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1/08/2004- Induction/Release
Ocean Trance (Video)

I've invited you to join me at my Ocean Estate, for a private session with my new Hott!-Student Sofia. Since it's the weekend, I'm inviting you to join Sofia and I, in a little Wonderific Manipulation. Of course, your convinced that you can't be wonderized, but sweetheart... We all know better now, don't we... The challange intrigues you... Soon you will feel the power of my pleasureable persuasion, so just you let yourself go... Relax and join me over and over, and see what you've been missing...

55 Megs, 15+ HOT Minutes

Oriental Orchid (Video)

I knew you always wanted to date an Asian girl, that's why my Christmas gift this year was a membership to this exclusive Asian Dating Club. No, Silly! The fact that I'm the owner of this spectacular club had nothing to do with it! Enjoy the mistique of Lana's hott!-exotic "Oriental Orchid" and don't worry sweetheart if you find it hard, and hard to look away, just keep sneaking a peek... Soon, I have a feeling you will find, what you, and Lovely Lana seek... Don't be shy, relax, and enjoy, being Lana's Christmas Love Toy...


Our Beautiful April (Video)

April is one of the HOTTEST-wonderizers (in training) I have ever worked with (and worked on!) April came to me to deal with a few "personal" issues. However, once we started working together, she showed an intense desire to learn Wonderism and to use it on the men in her life! After several sessions, I agreed to show her a few "tricks" of the trade. This busty, blonde bombshell is so much more than just a pretty face. Let April practice her mind manipulating SEX magic on you!

16 Minutes, 61 megs

Our Beautiful Jewel (A panty lovers paradise) (Video)

Jewel has a date with a man she has wanted to have her way with for quite some time now.

He has been a hesitant and shy guy.... but with my help, he won't know what hit him or why! :)

Little does he realize that I know ALL about his fantasizing over beautifully fashioned panties and that Jewel and I are about to take advantage of his fantasy.....with our own fantasy to cum true too.

Watch closely My pet...if you dare.

And you too shall fall deeply down into hypnotic surrender, fulfilling My desires to succumb and to RELEASE yourself to my potently powerful panty passion.

Look deeply into these shimmering silver panties, My brave panty loving toy boy.  Go ahead!

BTW- My post hypnotic suggestion is sweet!

Our Beautiful Jewel (A panty lovers paradise)  11 Minutes, 61 megs

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Perfect Breasts (Video)
So, take the test, If you dare!

It's your first day on that new DREAM JOB, the one that I pulled a few strings [and your chain] to get for you. Now, you discover that your HOT new boss is actually SEXY STACY, and she is testing you, like never before. In fact SEXY STACY is "Bound and Determined" to have her way with you, no matter how HARD you try to hold back, you can't hide your GROWING affection, which is very UPLIFTING! I know as you listen to my voice, you will RISE to the occasion, as clever and curvacous STACY keeps me [and you] A BREAST[s] of the situation.


Persuasive Pendant (Video)

(A Whisper Trance)

Rest your eyes focus on my pretty, arousing "PERSUASIVE PENDANT."

Watch my titillating "PERSUASIVE PENDANT" as my velveteen voice soothingly relaxes you into following my suggestively passionate postwonderific suggestions.

My decadently delicious "PERSUASIVE PENDANT" video is pleasures-full of my sexy sweet tantalizing and tasty treat...Erica.

I've enlisted eye-catching, bare-breasted, brunette eye candy Erica to help me trance-form your passionate pistol into a carnality cannon. Each tempting time you WONDERIFIC SURRENDER to my PERSUASIVE PENDANT, you can gladly volunteer your romance ramrod to stand longer, larger, and more!

Darling these days it seems like almost everywhere, somebody's trying to persuade you however they can.

Fortunately, I'm pleasurably persuading you. There's only one way to convince you how potently passion pumping and good for your fantasizing my PERSUASIVE PENDANT video really is!


Before, you needed $28.99 for the "PERSUASIVE PENDANT" video's 28 mesmerizing MINUTES.

From now on, these 208 Megabytes of PERSUASIVE PENDANT sex appeal are all yours for only $18.99

28 MINUTES, 208 Megabytes

Pleasure-pumping Cocoon (aka Krystals Wonderific Cocoon) (Video)

Fortunately, and pleasurably, you've found your way onto the Club Entranced website.  Now you only desire to active listen to more of the sample surrender induction by this beautiful, mature, blonde hypnoteuse.
Keep seeing the strong, silvery strands of my captivating cocoon.  Relax comfortably in a Lovely Lady Mesmerizing web of love spellbinding delights.  Feel this sensuous cocoon alluringly spin my charms all around you, as I draw you in.  It's such a wonderful vision to get all wrapped up in!
"This video is over 15 minutes long."
"No, you won't be looking at any of my models in this video.  There is a very soporific spiral of calmly flashing colors I certainly hope you'll enjoy it."
"I'd describe my *Pleasure-pumping Cocoon* vid as a classic surrender video with some alluringly tantalizing twists."
"Cocoons transform moths into beautiful monarch butterflies.  Sometime during this experience, my cocoon that has captured your attention transforms into you watching me sitting in a chair with my legs crossed and wearing a V-neck dress.  And V stands for voluptuous and va vas vroom!  And even with a hott!-swirl in front of me you clearly see the tops of my silky sheer stockings."
"Oh! that's so sweet.  This is definitely very powerful surrender, very intense, and very interactive for both of us.
"Let's just say you won't have any doubts about what I want you to do.  I'll explicitly tell you, in very explicit ways, to take off your clothes and masturbate by stroking your c**k and b***s.  I tell you explicitly what to do and when, where, and how to AHIM! perform for our pleasuring."
"Yes, here are some more decadent details.  I tell you how I want you to undress and display your desire and arousal to Me.  I let you know when the time comes to touch yourself for My pleasure and your pleasuring too.  I reveal exactly what to do with your c**k and to masturbate.  I get very descriptive and I use words like b***s, c**k, and p***s.  I really want you to get hot!  And that means, I had to use really HOT!-blooded, grownup language.  I COMPLETELY GUIDE YOU INTO MASTURBATION EVERY SIZZLING STEP OF THE WANTONLY WICKED WAY!!  
The language I use, the specific instruction I give for you to masturbate, when TO COME, and the intense surrender that's what's so compelling in this video!"
"I really enjoyed our little tête-à-tête, and I hope you did too.  I also hope I've answered all your questions about your very own copy of *Pleasure-pumping Cocoon* video.

15+ minutes long, 58 megs

Pleasuring "My Michelle" (Video)

Michelle is a very sexy college student who took a passionate and an immediate interest in Wonderism! This clip is a composite of my first few sessions with Michelle, including a powerful candle induction, and a session where I gave her a special *Trigger Word* and then used it to create PLEASURE! Finally, I took Michelle on a Wonderific Journey to her favorite beach. Watch her NOW as she tries the most erotic tanning lotion in the world! Available COMPLETE for the very first time...

17+ Minutes! 65 megs

Pool Girl (Video)

This Lovely Lady has a special project that she helps me out with, on sunny afternoons. It seems she 'LIVES' for the sun, and she is highly skilled at nurturing my pool, everything [and everybody] around it! You've joined me for a session today, be careful not to stray, if I'm called away, for this Lovely Lady has been known to PLEASURE PLAY and Lover, I assure you... One glance at her Hot Wonderific Beauty, and you will be sold... A truer tale has never been told!


Pool Girl 2

Is Krystal's POOL GIRL raising much more than the spellbinding stakes? LOLITA now knows she IS IRRESISTABLE and what she desires she simply takes! Has even Krystal underestimated the power of Lolita's sensuous skill? Has this temptress's CARNAL CRAVINGS driven her past Krystal's legendary will? SEE IT ALL, with Mind Morphing and Massaging thrill! Lolita's mammary mission, and her potent and passionate pleasure power, will drive you to HOT Hott!-Erotic fission...

Pool Girl 3

Last month so many of you we're in division, knowing my seductive student Lolita, appeared to have manipulated Big and myself into wonderific submission. Have no fear, I'm still in charge, or am I? At least I'm still here! Was Lolita's reign oh so brief, and is my power still irresistible and hott!-complete? You will have to see for yourself, won't you! Enjoy the interaction, as you find yourself compelled to follow Lolita's tease. Have I been in seclusion, or was it all an illusion? Enjoy the conclusion!

