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Thanksgiving Daze

Thanksgiving Daze

FROM NOW TILL NOV 30, FREE as MY TREAT! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Inviting You to SHARE INTIMATE ECSTASIES. No matter where you live or whenever you read this, I'm inviting you to join me here for THANKSGIVING DAZE in VIRTUAL REALITEASE.
Oh yes. There will be oodles of giving thanks!
The power of gratitude is the heart and soul of being thankful and of Thanksgiving Day. THANKSGIVING DAZE helped me, and can assist you, to remember some things to be grateful for and in raising the wonderful feelings expressing thankfulness stirs up. Who are the other dinner guests? It will be just the two of us. You & I--alone, TOGETHER!!
How will we {ahem} ENTERTAINourselves? Silly studliness, of course we'll relish dinner. In fact, when you COME to and with me, you can enjoy each and all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes in ways that'll rock your world into orbit.
What will we do before and after dinner?
My cuddly pet, this Krystal Mesmerizing, lovely lady hypnoteuse doesn't kiss and tell what else I've got up my chiffon sleeves for you!
Aw! You'd like just a teeny-weenie hint? Tell you what. Choose this recording and you can revel in our THANKSGIVING DAZE audio arousal each time you hunger for more of your favourite dish--moi.

I feel that someone reading this may not be having the kind of cozy and loving Thanksgiving we all desire. MY PRECIOUS DARLING! MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU. I believe anything you do that gives you good pleasures is for your best. And among other things, THANKSGIVING DAZE can help you remember (as vividly as you choose) pleasurable memories from your past. It can be a Thanksgiving you really liked, a favorite food, or whatever memories, thoughts, and feelings you have waiting inside to comfort you.

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