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Cleopatra - Dance of Delight

Cleopatra - Dance of Delight

I'm sorry sweetie, you say your girlfriend's in Switzerland again, at the spa for another week? Wow! What an opportunity (for us.) Well, darling just come on over. You're ALWAYS welcome here at the club. So you need to let off some steam! As you know, at Club Mesmer we know just how to turn up the heat and how to turn you on as well.

In fact, I have a new exchange or is that hex-change student who's been dying to meet you! Yes, this young lady is yearning for you and for so much more than you can possibly imagine! She told me to bring you by soon, whenever you stopped in, NO MATTER WHAT! I heard she has this thing about guys with big, beefy, bulging, powerful Bentley's. No lover, I didn't tell her, but. She's harmless. In fact, she is as harmless as I am.

Anyway Lover, enjoy the luscious, luxurious LAP DANCE you will never forget to remember, through the Hott!-Exotic Egyptian Goddess of your dreams and desires. I know her as CLEOPATRA. This girl is not only BEAUTIFUL, but she's FUN and INTELLIGENT, and bubbling over with POWERFUL PASSION. Her perfect percolating passions are as hot as the desert noonday summer sun. As you shall soon see and feel and much more, my lusty lover. Allow yourself to taste this forbidden fruit from paradise through an Erotic Wonderific Induction, and Release that will haunt you, and bring you back for more.

This time there is NO-DENIAL! Her mission, and your submission are wonderifically ON FILE! For coquettish and clever Cleopatra will certainly captivate you for a while. With her wit, her warmth, and her womanly wiles.guarantee she will bring you much more than a smile.

Because this is one of My earlier video creations, its resolution is not as high as is often found in more recently made videos. The audio content of all My mesmerizing masterpieces is clear, crisp, and ready for wonderifically hypnotizing you. In My videos, I employ visuals to attract your eyes but the auditory allurement is always my main focus of fascination. In all My relaxation arousal [in recordings, by telephone, via Skype, and more] My sultry, signature voice voluptuously entrances you to Me. :)

Any questions? Please contact Me personally at krystal@ladymesmer.com

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