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Be My Vaultentine

Be My Vaultentine
Valentine's Day is lovingly linked to hearts.
In My "BE MY VAULTENTINE" rapturously romantic recording, it's Krystal clearly easy for you to feel your heart
beating for Me to amorously allure you wonderifically.

Embracing Valentine's Day many passionate words are breathily whispered by one Lust-filled lover to their heart's desire.
As you devote your increasingly relaxing self to My velveteen voice sensuously speaking seductive suggestions to
you, keep your mind's eyes on the heart-shaped pendant I am soporifically swinging in front of you.

Many gifts are given because of Valentine's Day.
And because you crave to "BE MY VAULTENTINE" you'll obey My words of seduction and your cravings to genuinely and generously reveal to Me in tangible and pleasurable ways how much you love and lust for Me.
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