Rave Stacy (Video)

Every Saturday night at Rave Club Trance, sexy Stacy sits at the bar....alone...Long blonde hair, heavily made up exotic eyes, dressed in a short black club dress showing off her cleavage and her sexy bare legs in spiked high heels.... She is really hot!
You have been dreaming about her for weeks loverboy and finally had enough courage to smile at her! So... of course, she checked you out. She even bought you a drink. Wow! Next, I stopped by, and asked if you'd like to meet this naturally busty beauty... Of course, you agreed, and the rest is history... Wonderific history!
Little did you realize that my harmless (ahem) spiked "cocktail" was just the beginning of the most erotic, wonderific fantasy adventure of your life!

Rave Stacy

Red Hot Legs in Red Hot Fishnets (Video)
Watch Free Preview
My pleasure puppet, remember Lady Krystal Mesmer is ever-increasingly hypnotizing you.
My undeniable mesmerizing influences are - unavoidable.
Soon you'll wonderfully sleeeeeeep in hypnotic trance.
Surrender to hypnotic happiness.
Watch Melody. ......Mmmm...that's right.....Masturbate for Us.
Yes, play with yourself if you like...I like.....and I say you won't release until I am done with you, lover.
Ahhhh. Fishnet stockings.
Sooooo sexy, Yes?....And so hot!
The sexiest, cunning women wear fishnets.
We feel.  WE KNOW  fishnets hypnotically enhance our legs.
Our calves curves are accentuated by fishnet fabric's lascivious lines.
You must stare at Melody's fishnet stockinged legs.
Are you feeling subtle heaviness in your forehead?
Our hypnotism flows down, down down .... into your eyes as you behold Melody's sexy legs.
Comfy, wonderful sleepiness brain-washes over you....over...whelming yoooou...
My sensually seductive, lullaby voice and Melody's mesmerizing legs make you so sleepy.
Succumb and sensational sleepiness....
The fishnets' lovely, lustful lines magnify Melody's legs mesmerizing powers.
26 Minutes, 579 MB
Sooooo sexy, Yes?....And so hot! We sexy, cunning women KNOW  fishnets hypnotically enhance our legs.26 Minutes, 579 MB

Watch Free Preview

"Mirror, mirror, Our fantasies entwine.
Look within and you will be more Mine."

Andas you intoxicatingly imbibe My voluptuously velveteen voice'swantonly wicked WORDS OF SEDUCTION draw you DEEPER AND DEEPER into Me relaxnotizing you:

+  Watch My hypno-spiral soothingly spin you into My enthralling Emerald Eyes invitingly ensorcelling you.

+  And another spellbinding spiral leads you to Myfeminine hand's come-hither gestures beguiling you to Me.

+ A beautiful forest is the perfect paradise for you and Me to get wildand dreamy.

+  A mirror with a tunnel opens Us to passions, pleasures, and much more.

+  A topless tantalizer uncovers why it's breast for you to succumb and submit and surrender to Me. ;)
REFLECTIONS OF LUSTis one of My favorite fantasies and truly titillating.  I hope you'll sensuously share some play-timelessness!... with Me again and again.
Oh, did I mention We'll enjoy posthypnotic suggestiveness and commandeering orgasmic ecstasies?

36 Minutes, 730 Megs


Relax My Darling (Video)

"Relax, my darling" let your entrancement-seeking eyes look deeper and deeper into sensuous Simone's ever-increasingly enticing eyes.
"Relax, my darling!" rapturously rest your gaze on Simone's voluptuous hott!-hooters revealed in her sexy PVC catsuit.  
"Relax, my darling" my postwonderific suggestions  help you arouse your eternal love quantity and quality!
 Embrace the pleasures awaiting you!  With my sweet guidance we can make your life as passionate and pleasurable as possible!
"Relax, my darling" there are more mesmerizing visions and aural aphrodisiacs for you to enjoy in this video vision....but let them be a surprise!
All you have to do is watch my recording and.... "Relax, my darling."

33+ Minutes, 253 Megabytes

Relax My Darling [ Sizzling Short Sample ] (Video)

This is a short sweet sample from "Relax My Darling".

"Relax, my darling" let your entrancement-seeking eyes look deeper and deeper into sensuous Simone's ever-increasingly enticing eyes.
"Relax, my darling!" rapturously rest your gaze on Simone's voluptuous hott!-hooters revealed in her sexy PVC catsuit.
"Relax, my darling" my postwonderific suggestions help you arouse your eternal love quantity and quality!
Embrace the pleasures awaiting you! With my sweet guidance we can make your life as passionate and pleasurable as possible!
"Relax, my darling" there are more mesmerizing visions and aural aphrodisiacs for you to enjoy in this video vision....but let them be a surprise!
All you have to do is watch my recording and.... "Relax, my darling."

2+ Minutes, 18 Megabytes

Ring Around Wonderism (aka The Ring) (Video)

One ring oh so lovely rests your eyes upon my feminine fascinating handAnd of course, sweet dearie, my ring's dazzling diamond is ensorcelling for evermore.One ring of pleasure coupled with Lady Mesmer, both meant to KRYSTALLIZE you, hott!-fan.Behold beautiful Krystal Mesmerizing pleasures a plenty arousing and waiting to score.

Darling, this priceless, subtle induction is six minutes long.And because I really want you to get your hands on it as quick as a wink, I've priced this KRYSTAL'S KLASSIC video at $2.99.

Act now.
Then relax and keep your eyes and ears on me as I captivate you cleverly using only my ring and my velveteen voice of truthfulness.As your consciousness settles on my voice and my ring, you can experience how increasingly impossible it is for you to look away.There is no wake up call in this video, because your subconscious will slide you back into the waking world when it's the right time for you


Almost 6 Minutes, 2 Megabytes

Rising to the top (Video)

It's been a rough day at the office, and you're stressed beyond measure. But, little did you realize how close you were, to ultimate, erotic-wonderific pleasure. As you ran to the elevator, and walked on inside, you had no idea how quickly this would become your MOST MEMORABLE ride! Standing before you, yes... Curvaceous Chelsea is now one of the crew, and just waiting for you! To practice her own form of Wonderific Stress Reduction, tried and true! So tell me, lover... how lucky are you?


Sealed with a kiss

Krystal's Closer Comely Cleo is X-QUISITE at DOING IT well! Making BIG deals happen while hott!-polishing your robust rod and LUSTFULLY ringing your bell... But, that's just the beginning. For in the game of LOVEMAKING Cleo and you are ALWAYS win-winning!

FEEL yourself taking advantage of her wonderific hospitality. Your studly stakes shall rise! We know your will is on the table, when Cleo and I MESMERIZE. We play for keeps. And when we win, no one peeps!

Second Trance (Video)
Wonderific Induction & Seduction of Cameraman!

Kay's second INDUCTION with Krystal. During this session, Krystal gives Kate instructions on how to deeply Wonderize her loyal Cameraman Mike, Krystal has Kay utilize her beautiful feet and toes to deeply seduce him, and Induce a powerful trance..

[ 22 megs, 11.5 minutes ]

Secret Fantasies (Wonderific Revelations) (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Here's a REVELATION for ya! More than your WONDERIFIC HAPPINESS {ahim!!} *grows* each time this ONE-EYED SNAKE CHARMER induces your charmed eyes to rest on my eye-catching LUXURIOUS LEGS.
How much DEEPER AND DEEPER are you ever-increasingly tantalized by sensuous Simone wearing that short, slinky dress as my WORDS OF SEDUCTION also spellbind your consciousness?
Are you deliberately dazzled by *Thalia in and out, of her jet-black, sequined bathing suit's fringed top* while I yield to my SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE COMPULSION to successfully inseminate postwonderific, suggestive instructions inside thee? WONDERIFIC REVELATIONS await you in your entrancingly sensuous experience with me and this over 40 minute long SECRET FANTASIES Video!

