Blue is the depthless depth of the calmest sea. And blue is the sunniest sky on a clear and cloudless day.

Blue is the color of my pretty, little, flashing pendant.

See this pendant's beautiful blue light bountifully bathe my even more beautiful, buxom breasts.

But wait! What will you exquisitely experience after my harmless, little pendant's blue light becalms your soothingly sleepy mind?

Ahh, there are a couple of spellbinding surprises awaiting you. And they thrillingly come complete with a blue light that won't be the only thing lighting your love and lust log's rejoicing joy juices.

The Blues is one of the world's most passionate musical forms.

Your passions will grow and you may even start crooning each time you Krystal clearly are entrancingly illuminated by the blue light pendant in this video.

I'm sure you will agree with Me about this sensuously sizzling cinema. "
BLUE HEAVEN" on earth is out of this world!"
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