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Bewitched Beach

Bewitched Beach

Hi Darling:

My vacation along the California coastline was out of this world in more ways than we can shake your pleasure stick at. Remembering the weather, the people I ensorcelled, the first-class cuisine, and the lights out night life still gives me a tingle! I wish I could've taken you with me, dearie.
The best place I enjoyed is called, BEWITCHED BEACH. My sexy girlfriend Sherry owns a beautiful home near there. Some folks say the spirits of seductive sea nymphs still frolic on BEWITCHED BEACH. There's one thing I do know about that seaside heaven on earth. Its spells make everyone who goes there feel totally uninhibited and experimental--if ya know what I mean!!
BEWITCHED BEACH made us all feel so good and so naughty. In fact, I hypnotically suggested Sherry, Stacy, and I go all out and go au naturel. And we DID IT together--and in the altogether.
Now all we beauties hunger for to make BEWITCHED BEACH a beguiling passion paradise is you. Once you're with us, Sherry, Stacy, and I indulge our fantasies and rock your world with suggestive sights, sounds, and hands-on stimulations!
See, feel, and hear how much BEWITCHED BEACH lives up to its name and makes our delicious dreams COME true to life.
This video is 30 minutes long and I share the hypno-audio spotlight with Sexy Sherry. Enjoy along with me, Sherry, Stacy AND...my seductive sea nymphs!

30 Minutes!   224 Megabytes

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