43 Minutes, 331 Megabytes

Serviced with a smile (Video)

You harmlessly stopped to pick up your friend, at a very special Island Clinic, and you met this AMAZINGLY POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL woman, who dazzled you! Now, you find her filling your every thought! Of course, silly man... That was ME, you met, and your secret smoking fetish will remain our little secret, as well as your newfound devotion, and commitment... To ME, of course! Feel Free to stop by again, and again, and again...

9+ Minutes, 35 megs

Sex Slave Labor (Video)

Those risqué rumors about how stunning, beautiful CLEOPATRA is simply irresistible, are true.  Those breathless whispers of her ravenous, feline hunger and rampaging, feminine craving for a HUNKY, HARD-bodied sex*y stallion like you, are understatements.  
You pleaded with me to take you to Cleo.  Your cravings seek to sneak a peek at what makes her unforgettable and such a very especially spectacular! lover.
 ..."After your first glance, your unleashed desire for Cleopatra hott!-spirals you up! up!! and away into ever-increasing ecstasies.
The Nile is the world's longest river....and Cleopatra's compelling curves voluptuously trance-form your growing longer and larger manhood into a steel rod with rivers of ahim! passion punch to release!
Krystal’s and Cleo’s pleasurable mesmerizing moves make your gold memberwant to return again and again for a hot, seductive, all-consuming, always consummated, hott!-love encounter.
When your enchanting enslavement by Cleo was called "Slave Labor" it took $24.99 for the fun and games to begin.  
From now on, Sex Slave Labor is ONLY! $12.99  and Cleo's all yours to relish and ravish!

Sex Slave Labor

Watch Free Preview I am Lady Krystal Mesmer.

I strongly suggest that you watch and listen to this video at a time in which you can allow yourself deeply relax....for  you will soon be so deeply relaxed that you may wish to fall off into deep natural sleep.

I want you to masturbate as you watch and listen.


You are not permitted to ejaculate, to CUM  until I and only I permit you too.

Do you like looking at girl feet?  Female feet, feminine feet?

You know that you do.

You fantasize about girls feet all the time.

Girls feet and legs are fantastically erotic.

I have an interesting twist to your fantasies my darling.

Do you see what I have in my hand?.....

You WILL buy this video order to see, hear and feel the full effect of My alluring nyloned legs and toes!
23 Minutes, 48 Meg
Do you like looking at girl feet?  Female feet, feminine feet? You WILL buy this video order to see, hear and feel the full effect of My alluring nyloned legs and toes!  23 Minutes, 48 Meg

She's got LEGS! (Video)


Heyya sensuous sweetie:

While looking through my fascinating hott!-videos, I saw a sexy April Showers video you might not have enjoyed yet.
I won't let anything keep you from resting your appreciative eyes on April when she’s so sensuously sizzling. Aprils got legs...and she knows how to use them!Each time you behold April's beautifully shapely legs and lovely, long blonde hair, big brown eyes and luscious lips, you'll thank me for revealing this video treasure here for your immediate enjoyment.

5+ Minutes, 19 Megabytes

She's Your HOTT!-DATE (Video)

Yes, your dream has finally come true! 1500 gentlemen like yourself eagerly emailed Victoria last month, after viewing and *hearing* her Vista Love profile. Now, she [and I] have picked YOU as TOP choice! Maybe it was your style, or that very cool...but oh sooo hot picture you attached to your email. Or..... maybe it was just the fact that you appreciate the art of erotic Wonderism and women with World Class feet, legs, and toes… No matter what…, you rose high above the rest… , and continue to rise…

16+ Minutes,! 60 megs

Signed Sealed & Delivered (Video)
My darling, Signed Sealed and Delivered sensuously delivers some of the sexiest goodies:
  • That blue haze won't stop you from feasting your eyes on mesmerizing Madison.
  • Watch the hott!-spiral because the best is yet to come--as will you.
  • Thalia is one of my wonderifics. Like you she's Krystal Mesmerized to do what I want. And Thalia wants you right now.
  • Self-pleasuring feels good. Thalia virtually stimulating you feels even hotter!
  • As my wonderizing words of seduction kiss your mind, Thalia's kiss and my voice arouse you to hott!-sleeeeeeep.
  • As your ensorcelling grows deeper and deeper, my suggestive trance-forming suggestions transform you for the better, lover.
  • Dressed in red, beautiful Thalia's red hot-blooded titillations won’t stay (ahim) topped.
  • While you succumb to your mounting pleasures, you seal our totally satisfying wonderific relationship with something more intimate and wetter than a kiss.
  • Relax and let your arousals take over as Thalia helps me milk you erotically sign on the dotted line.
SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED is your absolutely magical video where you sign our completely mystical covenant in a totally wanton way.
22 Minutes, 167 Megabytes

Size Does Matter (Video)

Ashleigh just broke up with her boyfriend, and was feeling lonely and horny... I "relaxed" her, and let her borrow my "special" X-Ray sunglasses. Then I told her our cameraman was hung like a horse, and when she put the special glasses on she could see he was NAKED! Here Ashleigh is telling me just how "endowed" Mike is in her eyes... After the session, she just about begged Mike to take her home! I can't tell you what happened later, but... He was all smiles the next morning... And, she KEPT my sunglasses for two more weeks! An incredible fantasy, every mans dream...

8 Minutes, 28 megs

Slumber Party (Video)
Your Slumber Party Girls

Honey, now keep your mind's eye focused on beholdingRound and round the spiral wonderizing you goes.And which sexy one-eyed snake charmer ensorcels you most with her assets?

LOLITA :) a spicy Asian banquet of French ‘romantique’ delicacies
MADISON *Marilyn* MONROE-esque :) knows SOME LIKE IT HOT & how to scratch THE SEVEN-YEAR ITCH
SIRENA :) the sweetheart bewitchingly casts her sensual spells
KRYSTAL MESMER :) my mach infinity legs caressed in jet black stockings
STACY :) always willing, able, & ready to party girl
LADY MESMER :) I hold a flashing pendant right between two treasure chests you desire to stay a-breast of
LANA :) an east Asian magnetizer orients your carnal compass

Tell me the name of *THE SITTING GIRL* showing off her legs, and I'll give you any one of my videos you choose.

18 Minutes, 138 Megabytes

Slumber Party (Sizzling Short Sample) (Video)

Movies get various ratings.
Some of my video trailers deserve these three.
Rated "H" for Hottest video samples I've ever unleashed.
Rated "S" for Shorter than 4 minutes.
Rated "L" for less than $3 {US currency} each.
These wonderism samples are so sizzling, I won't release them publicly.
Are you ready for the heat?
SLUMBER PARTY $2.99     (A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty)

Round and round the spiral wonderizing you goes. And which sexy one-eyed snake charmer ensorcels you most with her assets?

LOLITA :) a spicy Asian banquet of French ‘romantique’ delicacies
MADISON *Marilyn* MONROE-esque :) knows SOME LIKE IT HOT & how to scratch THE SEVEN-YEAR ITCH
SIRENA :) the sweetheart bewitchingly casts her sensual spells
KRYSTAL MESMER :) my mach infinity legs caressed in jet black stockings
STACY :) always willing, able, & ready to party girl
LADY MESMER :) I hold a flashing pendant right between two treasure chests you desire to stay a-breast of
LANA :) an east Asian magnetizer orients your carnal compass

This TANTALIZING TRAILER gives you a taste of what my SLUMBER PARTY girls have in store for you!

2 and 1/2 minutes, 7 Megabytes

Smoke and Fur, watch Her purrr. (Video)

My Wonderific Cylinder of Mystic Fire and Smoke, is the instrument of YOUR desire, in this creamy, culmination of Erotic Induction, Fantasy, and Hot Erotic Release... Look deeply into the smoke from Kimmy's cigarette, her sweet but sexy eyes, and at her beautiful young body, and allow my words to comfort and soothe, control, and cleanse your will, carrying you into ultimate pleasure, time and time again... One of my HOTTEST inductions, one of my favorites... An incredibly erotic release...for you, Kimmy and for me!!

11 Minutes! 41 megs

Sphere of Influence (Deep Wonderific Suggestion) (Video)

This video is really smoking!

Behold luscious Sommeil moving her magical crystal Sphere of Influence and moving you DEEPER AND DEEPER inside sensuous mesmerizing.

