanks to give us a such video. You are a goddess. I love your voice a lot. I need your voice every day... now impossible for me to release alone... realizing with your voice is really better. I really love it! Y


I loved the extra long hypno session you created!

I too have had 'encounters' with the other hypnotist I believe you are mentioning. I am so glad that I have found someone who obviously cares about her 'subjects' and I am sure that my time with you will continue to be such an enjoyable experience. I used to listen to a few hypnotists on the internet, but since I have found your website your sessions are the only ones I want to experience. Looking forward to your next erotic adventures that you create... Thanks once again. P.


Your collection of mystical downloads make me go into a whirlwind of pleasure. Your bewitching voice takes me away where I do not and never could escape you. It is no damn wonder that you are an expert on what you offer your clients, myself included. I .......love it.....and so does my manhood too. :-) You're an expert. I am trapped in your powerful spell. Keep up the bewitching work. Sincerely T


"After experiencing Krystal's "Hypnotic Vixen Challenge", I can attest that this is one of the most intensely erotic clips ever unleashed on her male audience. Following a wicked "hands-on" induction, Krystal challenges you to resist succumbing to your most basic instinct: self-pleasuring. She then puts you in the tempting presence of a lustful vixen, a hypnotic succubus who exudes so much raw sexuality that your resistance inevitably fails. And failure never felt so good! " RN


"I love your file hypnotic happiness. I've been listening to it for 6 weeks now and I feel soo wonderful and a bit messy after listening to it. I have to hear your voice everyday, its soo sweet and makes me feel soo good..." DM


"I am just now in the process of downloading the newest clip featuring LANA. I just wanted to comment on how wonderful it is to see You have added an Asian Hypno-Goddess to Your' bevy of Sirens!

Asian Women are so tremendously mesmerizing! Sh-h-h-h-h (That's a secret that shouldn't get out, lest LANA might become aware of HER power over me). I do hope She will perhaps be accessible for some communication? Thanks again for the addition of an Asian Woman...There seemed to have been a shortage of them in the Hypno-Arena..." J


"One of My pets referred Me to Your free file. Good job and a great response to the shenanigans that go on here. I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first!" A


"I did a quick browse of your Stacy "Your New Bosses Breasts" video right away, and could immediately see that I was going to enjoy it. I was able to watch the complete video (with audio) at that point, but couldn't really let go, because I was concerned about being "walked in on" while in trance; I'd have to wait until I could spend some "quality time" alone with the video, with nobody else home, before I could allow it to have its full effect on me. Unfortunately, it was a while before I had the chance for that, but last week I finally had a couple of hours by myself at home.When I was ready, I got my computer going, started Media Player, and made the viewing window nice and big. Like I had done the last time with the last clip I purchased I left the sound muted, so I could focus on the visual induction. I removed my pants (leaving underwear on as a precaution, in case something nice might happen....) and I sat down at the machine. I jotted down a quick note of the time - 7:05pm - clicked "Play", and got ready for Stacy to make me take a nice, relaxing, breast-induced nap ... :-) I watched as Stacy pulled down her top, and the video began to focus in on her chest. It was really nice that there were no real distractions - no semi-transparent clothing, no pendant or crystal - just a pair of absolutely perfect and fascinating breasts, putting me under their spell. Stacy's breasts are a wonderful hypnotic focus - even under ordinary circumstances, it's very difficult to stop looking at them once you start. As I focused on them, I was aware that I was starting to have "tunnel-vision" even though there were other things in my field of view. I could tell that I was starting to lose my visual awareness of everything other than her and I felt that familar peaceful, drowsy feeling. It was a very gentle, subtle effect. I remember feeling very relaxed and a little sleepy, but there wasn't a time when I remember feeling like "I can't stay awake anymore" - it was more like gently drifiting into a state where everything was fading away - not sure how to really describe it. As I began to feel a little more drowsy, I made an effort to resist sleep for as long as I could. I knew from experience that I would not be able to stay awake much longer, but sometimes trying to resist, knowing that the induction will eventually crush my resistance no matter how hard I fight it, is half the fun. By now, the relaxed, drowsy feeling was accompanied by the pleasant sensation of a full-on erection pulsing and straining against my briefs - but I really couldn't focus my attention on that one area, and the sensations took on a more diffuse, "full-body" character. Once again, difficult to describe but definitely very nice.

