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Krystal's Ball of Passion

Krystal's Ball of Passion
Watch the red and black ligted ball in the center of the Krystal clear globe. you shall see it omit mesmerizing light streams of soothing stimulation!
Enjoy sensuous pleasures... as your mind's eyes gaze within....AND IMAGINE...

My voluptuously firm body you shall surely come! to appreciate.
Darling, keep on listening to my mesmerizing words and masturrrbate.
You wont even remember when it was or how I planted those 2 post wonderific suggestions of seductiveness!

$4.99 is all it is for this tantalizingly thrilling 12 minute treasure.
Your enlarging, entrancement by Krystal's Klassic Video "Krystal's Ball of Passion" (used to be KRYSTAL'S FLICKERING FANTASY) continues stimulating you and me together!

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