  • Keep watching Sommeil's Sphere of Influence relax your body and inhibitions.
  • Sommeil's smoking hot--even before you see her give herself to sensually smoking that cigarette.  Puff, puff yummy!!
  • Sommeil, her cigarette, and your passions--this ménage a trois is on fire!
  • Some lovers enjoy smoking after intimacies.  Watching eye-catching Sommeil smoking fans your fiery desires for intensely intimate self-pleasuring, lover.
  • As your UNLEASHED DESIRE for wonderific satisfactions opens to THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT of the SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, you'll open yourself to me and keep opening up your opportunities for more success in life.
  • And your release with Sommeil is as smoking hot-bodied as you desire and hot-blooded as you can handle.

28+ Minutes, 210 Megabytes

Stacys Induction (Video)

In this 14 minute Induction and fantasy - you're a prominent and popular doctor. You agreed with my suggestions to observe me mesmerizing Stacy.
You're pleased knockout Stacy Burke is one bodacious, long-legged bleached blonde beautiful babe.

Thanks to my wonderizing talents tantalizing touch of cunning captivations, sexy Stacy's temptingly trance-formed into an incredibly amourous, passionate Hott!-Horny Tease!
Your "STACY'S INDUCTION" video, devilishly documents me hedonistically WONDERIZING sex kitten Stacy! Burke and wonderizing you too, Doc!

Come join hot and horny Stacy and watch my magical ball of passion smoothly turning round and round.
Rest your eyes on my pleasure ball's mesmerizing movements.....
Focus your attention on my velvety if you really have any choice!
Soon you're happily following my simply irresistible instructions.

Previously, it took $24.99 to get your hands on Stacy Burke.
From now on, ONLY $11.99...."STACY'S INDUCTION" that is.

Stacys Induction

Star Siren (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Star Siren

All systems are go for your interstellar interlude with a Galactic Goddess! Stacy is your "Star Siren." Watch her enthralling encore performance as a spellbinding space babe reminiscent of those found in the Sci-fi classics of the 1950’s. A captivating kiss allows her alien powers to invade your mind and use you to her self serving nefarious ends. And what is it that she requires of you? Come and learn the truth that even the Men in Black are not prepared for! The very stars themselves will carry you at light speed into a most desirable and delicious trance from which to experience your ethereal encounter. Don’t delay. Lift off is close at hand and you certainly do not want to be left behind.25 Minutes loooong!

25+ Minutes, 194 Megabytes

Read a testimonial for this video
Stripno Stewardess (Video)

Introducing a HOT NEW ERA in EROTIC-WONDERIFIC Deployment…I am proud to unveil [so to speak] my first HOTT!-INTERACTIVE experience, with LANA, my alluring ASIAN assistant… Raised in the Orient, Lana provides the perfect mix of Submissive scenery, with a Powerful Sweet, Sensual Center, that easily overwhelms a man’s senses, and can bring you back over and over, asking [and I’m sure for some of you, begging] for more… So, enjoy your trip on the MESMER Airlines flagship flight, and be sure to follow my Safety Instructions, closely… You will be flying high, and rising to new heights, in no time at all!


Subliminal Surfer Girl (Video)

This past summer, my stunner Stacy, visited a Private Beach, near my colony crib in Malibu.
I just happened by, with my “companion”, and Stacy and I decided to do an “impromptu” session, while my studly steed, was completely unaware of her hot, wonderific talents, and of course, mine… Enjoy a Wonderific Beach Blast, with Stacy, and Me...

Stacy Signature Series, featuring Virtual Hott!-Technology©

Suggestive Sales (Video)

You are "Mr. Johnson." Your a big shot and someone to be reckoned with! Sitting across from your kitchen table is an incredibly sexy young lady, who won’t seem to take NO for an answer! No matter how hard you try [or get!] she just won’t take no! In fact, she and *I* we’re just about to leave, when she noticed something had gotten in her eye… Would you be so kind as to take a closer look for me? Of course you will, Lover… Thus begins your journey into erotic ecstasy, and powerful fantasy fulfillment through the “eyes” of my Mesmerizing Maiden!


The Surprise (Video)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my boy! Everybody's heard that you and your sweetie aren't getting along these days. That's why I subtly "suggested" that you should visit my store... My new salesgirl Erica has a surprising, special treat, kept for someone sexy like you. She's really hot and just dying to meat. : ) Oh, and Erotic Erica has a little wonderific secret, that [like you] is hard, to beat! Look deeply into her mesmerizing eyes, and you will crave her super-natural power... In fact, you'll yearn to try her out and on for size...


Suzy's Missing Breast... (Video)

Suzie ended up being a great subject, but at first I needed a harmless little test to see what kind of subject she could ultimately be... So, I gave her the suggestion that I had stolen her breasts during the induction.... Nobody had ANY idea of how serious she would take that suggestion, and how she would react... Enjoy how completely wonderized and under my control this beautiful babe became, as she scolds me, and more... I was laughing so hard...

12+ Minutes, 15 megs

Taken by Pleasure (Video)
TAKEN BY PLEASURE VIDEO - TAKEN by thrilling Thalia & captivating Krystal

The word "take" has one of the longest definitions my Emerald Eyes have ever read.Read on while your mind's eye will Krystal clearly take pleasure in embracing the TAKEN video's titillating treasures....Like sexy Thalia!

Watch your totally new unseen before hott!-spiral spin you into dreaminess.
Behold her lovely face lets you see how passionately desirable Thalia yearns to move you to caress irresistible intimacies.
Virtually view yourself climb the stairs to sensualities so you and Thalia can climaximize your pleasures.
Focus your eyes on Thalia's blue plate spinning hott!-disc-like in front of her potent pleasure portal. Mesmerizingly special, spectacular, and spellbinding!
Thanks to one postwonderific suggestion, you will answer a question and realize your destiny embraces moi, Lady Krystal Mesmer.
See! Thalia hear! (me and Thalia too) feel us doing it all so we're TAKEN on the carnal ride of our life!
24+ Minutes, 190 Megabytes

Tasty Treatment (Video)

Lovely Lisa is your last patient of the day, and to think, you almost turned her away! How quickly, her lovely legs and tantalizing toes can make your head spin... For her, It's time for play! Round and Round she goes... Where this sensual seduction ends, nobody ever complains, and nobody ever really knows!

Enjoy the office visit of a lifetime, as Lovely Lisa shows you why, she is one of my most talented teases... A girl, who always wins...

Originally $27.99  For NOW on $17.99



Teachers Ruler (Video)

Nicky has ALWAYS been a "bad girl..." So when Nicky found out she had the sexiest homeroom teacher in school she quickly took advantage of the situation [and her helpless hunk of a teacher.] A very hot and incredibly wonderific clip, and another from my *CLASSIC* series... Watch and listen as Nicky quickly uses her "mommy's" pendant to entrance her studly teacher! After the induction, Nicky even supplied him with a powerful trigger, to use in her upcoming sessions with her NEW, and now VERY LOYAL hott!-fan.

11+ Minutes, 42 megs

Teachers Ruler 2 (Video)

Just when you thought it was safe to look into this beautiful, sensual student's eyes... She finds ANOTHER way to Wonderize and Control you... Another adventure into Wonderific Submission and Wonderific Bliss as Nicky takes you further down the road into her will. This "Bad Girl" shows you why, you will ALWAYS remember her, and how much pleasure you can experience through her Wonderific Power... Gaze into her wonderific eyes, one more time, if you dare...

7+ Minutes, 25 megs

Teachers Ruler 3 (Video)

Sexy senior Nicky has suddenly become one of your favorite students, but you really don't know why? It just seems right and natural to want to give her EVERYTHING she asks, and not to burden her with homework, like the other students... And, since she has invited you over tonight to "discuss" her future, you don't see anything wrong with the fact that this High School student owns her own million dollar condo, and drives a new Ferrari... Submission is the thing on your mind, and she has promised to tell you ALL about it... A VERY informative clip on a very HOT topic!

