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The Reluctant Lover

The Reluctant Lover
Hi there, darlin:

You can't believe it. That long blonde-haired knockout dream girl from work asked you out. Every guy at the company would give anything to take your place.

You are so taken by her. Her shapely legs are first-class. And her beautiful breasts ... they're SPECTACULAR!!! You're not sure if you even touched your dinner.

You assumed at most you'd only get to walk her to her door. She invited you in for a nightcap.

She looks so great. You know you should compliment her. All you've managed to do so far is babble on about the job.

You just know you're blowing it big time. You feel like crawling in a hole and kicking yourself. Some stud you are.

Madison Monroe didn't bring you up here to hear about office politics. She's not wearing that spaghetti strapped, short, sexy dress; those lacE TOP stockings; and her beautiful heart-shaped dazzling diamond pendant resting where you wanna be so you could blather about trivia.

Madison's the kind of girl who knows what she wants and does what it takes to get it. And right now, what she wants more than anything is you! The champagne she's giving you will do the trick. She's added something special to make sure it does. And you'll do what she yearns for.

Madison's feminine fingertips lasciviously massaging that champagne flute gives you lustful ideas. Enjoy! Relaxing music, watching Madison stimulate herself, and over 20 minutes of hot-blooded hypnotic suggestiveness!

This video is one of my PASSION PICKS. See! Feel! Hear! Your dreams come true. As you revel in RELUCTANT LOVER you won't be Madison's reluctant lover for long.
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