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Stacys Induction

Stacys Induction

In this 14 minute Induction and fantasy - you're a prominent and popular doctor. You agreed with my suggestions to observe me mesmerizing Stacy.
You're pleased knockout Stacy Burke is one bodacious, long-legged bleached blonde beautiful babe.

Thanks to my wonderizing talents tantalizing touch of cunning captivations, sexy Stacy's temptingly trance-formed into an incredibly amourous, passionate Hott!-Horny Tease!
Your "STACY'S INDUCTION" video, devilishly documents me hedonistically WONDERIZING sex kitten Stacy! Burke and wonderizing you too, Doc!

Come join hot and horny Stacy and watch my magical ball of passion smoothly turning round and round.
Rest your eyes on my pleasure ball's mesmerizing movements.....
Focus your attention on my velvety voice...as if you really have any choice!
Soon you're happily following my simply irresistible instructions.

Previously, it took $24.99 to get your hands on Stacy Burke.
From now on, ONLY $11.99...."STACY'S INDUCTION" that is.

Because this is one of My earlier video creations, its resolution is not as high as is often found in more recently made videos. The audio content of all My mesmerizing masterpieces is clear, crisp, and ready for wonderifically hypnotizing you. In My videos, I employ visuals to attract your eyes but the auditory allurement is always my main focus of fascination. In all My relaxation arousal [in recordings, by telephone, via Skype, and more] My sultry, signature voice voluptuously entrances you to Me. :)

Any questions? Please contact Me personally at krystal@ladymesmer.com

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