10+ Minutes, 39 megs

The Color of Honey (Video)

It's late, and you've driven me home, and now.
Well, Your hoping to 'really' drive your point home.
But, you've had one too many drinks, and... You haven't taken into consideration my Wanton WILLPOWER, which is much stronger than your wonderfully weak willpower... As I look back on you, and I start to take off my beautiful and sexy designer gown, and you feel yourself slipping into my seductive suggestions and My pastel colored perfected hypnotic spiral you feel a powerful, sensual and submissive erection....You know now your supposed manly willpower is no protection!

15+ Minutes,  50 megs

15+ Minutes, 50 megs

The Eyes have it... Lover! (Video)

How does gazing into the eyes of several sensuously stunning sirens stimulate you?My dear, does having four first-class foxes (Lolita, Ingrid, Morgana, and me--Lady Krystal Mesmer) virtually magnetize three of your senses [sight, hearing, and touch] and arouse even MORE than your curiosity?How often and how much does being an eyewitness while long-legged Lolita gives her breasts a nipples-stiffening massage stiffen at least one of your body parts?
Oh yes, and one more thing.
I've got some postwonderific suggestions that can help you AHIM achieve! your dreams.

Are you ready to get your hands on a lot more than a mind's eyeful of sensually sizzling stimulations?CLICK AND SAY "AYE" TO THE EYES HAVE IT...LOVER!

24+ Minutes, 177 Megabytes

THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT (Sizzling Short Sample) (Video)

Movies get various ratings.
Some of my video trailers deserve these three.
Rated "H" for Hottest video samples I've ever unleashed.
Rated "S" for Shorter than 4 minutes. (ok, ithis one just over 4 Minutes)
Rated "L" for less than $3 {US currency} each.
These wonderism samples are so sizzling, I won't release them publicly.
Are you ready for the heat?
What is THE WONDERIFIC EFFECTiveness of a soothing spiral, several spellbinding sirens AND wonderific suggestions summoning self-stimulation? See! Hear! Feel! it all for you in THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT.

Sample Lolita, Lana, Lillith and Candy for just $2.99.

4 Minutes, 22 Megabytes

The Instruction (Deep Wonderific Suggestion) (Video)

For much MORE! than multiplying your passions-pumping pleasures, follow THE INSTRUCTION.

Look into my mesmerizing crystal SPHERE OF INFLUENCE and rest your gaze DEEPER AND DEEPER into my eye-catching Emerald Eyes invite you, sweetie.
See! slinky Simone gets into being mesmerized by my eyes too.
Virtually see and feel there's much more intimately intense grownup fun and games for you and me to play when you look into my crystal ball.... with dancing girl!
While THE INSTRUCTION and other tantalizers turn you on, my postwonderific suggestions successfully turn up your subconscious abilities to succeed as you focus on Simone's bewitiching breasts... are highly motivating!
You may also find one of my postwonderific suggestions is SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, mouthwatering, and DELICIOUS.

31 Minutes, 242 Megabytes

The Plan (Video)
Watch Free Preview Hi Darlin - Check out my plan. I mean my latest video called - "THE PLAN." It's 16 minutes long and it features my new blonde hott!-babe Madison. In case you didnt already know...I taught her everything she knows!

Dear, Krystal:

I'm a beautiful girl living with my boyfriend. I want to spend more time with him. All he does is have sex with me (I like that) and watch baseball games. I'll do anything to fix this. Help?

        Wanton World Series Widow

Dear, Wanton World Series Widow:

Here's THE PLAN that'll make things better. Show your baseball-loving lover what he's missing.

THE PLAN is a vivacious video featuring: twinkling lights, wonderizing hedonism, high tech high jinks, and a beautiful babe's self-stimulating massage so stimulating it grand slams you with passion-pumping pleasures knocking you out of the park.

Why sit in the bleachers? Join in THE PLAN.

16+ minutes, 126 Megs

The Quarterback and the Cleavage (Video)

Being the school's star quarterback didn't stop those sexual harassment charges.Now you're in a meeting with that hot-bodied ice queen of a principal.This is trouble.

And you'll be cleavage-loving every one of the 12 minutes in this schoolboy's breast fantasy come Krystal's clearly busty! A lovely pendant, my prettier cleavage, my hands wonderifically pleasuring you just like your hands do it.

For $6.99 there's even more stimulations in this Krystal's Klassic video fantasy (Krystal's Cleavage) now retitled - "The Quarterback and the Cleavage"

12+ Minutes, 31 Megabytes

The Referral (Video)

Oh my, you are quite a handful [or maybe two...] so why should I keep you to myself? A VERY HARD choice indeed! Well, I decided as a special NEW YEARS gift to my ever enlightened student and my perky wonderific-pleasure seeker Victoria, I would "refer" you to her, for "special counseling". As you can see in this OFFICE VISIT Vicky was prepared for a big challenge, and boy we're you UP for it! WOW!!! In fact, I'm convinced your UP for almost anything, which is a BIG plus! Enjoy my special LIFT.. ooops, I meant gift, Silly Man!


The Reluctant Lover (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Hi there, darlin:

You can't believe it. That long blonde-haired knockout dream girl from work asked you out. Every guy at the company would give anything to take your place.

You are so taken by her. Her shapely legs are first-class. And her beautiful breasts ... they're SPECTACULAR!!! You're not sure if you even touched your dinner.

You assumed at most you'd only get to walk her to her door. She invited you in for a nightcap.

She looks so great. You know you should compliment her. All you've managed to do so far is babble on about the job.

You just know you're blowing it big time. You feel like crawling in a hole and kicking yourself. Some stud you are.

Madison Monroe didn't bring you up here to hear about office politics. She's not wearing that spaghetti strapped, short, sexy dress; those lacE TOP stockings; and her beautiful heart-shaped dazzling diamond pendant resting where you wanna be so you could blather about trivia.

Madison's the kind of girl who knows what she wants and does what it takes to get it. And right now, what she wants more than anything is you! The champagne she's giving you will do the trick. She's added something special to make sure it does. And you'll do what she yearns for.

Madison's feminine fingertips lasciviously massaging that champagne flute gives you lustful ideas. Enjoy! Relaxing music, watching Madison stimulate herself, and over 20 minutes of hot-blooded wonderific suggestiveness!

This video is one of my PASSION PICKS. See! Feel! Hear! Your dreams come true. As you revel in RELUCTANT LOVER you won't be Madison's reluctant lover for long.

22 Minutes, 166 Megabytes

The Ring (Video)

Rendezvous with My vixen Victoria! This sensual sorceress has passionate plans for you!

Look into red-hot and horny Victoria's wonderific ring and listen to her irresistible words of seduction. Enjoy being her pleasure toy and lover boy. Afterall, you really have no choice! Yes that's right... One look at Victoria's dazzling diamond ring and you will want to do whatever she has in store for just YOU!

Used to be $29.99 Now only $8.99

The Ring

The Sperm Clinic (Video)

You loved my stage wonderism show...and you also fell under the siren spell of my simply irresistible assistant, lusciously lovely Lisa.

Lisa ahim REVEALS! there's much more to her than meets your eyes.  Among other things, beguilingly beautiful blonde bombshell Lisa wonderfully stimulates donations of something creamy and warm for her job at "KRYSTAL'S  SPERM CLINIC"
Lisa’s why you feel you've just gotta know more about THE SPERM CLINIC and now that you do....How do my velvet teasing voice and the persuasively BUSTY love goddess Lisa do it to you so well and so often?
What're our secret to your seduction and stimulation that keeps you coming back to give and get ever more?

Aha!  Admit it!  Resting your eyes on Lisa's bewitching bosoms show why you'll get even longer, larger, and HARDER!!?
See, hear, and feel how wantonly we keep satisfyingly convincing you to CONTINUE Coming Up! UP!! And away!!! with the gooey goodies.
Visit "THE SPERM CLINIC" ASAP every time you yearn to feel ever-increasingly hotter hott!-hedonism!

Previously, THE SPERM CLINIC was $29.99.  >From now on, you'll enjoy THE SPERM CLINIC for only $16.99.

