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Here's the 4-1-1 on my 1-800-SLEEP video:

1-800-SLEEP shows you how many pleasures and how much pleasuring you can feel after calling the *ahem* SPECIAL TELEPHONE NUMBER where I'm in charge of and joining in the fun and games.

Each time you, Thalia, and the rest of our harem of hotties virtually meets in 1-800-SLEEP-land of sensuous dreams come true, you get to decide what happens after you relax, revel, and repose in this voluptuous video's wonderific effect on you.

There's a gorgeous girl sensually awaiting you in the clouds....and more girls to tease and tantalize you too!

1-800-SLEEP shows you we need to reach out and touch what we crave.
Thanks to your very own copy of 1-800-SLEEP, you'll see! hear! and enjoy! your fascinations feeling the right women who can sensually knock your socks off and soporifically tuck you in bed too!

Nightie night!
Love, Krystal

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