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The Woman in the Moon

The Woman in the Moon

Are you one of my fans who's been hungering and thirsting for:
Longer video fantasies starring even deeper Krystal Mesmerizing you trances?
Suggestive and/or subtle suggestions that increase the arousals of your appreciation of me or your devotion to me or both?
First-rate teasing and high-class pleasing by one or more hypnotised, hypnotizing hotties seductively showing off their AHEM! assets?

Darling! Behold! THE WOMAN IN THE MOON for over one-half hour!

Yes, you read it right. I know everybody's always talked about "the man in the moon". Well, my honey buns, SURPRISE! There's really a blonde babe of your wildest sensual dreams come true who's THE WOMAN IN THE MOON.

There's some things else I'll tell you about "THE WOMAN IN THE MOON." She's a goddess. Not only is she soooo very beautiful, but like the awesome sex goddess she is arousing you astronomically, she's got a cosmically knockout figure filled with sex magic powers to boot. Could it be I'm sensing a bit of skepticism from you, dearie? You mean you don't believe THE WOMAN IN THE MOON is really as hot-blooded and packing the hot body I've promised you? Well, lucky for your decadent desires I can sensuously show you passionate proof THE WOMAN IN THE MOON actually exists to tantalize you more than you can imagine. All you need to do is get your hands on the 36-MINUTE video I made starring THE WOMAN IN THE MOON.

Why settle for a man in the moon? Thanks to THE WOMAN IN THE MOON, you

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