The Spiral of Sleepy Seduction (Video)
I seductively, suggestively, and subtly unleash simply irresistible sensuality and sexuality to in!!!tro-duce!!! deep hypnotic trances in luscious ladies and desirable dudes.
Sometimes, I exercise my talents to help you MY subject... relax. 
I can help you calm down from your tedious day and deeply relax you in that very special way.  :)

Pleasure arouses and amplifies your abilities, capabilities, and your succumbing, submitting, and hypnotic surrender to KRYSTAL MESMER.
Prolonged masturbation can INDEED  relax your whole body.  And thus this is what I command.

All memory of My instructions will be indelibly written in and obeyed by your subconscious mind.
You will carry out My instructions and only remember how I helped you relax sooooooo deeply.
You'll believe you've been continuously looking at the spiral (and the sensual images imbedded in it)  and relaxing deeper and deeper.

Your relaxation session will satisfy your every need and desire!  Trust Me, My darling.....

22 Minutes, 480 Megs
You will carry out My instructions and only remember how I helped you relax sooooooo deeply.22 Minutes, 480 Megs

The Surprise (Video)

Everybody's heard that you and your girlfriend aren't getting along these days.
That's why I subtly 'suggested' that you should visit my lingerie store...
My new salesgirl Erica has a surprising, special TITillating treat just for someone in need like you.
This busty brunette is really hot and soooo unique in a very sensual and sexual way.
Oh, and erotic Erica has a little hypnotic secret, that [like you] is hard, to beat!  :)
Look deeply into her mesmerizing eyes....
And you will crave her super-natural potent and passionate pussy power...
In fact, you'll yearn to try her out and on for size.  ;)


The Woman in the Moon (Video)

Are you one of my fans who's been hungering and thirsting for:
Longer video fantasies starring even deeper Krystal Mesmerizing you trances?
Suggestive and/or subtle suggestions that increase the arousals of your appreciation of me or your devotion to me or both?
First-rate teasing and high-class pleasing by one or more hypnotised, wonderizing hotties seductively showing off their AHEM! assets?

Darling! Behold! THE WOMAN IN THE MOON for over one-half hour!

Yes, you read it right. I know everybody's always talked about "the man in the moon".Well, my honey buns, SURPRISE! There's really a blonde babe of your wildest sensual dreams come true who's THE WOMAN IN THE MOON.

There's some things else I'll tell you about "THE WOMAN IN THE MOON."She's a goddess.Not only is she soooo very beautiful, but like the awesome sex goddess she is arousing you astronomically, she's got a cosmically knockout figure filled with sex magic powers to boot.Could it be I'm sensing a bit of skepticism from you, dearie? You mean you don't believe THE WOMAN IN THE MOON is really as hot-blooded and packing the hot body I've promised you?Well, lucky for your decadent desires I can sensuously show you passionate proof THE WOMAN IN THE MOON actually exists to tantalize you more than you can imagine.All you need to do is get your hands on the 36-MINUTE video I made starring THE WOMAN IN THE MOON.

Why settle for a man in the moon?Thanks to THE WOMAN IN THE MOON, you’ll watch dancing girls on the moon moving enough for any harem.THE WOMAN IN THE MOON displays Madison’s passionate side and fore-PLAYS with her perky breasts.

So tell me:
Do you adore being Krystal Mesmerized by my hypnotique voice?While you’re being entranced, would you like to watch another blonde beauty tease and seduce you out of this world?

THE WOMAN IN THE MOON is your launch pad to all this and MORE!

36 Minutes, 270 Megabytes

THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT (Sizzling Short Sample) (Video)

Movies get various ratings.
Some of my video trailers deserve these three.
Rated "H" for Hottest video samples I've ever unleashed.
Rated "S" for Shorter than 4 minutes. (ok, ithis one just over 4 Minutes)
Rated "L" for less than $3 {US currency} each.
These wonderism samples are so sizzling, I won't release them publicly.
Are you ready for the heat?
What is THE WONDERIFIC EFFECTiveness of a soothing spiral, several spellbinding sirens AND wonderific suggestions summoning self-stimulation? See! Hear! Feel! it all for you in THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT.

Sample Lisa, Lana, Lillith and Candy for just $2.99.

4 Minutes, 22 Megabytes

Three Hott!-Babes and you (Video)
Watch Free Preview

My dearie, how do you feel about group sex?

We make quite a sexy group.  
*Rest your eyes on me Krystallizing Wonderific Simone.
*As I aurally pleasure her, Simone isn't the only one who goes wonderifically sliding into sleeeeeeep.
*See luscious Lady Sommeil in the soothingly swirling clouds.  Eye-catching Sommeil is also O! so ready to play with us.

*Revel in another alluring chapter in our deliciously decadent Bedtime Story in which Simone is eager to be your Wonderific Sex Partner.
*Allow me to trance-form you with Words of Seduction and postwonderific suggestions about how your encounters with hot chicks will be better than ever for everyone involved!
 *I devilishly direct Simone to make sure your Gold Member passionately gets pleasurably Lip-notized into A Steel Rod for reeling in desirable women.

In golf, one is always trying to get up a foursome.
Each tantalizations time you let this voluptuous video well-endow your Wonderific Happiness, you'll entrancingly enjoy how tremendously titillating and satisfying! our sensuous fantasy foursome really is.

33 Minutes, 240 Megabytes

Sweetie, Albert Einstein mathematically proved--as speed increases time slows down.
In my latest video an onscreen clock reveals how much pleasuring you and I will embrace and enjoy in virtually five "wonderifically enhanced" minutes!
Experience your erotic entrancement inside my pretty and pink toned time tunnel spiral as it accelerates the Wonderific Effect and sexsational arousal my TIMELESS video gives away.
The past, the present, and the future are three potent members of the time continuum.
Keep watching out for at least four different enticing images of lovely girls.
All of them are alluring assistants in what could be your 45 minutes of TIMELESS stimulation in your very own copy of my TIMELESS video.
Depending upon what we're doing, time seems to speed up or slow down.
Each time you interactively watch and listen to the TIMELESS video, you'll feel how pleasurably time is definitely on our side.
45 Minutes, 331 Megabytes


Thanks to 8 captivating women, this video arouses, amplifies, and unleashes TITILLATION!
To enlarge TITILLATION, with this sizzling wonderifically hedonistic video I MESMERIZINGLY magnetize you with having all your senses enjoy attractive ladies Bewitching Bosoms.TITILLATION is why you see and virtually ravish each pair of Bodacious Boobs in this voluptuous video.
To get our pleasuring spiraling into ecstasies, I use TITILLATION; suggestive, beneficial postwonderific suggestions; and a Simply Irresistible hott!-spiral...TITILLATION! TITILLATION! TITILLATION!That covers/uncovers the goodies.

31 Minutes, 239 Megabytes

UnHypnotizable... (Video)

aka " Burgandy - Emerald "
Yes, the rumour is true! For years you've had this little secret, the knowledge that you are the ONLY man I wasn't able to wonderize... Or, was I? That rare pendant Sofia is swinging seems harmless, yet it also seems to have a very, very POWERFUL effect, enticing your deepest desires... Could it be, a very powerful post wonderific suggestion? Only a visit, and an open mind, will tell the truth... For, if you can resist me now, you are as you believed, and.... Well, we will just have to see, my lover... Focus your attention, and relax, and let's see what happens...


Unleashed Desire (Video)
Your drowsy eyes behold me holding up an ensorcelling hott!-sleeeeeeep-inducing crystal as it magnetizes Simone into embracing and reveling in her UNLEASHED DESIRE for a beautiful lesbian lovemaking TIMELESS TANTALIZATION.
How strong is your UNLEASHED DESIRE to caress my curvaceously shapely legs in sheer, silky smooth hypnolons?
I'm sure you wont be able to take your eyes off of Simone as she strokes mine!
Simone shall then take you still deeper into trance while you watch her dance of seduction in a body-hugging corset and silk stockings!
Oh and darling....My suggestively thrilling postwonderific suggestions are so potent, that you will find that they have lots of LUXURIOUS LEGS to stand on. (Giggle)
32+ Minutes, 249 Megabytes

Up In Smoke (Video)

If a beautiful, hot and wonderific women in full length gloves- sucking wickedly and wantonly on a cigarette is alluring to think about... just wait till you see and hear this hott!-erotic story, and feel it's powerful ”uplifting" ending!

