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Krystals Pleasure Ball

Krystals Pleasure Ball

Watch KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL slowly spinning round and round. Look, following my suggestiveness is where arousals are always found. Give KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL OF PLEASURE 14 minutes. Within your imagination and mine...there are no limits!

Disco balls may be gone but not forgotten. But the disco ball's carnal counter-partner in your stimulations unleashes unstoppable AHEM lubrications.

And then there's my words bringing to life one of your favorite fantasies my dear, you wont want to miss.
Experience hypnosis-enhanced, very descriptive imagery of your dream girl with her beguiling body, sensual scent, and captivating kiss!

Four dollars and 99 cents is all the cash you'll need.
For this Krystal's Klassic video your fiery passions to feed.
Your eyes do not have to behold pictures of pretty girls at all.
Your inter-ACTIVE IMAGINATION arouses pleasures coupling with KRYSTAL'S MIRRORED BALL.

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