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I Sleep for Krystal

I Sleep for Krystal
"I SLEEP FOR KRYSTAL" is what a mesmerizing model-esque blonde is fantasizing as I hypnotize her over the phone.  And I let you watch Me do it, too.

"I SLEEP FOR KRYSTAL" is what you'll be doing after the hot! babe I Krystallize dazzles you with her voluptuous body revealed in 50's-style, curves-caressing black undergarments

Keep your eyes on her patent leather thigh high boots,
fishnet stockings and bare boobs as well....... while My signature siren's voice captures your ears and captivated mind.

Simply surrender as I hedonistically take you into lucid dreaming vivid fantasies of not two but three wild and wicked temptresses who wantonly trance-form you into Our eager hypnotic
subjugated sex partner.

"I SLEEP FOR KRYSTAL" can happen to you at any time-less-ness of your life thanks to all the sizzling, spellbinding thrills I power-packed into this seduction cinema to certainly make you more My thrall.
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37 Minutes, 131 Megs

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