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Drive-In to Ecstasy

Drive-In to Ecstasy

Sooner than you imagine, I will soothingly seduce your mind to fall under my control thanks to sleepy hypnosis.
But first, let's time travel to a past and pleasant time and reminisce a bit about an American icon - the drive-in movie.
Ahhhh the Drive-In.
Here in a sweet ride of a car's front or back seat, so many young femme fatales pleasurably practiced, refined, and enhanced their sensual powers overwhelming their dates by French-kissing and petting them into trance while some *B* movie or other played out on the screen.
Have fun nostalgically watching this little snippet and I'll be back soon to handle things. And especially, to handle y o u!
But darling, don't you touch yourself no matter how much you may want to.
Hands off unless Krystal says it's OK. Get it?
Yesssssssss. Of course you must obey, for KRYSTAL CLEARLY CONTROLS YOU.
Now watch -
These lips entice you. This black latex catsuit enthrall you and a montage of legs, breasts and booty enrapture you!


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