SURPRISE MY DARLING! I've got some good news just for you!

From now on, each recording on my "KRYSTAL'S CLASSICS" pages will be less than $10. And some will be much less than $9.99! I'll be putting all sorts of wonderful blasts from my mesmerizing past on the *KRYSTAL'S KLASSICS* pages so keep checking back!

If you haven't already done so...go to my FREE SAMPLES PAGE and click on - "Krystal's Office Quickie".   (A FULL INDUCTION, not just a portion!)

My Eye is Watching You (Video)

Beautiful Jewel doesn't strip or fake anything in this Krystal's Klassic video.
My naughty words of seduction passionately pack quite a pleasures-pumping punch-fest in your My EYE IS WATCHING YOU video.
My simply irresistible induction, a fervent fantasy, and your fantasizing come to hot-blooded life make "MY EYE IS WATCHING YOU" one of my favorite {oldie, but O! sooooooo goodie} videos.

Enjoy yourself--get MY EYE IS WATCHING YOU ASAP.

Enthrallingly Ensorcelling you Everlastingly, thanks to lovely Jewel and knockout MY EYE IS WATCHING YOU,
Lady Krystal

MY Eye is Watching You| 12 Minutes, 55 megs


Mesmerizing Michelle and MORE! (Video)

You're the Fed X man coming with the desirable package I crave....  :)
After giving it to me, I offer you a cool drink.  Since you're relaxing, relax and watch how I handle pretty Michelle in her short shorts, tube top, waist chain, and belly ring.

This over eleven-minute Krystal's Klassic video was one of the first ones done by me or anyone anywhere.  This video doesn't look like my most recent well-built fantasies.  However, everything enhances what my velveteen voice wonderifically says to Michelle and you.  Interactive listen and learn how much my WORDS OF SEDUCTION are this sensual and erotic video's fascinating focus.

Rest your attention on Michelle sitting still in an ever-deepening trance.  Pay attention, you'll behold my LUXURIOUS LEGS too.

This appetizing creation from 1999 was and is a titillating hors d'oeuvre in our upcoming, gourmet, hott!-sensuous feasts.  Only $8.99 and you'll enjoy all this and maybe MORE!

12+ Minutes, 47 Megabytes


Candlelit ConsumMating (aka The Candle) (Video)

How does our simply gazing into the flickering flame of this harmless, little candle irresistibly ignite such sizzling passions in us, darling?
Each time you relax into this over 11-minute-long fiery fantasy, you will hear! see! and revel in how much my velvety voice and a candle's flame inflame your wonderific happiness.
"Krystal, what do I do to enjoy such satisfaction?"
"Sweetheart, imagine we are sitting close together and looking into the candle's softly soothing light.  Our desires for each other WILL AROUSE YOU AND ME."
"Krystal, what are you telling me?"
"Your Wonderific Release into an orgasmic grand slam COMES! as you follow my words.  I'll deliciously describe my luscious lips and my hot-blooded body passionately pressing up against yours.  Your imagination and desires will DO IT from there to CLIMAX.  And after our (ahim) workout...I'll suggestively remind you how great you'll feel awakening from our hypnoerotic afterglow."

Oh yes, and one more thing to thrill you.  The sound quality is very good on this $4.99 vintage video!

11+ Minutes, 40 Megabytes


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Krystalizing (aka The Experiment) (Video)
Dearie, whether or not you've been wonderized before, keep watching this relaxing spiral soothingly filling your mind's eye with soft, pretty colors.I promise we'll share twelve minutes of tranquility. Just my voice, your interactive attention, and our lovely hott!-swirl.This recorded respite is all about our enjoying the ever-growing effectiveness of your deepening wonderism with me.While extending your arousals, I'll seductively suggest that your feelings of intense pleasure magnifies when you ....?Sweetie, you will have to listen to KRYSTALLIZING to find out exactly what I have in store for you! But here is a little hint....There's no release from your pleasure-focused arousing by me, my name, and my voice.
12+ Minutes, 46 Megabytes

NEW GETTING NAILED BY KRYSTAL (a.k.a. Krystal's Nail Induction)

Sweetie, relaxingly watch my Cabernet colored nails affect you perhaps more intoxicatingly than the wine they'll remind you of! Honey buns, lets reminisce about my love life and let's talk about "you" and your advancing animal attraction to my fingernails, cleavage, long legs, and velveteen voice. Yes, dearie, you will focus on your sneak peek at me in a lacy black dress and low-cut top! Mon petit chou, as we come together we can and we shall REALLY! COME! TOGETHER. After GETTING NAILED BY KRYSTAL works my magic on you, each time I say the secret, suggestive word, the pleasure you can enjoy will be as much as you desire moi, cuddles.
And only five dollars and 99 cents to boot up our stimulating satisfactions.


