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Oriental Orchid

Oriental Orchid

I knew you always wanted to date an Asian girl, that's why you now have a membership to this exclusive Asian Dating Club.

The fact that I'm the owner of this capitol club had nothing to do with it...and everything to do with you!

Enjoy the mistique of Lana's hot hypno-exotic 'Oriental Orchid' and don't worry sweetheart if you find it hard, and hard to look away, just keep sneaking a peek...

Soon, I have a feeling you will find, what you, and Lovely Lana seek... Don't be shy, relax, and enjoy, being Lana's Love Toy...

12 minutes (may seem like 25!)

Because this is one of My earlier video creations, its resolution is not as high as is often found in more recently made videos. The audio content of all My mesmerizing masterpieces is clear, crisp, and ready for wonderifically hypnotizing you. In My videos, I employ visuals to attract your eyes but the auditory allurement is always my main focus of fascination. In all My relaxation arousal [in recordings, by telephone, via Skype, and more] My sultry, signature voice voluptuously entrances you to Me. :)

Any questions? Please contact Me personally at krystal@ladymesmer.com

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