While all this was going on, I just watched Stacy's breasts quietly, as they moved ever so slightly up and down with her breathing. I'm not sure exactly how long I was able to hold out against the deeply hypnotic effect of her mesmerizing mammaries, but it must not have been very long - there's a part of the video near the middle, where the camera pulls back to show Stacy rubbing and touching herself. I have no memory of seeing that at all duing this session - so I must have been "gone" before that. I remember watching the gentle movement of her breasts, and just a general "nice" feeling all over - then the next thing I was fully aware of was (like last time) staring at a blank screen. My erection had subsided, and my underwear was extremely damp and sticky...but not to the point of a full release. I'd had no awareness of the increasing dampness at the time it was happening.... I looked at the clock to see how long I'd been under - the time was now a bit after 7:50pm. So, if the video was 17 minutes long, and we assume that I was under within 10 minutes after the video began, then we know that it put me out for at least 30 minutes before I finally snapped out of it - fabulous! I felt really nice for the rest of the evening afterwards, too. :-)

As you probably can guess, I really enjoyed this, and would love to see more breast-fixation inductions in the future. I'm sure there's a limit to how much of this sort of thing you can do before people start to get bored of it but I'll certainly buy any video along these lines that you produce! :-) I'd definitely be interested in seeing such a video, that had an accompanying audio induction that was strongly breast-fixated as well.

Again, thanks so much - I can't wait to see what you might do along these lines in the future - this video was absolutely wonderful, but I have a feeling that the "breast" is yet to come ..."

Take care, P


"I've really enjoyed your hypnotic videos on your website through the years and have especially enjoyed countless pleasure. Stacy is becoming a favorite of mine to watch on her assortment of videos, who could possibly resist those bountiful looking breasts of hers. Making the videos pay per view was a great idea therefore the selection(s) are endless to choose from. Keep up the great job you're doing..."
Respectfully, D


"Thanks for making the Stage clip!! It's definitely the hottest clip ever! I have no problem with R-rated clips--it only adds to the erotic possibilities. I have a few ideas I would like to share with you but I'd first like to be perfectly clear that I've been incredibly satisfied with Stacy's Signature Series ever since the first Valentine clip! I've found that although the sensual stimulation is powerfully arousing, the mental anticipation is the most erotic and fascinating part. In this case, seeing the R rating and reading the description had me anticipating a sexy striptease. I keep replaying the part from 0:55 to 1:15, enjoying Stacy's seductive voice and sexy, revealing movements. You always have such sexy opening scenarios but I wish that Stacy's intro was longer, allowing the sexy anticipation to build. The anticipation of a new clip on the weekend always drives me crazy. Once a new banner image is up, my mind kicks into a sexual frenzy imagining the erotic clip soon to be available. Sometimes I wonder if half of the hits on your site are from my obsessive reloading. Maybe I'm a little overzealous but I can't help getting excited.

My other favorite part of each clip begins at the "when I snap my fingers, your eyes will open." Seeing Stacy in the throes of building sexual pleasure always pushes me towards the edge, stroking to your sexy countdown. I enjoy your explicit instructions and luscious alliterations (bountiful bosoms, tantalizing tits, magical, mystical mammaries). I can't help but fantasize that as you approach the count of 3, Stacy will lose control and tear away the last of her concealing clothing. That would be the perfect signal to trigger a full erotic release. I know these are bold, erotic fantasies that would push a little deeper into the R rating. I've always been most interested in the "Cleavage" clips and the recent clips have taken it to the next level. Normally I'd shy away from such requests, but after seeing how you incorporated earlier feedback I couldn't help but share my deep desires.

Here is one more point that I absolutely have to make. You are far above anything else available online because your content is not shameful, exploitative, condescending, or degrading, but rather fun, stimulating, creative, and powerfully hypnotic. I've looked for additional sites but I'm realizing that is pointless because there is no comparison. I'm quite
content to just imagine what you will come up with next! I've been a fan since June 2000 (back on the old Enraptured site) and I've yet to be disappointed..." Kudos!


"As YOU know, I am all but insatiably curious. I have listened to many inductions done by erotic hypnotists other than YOU. Not to be mean, but some people in YOUR profession are just plain weird--and that's the nicest thing I can say about them. One alleged female hypnotist attempts to piggyback her postmesmeric suggestions atop any other posthypnotic commands a subject has heard from any female hypnotist. To me, this is nothing short of an act of cowardice. A second hypnotist gives the posthypnotic command that if the subject ever listens to any other hypnoteuse other than herself, the listener will feel a headache-like feeling in that person's neck and head. To me this is sick and perverted. Saying one will get more pleasure from oneself than the listener has received from any other hypnotist is one thing. But the "you will feel a headache, if you listen to any hypnoteuse but me" is going way over the line into the realm of the unethical.