Smokin Hot SOFIA turns heads, and raises expectations [I think you know what I mean, darlin…] everywhere she goes. Sofia shared with me a SEX-CITING tale that I am going to tell YOU in only the way that Krystal can do!

But first, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.  After all, this is our little sensual secret sweetie and we don't want to be disturbed.  

Up In Smoke  35 Megs, 9 HOT Minutes

Victoria is Seduced (Video)

The beautiful Victoria stopped by the other day, and I just couldn't pass on the opportunity to re-wonderize her, and admire her beautiful, sensual body one more time... As you can see in this video, Victoria works out constantly. In fact, she has a very hard body, and a list of admirers... If they only knew our little secret...

Watch Victoria Wonderifically submit and strip for us, in this sensual session, and once again prove why she is one of my sexiest and most powerful students!! I just love playing with this video vixen of mine!!!

7 Minutes, 25 megs

Victorias Hott! Mouse (Video)

My lovely Victoria is such a sexual girl, and a very good subject, as I proved this morning! Whenever I desire her wonderific touch, I simply email her a soft, sweet spiral, and my verbal instructions, and she’s happy to follow along, with all of her horny little heart! Join with Victoria, if you dare, and enjoy my hot wonderific release…

11 Minute Hott!-Release! 42 megs

Video Release (Video)

I know, you've probably already been to my video store and you may think you've seen it all... BUT, you are sadly mistaken LOVER, if you think Erica was done with you before. JOIN ERICA and myself ONE MORE TIME, in an ALL NEW INDUCTION, and COMPLETE, FULL BODY RELEASE... Hold on baby she has so much more to show you! This FANTASY BARES ALL! The FULL, expanded 23 minute Video Adventure! Look deeply into Erica's eyes [or are those my eyes?] hmmm…. Either way, I'm guessing there is no end to the pleasure you will acheive!



Enjoy over 45 minutes of sizzling previews from each (15 in all) sensuous HOTT!-video I unleashed in 2008.
Relax and focus on each of my teasing temptresses from my 08 video catalog.
These spellbinding video SAMPLES OF THE ENTIRE VIDEOS are tasty appetizers of what's in store for you when you purchase any of my hott!-erotic creations of 2008.

49 Minutes, 372 Megabytes

Vista Love (Video)
My Sexiest Student Victoria is looking for a Few Good Men...

Do you have what it takes? Join her today at Vista Love!

My Club is special...
After visiting I'm sure you'll agree that Victoria has more to offer the discriminating professional than just good looks, intelligence, and a beautiul body.

14+minutes, 51 Megabytes

Vista Love returns (Video)

It's been awhile since you've been here, to *VISTA LOVE* my personal pleasure playhouse featuring Dominating Dates, and powerful, potential mates! So, now you have returned, to meet the woman of your dreams [version 2005]. But everything isn't always as it seems! My new manager Sirena has a special talent, so don't look too closely, into her irresistible eyes, for Sirena knows all... No man can resist her, no matter how hard he gets, or tries... Remember, even the most strong willed, eventually fall... Go ahead, stand tall, & have a ball...


Vortex - Supernatural Seduction Hott!-Erotic Style (Video)
Watch Free Preview

Experience my VORTEX OF SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTIONS Rest your eyes on my MYSTIC LEGS. SEE! how captivating sensuously silky ENCHANTED NYLONS FEEL! as you relaxingly settle your focusing on my soft, smooth, firm, feminine sexy legs.While my success-stimulating and other passionately pleasurable wonderific suggestions entrance your subconscious mind, you rapturously enjoy a LEG SPELL FANTASY of you dreams.

A vortex attracts things into its center.As a magical vortex, my beautiful legs magnetize your attention and intentions right into my oh so very fascinating centerfold of feminine charms.I also wonderifically allure eye-catching Erica into our pleasures VORTEX of SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION.

How will the magic spells I'll cast, my long legs, and your passionate release connect within a mystical vortex?You'll enjoy finding out MORE than all that... after you view in its ENTIRETY my VORTEX (SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION) video!

36+ Minutes, 281 Megabytes

Wonderific Rental (Video)

Once again, your 7 series beamer is in the shop! It's going to cost a small fortune to fix, this will be hard to top! It's too bad your usual auto isn't as well put together as Victoria, she's hard to top! But, she says the Jag you usually rent isn't free, the only car she has left is a custom Bentley! So, look deeper and "harder" into her options, as Victoria royally raises your "stake", I'm sure you will agree and, sensually partake. Now, just relax, and keep watching her pendant, and take the ride. Victoria is waiting, deep inside...


Wonderifically Choose Her Shoes (Video)


While sprucing up my website, it's GOOD FOR YOU! that I uncovered this really sexy shoe video.
It reveals how much I adore marvelously slinky shoes showing off my pretty HOTT!-EROTIC FEET with sparkly red toenails.
You enjoyably behold me modeling those wickedly sensuous shoes you like watching me in and out of.

Of course you relish your lovebird's eye close-up view of my hott!-erotic dancers LUXURIOUS LEGS and FABULOUS FEET!

No one's enjoyed this wonderific shoe video recently.
That's why I'm releasing this 13 MINUTES WITH KRYSTAL gem for only $9.99.

Because you adore sexy shoes worn by an even sexier woman, this video is a shoe in!

13 Minutes, 42 Megabytes

Wonderific Beach Bunny (Video)

Beautiful Victoria was on her way to the beach, when she felt compelled to drop by and visit me. Little did she realize a stop by my office meant a pass into wonderific paradise. Watch the lovely lady follow my every instruction, and then... Watch even closer as I use her beautiful body, as my own personal induction tool, to take you into hot, wonderific, and passionate desire! One of my hottest videos to date, since Victoria was willing to do "whatever it takes" to wonderifically seduce you, with her perfect body.. Your own personal Wonderific Beach bunny awaits you...

12+ Minutes, 45 megs

THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT Video Valhalla (Video)

What is THE WONDERIFIC EFFECTiveness of a soothing spiral, several spellbinding sirens AND wonderific suggestions summoning self-stimulation? See! Hear! Feel! it all for you in THE WONDERIFIC EFFECT.







Wonderific Foot Follower (Video)

My cameraman had been making fun of Suzie, and how easily she went under during our sessions... And so, to teach him a lesson, I instructed the very compliant and yet clever SuzieQ to wonderize him, with her beautiful feet [since he has a big foot fetish].

As you can see, he dropped like a stone, and did things, that still embarass him, to this day... Follow along, but don't look too closely, or else..... :-)

7+ Minutes, 27 megs

Wonderific Halloween/Hot Candy (Video)

Welcome my friends, to the fantasy that never ends... Speaking of which, this year's Halloween Celebration included our annual impromptu hott!-stage show featuring my newest, and possibly my most talented Student Wonderizer EVER! HOT, TASTY CANDY... This bewitching blonde came to me almost a year ago and with a little coaching, and a lot of commitment, CANDY has quickly developed into a feline force to be reckoned with! Of course, any guy with a pulse can tell that this CANDY is packing some serious sexual heat, but most guys never bother to see the intelligence

behind the innocence, until...Well, Lover... Until it's FAR too late to turn back... Join me and my tasty titilating tease in a HOTT!-HOT and TOTALLY MESMERIZING Stage presentation! A red hot release of gigantic proportions, leaving you with a honey sweet aftertaste that you will not soon forget.


Wonderific Halloween (Video)

My vivacious Victoria, her candle all aglow… As she prepares hur Wonderific Seduction, your manhood is already beginning to GROW.… Like we didn't know!So, look deeply into our candle and do not dare look away, and you too can enjoy our Hott!-Halloween Surprise, and Erotic Release, the good old fashioned way… Your tantalizing TREAT for a very special day!! Yummy!!!