Watch KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL slowly spinning round and round. Look, following my suggestiveness is where arousals are always found. Give KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL OF PLEASURE 14 minutes. Withihn your imagination and mine...there are no limits!

Disco balls may be gone but not forgotten. But the disco ball's carnal counter-partner in your stimulations unleashes unstoppable *AHEM* lubrications.

And then there's my words bringing to life one of your favorite fantasies my dear, you wont want to miss. Experience enhanced, very descriptive imagery of your dream girl with her beguiling body, sensual scent, and captivating kiss!

Four dollars and 99 cents is all the cash you'll need.
For this Krystal's Klassic video your fiery passions to feed.
Your eyes do not have to behold pictures of pretty girls at all.
Your inter-ACTIVE IMAGINATION arouses pleasures coupling with KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL.

NEW Another KLASSIC Revisited- "Krystal's Ball of Passion" only 4.99

Watch the red and black lighted ball in the center of the Krystal clear globe. You shall see it omit mesmerizing light streams of soothing stimulation! Enjoy sensuous pleasures... as your mind's eyes gaze within....AND IMAGINE...

My voluptuously firm body you shall surely come! to appreciate. Darling, keep on listening to my mesmerizing words and masturrrbate. You wont even remember when it was or how I planted those 2 suggestions of seductiveness!

$4.99 is all it is for this tantalizingly thrilling 12 minute treasure. Your enlarging, entrancement by Krystal's Klassic Video "Krystal's Ball of Passion" (used to be KRYSTAL'S FLICKERING FANTASY) continues stimulating you and me together!

The Quarterback and the Cleavage

Being the school's star quarterback didn't stop those sexual harassment charges. Now you're in a meeting with that hot-bodied ice queen of a principal. This is trouble.

And you'll be cleavage-loving every one of the 12 minutes in this schoolboy's breast fantasy come Krystal's clearly busty! A lovely pendant, my prettier cleavage, my hands bewitchingly pleasuring you just like your hands do it.

For $6.99 there's even more stimulations in this Krystal's Klassic video fantasy (Krystal's Cleavage) now retitled - "The Quarterback and the Cleavage"

15 Minutes with Krystal

Watch my crystal clear globe of sparkly lightning and let's *ahim* perform erotica any time we want! I've got TWO GLOBES you crave to see. And SEE YOU WILL as you keep following my lead to... *pleasure.* Relax along with me and you shall find that in your deepening pleasure trance you won't be able to open your eyes! You will, I am sure be enthralled by this X-periment and X-perience! And because we "ahim" perform so well'll be stimulated, aroused, and will enjoy! *wonderism* even *MORE* than ever!

Darlin, each time you and I share this #15-minute-long KRYSTAL'S CLASSIC momentous mesmerism, you'll see hear & feel why I'm the greatest stage wonderist of your dreams... come true!

Because "Fifteen Minutes with Krystal" is a KRYSTAL'S CLASSIC video, it's offered to you for only $5.99 and you can and will revel in my treasure "chest" of treasured satisfactions!

FREE! *Krystal's Office Quickie*

My darling, it's not Christmas as I'm writing this to you. And as you follow my words, it may not be your birthday.

SURPRISE!! I've gotten you a gift. And there's some good news for you too, sweetie.

Your present is a healthy! helpful! FREE VIDEO called,
      "Krystal's Office Quickie".    (A FULL INDUCTION, not just a sample)
It's your seven-minute-long INtroDUCTION featuring a fun-filled, rest-filled journey in my private office. Relax! watch the pretty, multi-coloured globe, and focus on my sensuously soothing voice of truth saying mesmerising words for your ears only....
***AND HERE'S THE NEWS- From now on, each recording on my "KRYSTAL'S KLASSICS" page will be less than $10. And some will be much less than $9.99.
I'll be putting all sorts of wonderful blasts from my mesmerizing past on the *KRYSTAL'S KLASSICS* page so keep checking back!
Sweetie, do you know anyone else who's curious to SEE! HEAR! & EXPERIENCE! what HEALTHY, HELPFUL WONDERISM! really is?
You can play this freebee clip for them. And I hope you do!

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