Interacting with any creature features like either or both of the two stinky, slimy specimens described in the above paragraph, would give professional erotic hypnosis a foul, loathsome, and distasteful name. How anyone can come to the conclusion that a hypnotist who does either of the actions (especially the latter one which is psychologically harmful or physically damaging or both) to which I object is worthy of any sort of devotion is beyond my comprehension? I am sooooooo glad that YOU are not the sort of person who would resort to such malfeasance.

What time is it when Godzilla sits on your fence?
Time to get a new fence...

What time is it when an erotic (or any other kind of) hypnotist gives someone a posthypnotic suggestion like noted here? (Something bad will happen to you, if you do not regularly listen to my voice... Something bad will happen to you, if you listen to any erotic hypnotist other than me.)
Time for that unscrupulous hypnotist to mend their ways or to cease being a hypnotist!
Time for anyone who even thinks they have been given such a suggestion to seek out a compassionate and competent hypnotist and/or hypnotherapist!

Thank YOU (most of all) for being a caring, professional..." JK


"After reading how you started in erotic hypnosis...I wanted you to know that I have explored other sites and practitioners. If I ever do partake of this experience it will be with you. For the following reasons:

1) I find you both physically and intellectually attractive.
2) You have an incredibly playful (and playfully mischievous) side that should enhance the experience.
3) Your voice is ...wow!
4) I trust you.

I am working on writing a story for your website. The insight you have shared with me about you has been invaluable. Thank you..." J.M.


"The new web site is great! Thank-you for taking the time to improve our experience. I think it was a great idea to put the samples in a seperate section. I remember the old old website had samples which is what got me hooked in the first place. In any case, I love the new site and again, thank-you for all your hard work!" M.


"...its all very strange. the apartment becomes empty and my heart starts to beat differently...i find myself walking cautiously around, looking out windows, making certain that no one is around. i quietly walk over to the computer and find you. "there's a new clip" my eyes tell me and my heart races. i click, i type and i listen. my heartbeat slows and my attitude changes. i smile and thank you. my body starts to react to you and stacy. i feel myself throbbing, but i have to wait. i know now whats at the end of the road. i have to wait and realize there's tremendous satisfaction, like no other, when YOU say so. i've spoken only once live to you and felt that same sensation then. you are so over whelming that i am afraid to call back. i know what you offer me and feel i have nothing for you. i know i'll be near you in california soon, but am afraid to set up a rendez vous. the sensation you make me feel, the explosion, is so satisfying and amazingly intense. it makes those little "alone" moments worthwhile..." JP


"I love the new site design and I hope your site continues to be a success. The site is very clear to navigate and wonderful to look through. Having seen the picture preview of the new Stacy video at the beginning of your website I can't wait to see what hypno-erotic adventure you both will take me on next! Stacy looks so beautiful sitting there with her shiny pendant dangling over her body. I spent hours a few days ago trying to do your latest quiz questions but to no avail. Please can I have a clue!! Is it Wonder Woman?!?
Thanks again for a cool hypno-site!" P


"I've been a fan of hypnosis for 20 years. My fantasy was to meet a beautiful hypnotist I could trust, and have fun with... Krystal is exactly as advertised, and I LOVE your website! I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a real hypnotherapist interested in THEIR well being. I had no idea how much fun, and how EROTIC Hypnosis CAN BE, in the hands of a sexy, skilled professional, who actually CARES..." Dan


"I'd heard all the horror stories about lady hypnotists online, and I was really nervous about visiting your website. WHAT A NICE SURPRISE! Keep up the good work, that Stacy is a KEEPER! I can't wait for her next clip..." Kelley


"As a working Hypnotherapist I'm VERY PICKY about hypnosis websites like this one! Your website is a WELCOME change! Most lady hypnotists online I've heard [and I've heard them all!] sound like bored housewives reading the newspaper, but your skill and creativity rivals the best Hypnotherapists I've ever heard... Keep up the good work, I'll be back..." Tom


"Last year I made the mistake of buying a tape from a sexy "sounding" lady who suggested in her audio session I would become impotent without her, and that it would make me physically ill if I didn't come back! At the time I thought it was a sick joke, but that's exactly what happened, and It took MONTHS to recover. It was only after the recommendation from my Psychiatrist [who I've known for 15 years], that I recently tried your website. Thank you again for being EXACTLY what you present yourself to be, and for being a playful and caring professional. I really enjoy the erotic fantasy sessions, and I know I can trust you to have MY best interests in mind..." Sam

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