12+ Minutes, 40 megs

Wonderific Halloween/Hot Candy (Video)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and welcome my fans andfriends, to this FREE fantasy that never ends... Speaking of which,this Halloween Celebration includes our annual impromptuHYPNOTIC-stage show featuring my talented Student hypnotist the EVER!HOT, TASTY CANDY...
\tThis bewitching blonde came to me a while ago and with alittle coaching, and a lot of commitment and cleverness CANDY hasquickly developed into a feline force to be reckoned with!
\tOfcourse, any guy with a pulse can tell that this CANDY is packing someserious sexual heat.
\tHa!  Most guys never bother to seethe intelligence behind the innocent girl next door looksuntil...Well, Lover... Until it's FAR too late to turn back! ;)
\tJoin me and my tasty titillating tease in a HYPNOTIC-HOTand TOTALLY MESMERIZING passion-pumping presentation.
\tA redhot release of gigantic proportions, leaving you with a honey sweetaftertaste that you will not soon forget!


Wonderific Nipples (Video)

Look deeply.......Yessss.... you are doing so very well.  That's right sweetie, just focus upon her sexy, round natural mounds of pleasure peaking through the shimmering fabric of her bathing suit top.

Watching Jewel tease you with her  breasts and fondle them is literally Mammary Mesmerizing!  Drift deeply into my voice, and allow yourself to live out your hott!-erotic fantasies, over and over.
11 Minutes

Wonderific Nipples  11 Minutes! 41 megs

Wonderific Sailing (Video)

Yes, lover... You found our sea-side hide-away! [or did we find you?] Either way, I can tell that after last night's party you felt compelled to track us down, to settle yet another bet.
NO, sweetie, I'm not psychic... It's just that i knew you would be silly enough to bet me that I COULDN'T WONDERIZE YOU! [Yea right...] You see... I knew I had you when you couldn't hide your obvious OBSESSION over STACY'S sexy strands! Why I'm sure she had you dreaming [and creaming] all night long!!! That's right baby, once I saw your growing interest, I knew it would just be a matter of time before we had you where we wanted you! Honey... I'll take you up on your bet and I'll RAISE YOU! Ha! Now just relax, and focus on STACY'S sexy strands, while you show me your growing, engorged resistance! Fight the feeling if you will... But... Can you? Will you? Again, we shall see... In the meantime... Join SEXY STACY and ME in the HOTTEST NON-R RATED clip we've EVER offered! Enjoy this SAILING fantasy over, and over, and over again...



WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER beautifully describes hot-blooded Simone and Candy who lasciviously give you pleasure in this video.WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER arouses your self-pleasuring and fantasizing.
Because she's your irresistible WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER, even after you close your eyes you're mesmerizingly induced to Krystal clearly behold your WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER.
Your WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER virtually conjugal visits you....deeper and deeper hott!-tantalizes you.... AND.... trance-forms into a statuesque, blonde joystick arousal fantasy hott!-babe compelling you to self-pleasure and more!

Your WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER alluringly does all that in 40 spine-tingling minutes of me mesmerizing you with words of seduction and (YOU GOT IT!) ...your WONDERIFIC SEX PARTNER!

41 Minutes, 312 Megabytes

Wonderific Tongue Twister (Video)

OK... I've got one for you... Say this quickly 10 times in a row... "I Love Krystal's Teasing and Tantalizing Tongue Induction, and Erotic Release, and I CANNOT RESIST."

Coffee colored young Jewel has the most magical new erotic Tongue Ring, and baby, does she know how to use it! Silly boy, she WONDERIZES unsuspecting gentlemen, like yourself, and gives them ULTIMATE EROTIC PLEASURE, they ONLY DREAMED of before. How?.... I guess you'll have to find out for yourself!
12 Minutes!

Wonderific Tongue Twister  12 Minutes! 44 megs

Xanadu (Self Pleasuring Fantasy) (Video)

In XANADU, watch the hott!-spiral, wonderizing Sommeil, the soothing swirl, mesmerizing Simone, and those other beguiling beauties you will catch a glimpse of this video are some of my eye-catching gal pals.Behold how beautiful, sensuous, and lithesome topless Thalia is as we move you deeper into wonderism in XANADU.Me, you, and your dream woman come truly wild and wanton in a pleasures-pumping, mind-blowing ménage a trois fantasy in XANADU.Other arousing stimulations are here for us in XANADU as you listen to my velveteen voice weave WORDS OF SEDUCTION into our hot-bodied fantasies come to life.

You had to be one of Kublai Khan's favorites to live in or visit his Xanadu.Come closer and enjoy even more than the luxuries, satisfactions, and dreamy decadence in our intensely intimate hott!-erotic rendez-vous in XANADU!

32 Minutes, 238 Megabytes

You are Getting Krystallized

Persuasion is a powerful tool. With the right persuasions, I can draw someone to obey My will... which is stronger than your will, big boy. :)

Watch, hear, and feel how convincing I am. All I need is your attention and an eye-catching crystal soothingly sparkling before your eyes. The voluptuous .Krystal. in this video is certainly spellbinding you. Blonde, beautiful and well-endowed I will passionately titillate you oh so pleasurably... and I show no mercy! ;)

Lets begin with Krystal in her cool corvette and see what happens next. Enjoy the fun and games, My pet.

Your Beach Wonderizer (Video)

No doubt about it! Victoria is a beautiful and a very sensuous British babe. This clip was taken on a local beach, where Victoria further develops her skills to ENCHANT using only a Pendant, and her EYES! The bikini she is wearing doesn't hurt either! This is one of the tests I put my better students through, and as you will see Victoria doesn't let me down. She get's you UP! Sweet talking you into total and complete sexual arousal and release! As a reward of course.... for letting her practice on YOU!

11 Minutes, 40 megs

Your Golden Ruler (Video)

My beautiful golden diamond is one of the rarest stones in the world, Many MESMER-izing properties are attached. So, look deeply into it's Wonderific flicker, and listen closely, as your will becomes my will... How quickly you will realize, silly man… My power is unmatched! Enjoy this powerful, erotic, and stress releasing adventure today. Return over and over, to my total Wonderific and Erotic pleasure.

8.5+ Minutes, 33.5 megs

Your Hot Valentine (Video)

So Lover... This is your FIRST Wonderific Valentines Day, here with me at PayPerTrance and I and my Wonderific Honey Stacy, will do our very best to give you the Hottest, Deepest titillating Trance possible! When we're done, stress will be just a memory, and you will experience Wonderific Seduction and Erotic Release from two of the most shapely and stunning luscious ladies, ever to swing a pendant.

Playful persuasion is what I like to call it, and I know you will want to come again, and again, to enjoy the most fulfilling HOT and wonderific ecstasy of your life! YES! You will be *done in* by two of the most sensual, sexual, naughty and naturally beautiful female wonderizers on the planet...

SALE! $10.99 ( usually $24.99 )
Virtual Hott!-Technology©
45 Megs, 12 HOT Minutes

Your Mesmer Meal (Video)

Oh my... We've been out late at yet ANOTHER Hott!-Conference and once again, you've announced that you CAN'T be wonderized! Uh huh... Well, my sexy friends know that's just hopeful thinking, isn't it! But, if it makes you happy, well... Announce away! Tonight's quick stop at one of my newest franchise fast food locations is just your opportunity for you to show me your truly incredible willpower. Ha!

Joim me now and meet Lovely Lana as she fine tunes her induction techniques on "you" - my silly sidekick! Of course, that's you in the front seat with me ready to resist... Or ready to slip on down into a sensual trance... Sweetly seduced by Lana and Me, into revealing your secret fantasy! Chances are you will rise to the occasion once again! In fact, I have faith in your ability to peak, at just the right time!


YOUR Next Date with Victoria (Video)
It's no secret to Victoria's gal pals that she's head over heals for you, hot stuff.And this time *of your life* she's got something sizzling to show you how much she wants you!

I hope you like your Great-bodied, British bombshell wearing (you out) in a skin tight, flesh tone dress and jet black, six-inch pumps.And to really spice things up, while looking at her shapely sure to notice her pedicure, toe ring, and ankle bracelet.

But wait...You two won't be the only ones having fun and games!Focus on how passionate I get as I stimulate you and Victoria to "RELEASE" all your creamy inhibitions.

Usually, anyone who wants to experience what else happens would need $15.99.
But since I'm so turned on....from now until I change my mind, $10.99 gets you this masterstroke in mesmerization!

Are you the sort of guy who'll kiss and tell how powerful and intense! your 14-minute "mesmerizing-a-trois" with Victoria and me is?
We certainly hope so.

14+ Minutes,! 55 megs
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