Many inquiring minds want to learn about and hope to revel in my personal brand of erotic hypnotizing techniques. Some of these sensuality-seekers include television or radio show producers, and magazine editors or writers to boot. See GQ Article here
And some of them are quite surprised when their journalistic objectivity gets overwhelmed by their UNLEASHED DESIRE for a AHIM personal! demonstration of My skills!

Satisfying and stimulating them and newbies to sensuous mesmerism aroused me to create this well-developed recording that'll explain and demonstrate My UNIQUE Hypno-Erotic technique, dearie!

Welcome to my, "Hypno-Erotic Ecstasy." Begin your JOURNEY by interactively listening to my sexy self describing what makes sensuous Hypnotism so potent and pleasing. I'll unveil what's gonna gratify you in simple straightforward terms even any mesmerized mind can understand.
After explaining the theory and practice, I demonstrate just for you how quickly and easily sensual Hypnotism powerfully magnifies our sexual pleasure to unstoppable heights of passions. Oh yes, I sensuously arouse you thanks to intense visual imagery and thrilling tactile sensations. Then pleasurable Hypnotism's magic spells employ your body's own natural responses to induce the SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE trance state you and I seek to share and enjoy.
Thereafter you're tantalized into HYPNOTIC ahim RELEASE! while pleasuring yourself to the ULTIMATE conclusion...

Honey, how good does all this sound? Not nearly as good as you'll feel your HYPNOTIC HAPPPINESS increasing every time you revel in our HYPNO-EROTIC ECSTASY.

Originally, $39.99 was what it took for the public to enjoy this kind of HYPNO-EROTIC ECSTASY.
Not now, darling! For you and for now on - Only $25.99

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